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accompanied with none but poore, meane, excommunicate persons, such as your Elders, Scribes, Pharisees, Lawyers, and all your credible persons among you make full account they are not only accursed, by, but also destiiute and void of all Law, when you can find Hosanna in the highest, arising out of such contempt, and shame, then, and then only shall you sing unto him with comfort; in the meane time acknowledge your portion, which is to trust and stay your selves on the name of man, and in his beauty to delight and glory, which shall fade as a Leafe, and like the grasse, shall wither when it is 6tting it selfe for the Oven; (') such is man whose breath is in his Nostrils, [UJ and the sonne of sorry man, in whom you t/«ay 40.7. 8. have delight to trust, bis power and policie brings P«aj 90| 5 6 forth nothing else, but as you shall see and heare, u hay 2. 22. in the Coumrey from whence we are brought; we are nut ignorant of these shainefull lies, and falsities gone out against us, and the daily wresting of our words, to cast contempt upon us, [w] thinking to bow downe our backs under ignominy, and reproach, neither ofw '"' the straits, and difficulties, they have cast us upon in the things that concernes this present life, to the taking away of the lives of many, if our God had not been seene beyond and above what their thoughts could reach unto, (as their owne confession hath witnessed) doing it in such a way, of painted hypocrisie, and false glosse, unto the eye of the world, that we might seem unto it, selfe executioners; we resolve therefore to follow our imployments, & to carry and behave our selves as formerly we have done, and no other wise; for we have wronged no man, unlesse with hard labour, to provide foi our families, and sufferof grosse, idle, and Idoll drones, to take our labours out of the mouths, and from off the backs of our x Knowing little ones, to lordane it over us: so that if any shall b^'rJee^sub" goe about to disturb, or annoy us, hence-forth iniecutothe our imployments, and liberties, which God hath, or •jawi and B°shal put into our hands, that can claim no interest ^JlJati"e° in us but by these courses, (x) what their business countrey, and is, we know by proof sufficient, to be nothing else not unt0 an7 but that ancient errand of Nimrod, that rebellious 2TM*t Hunter after the precious life, [5] which errand of of its bounds his shall be no more delivered unto us, in that co- and jurisdicvert cruelty, and dissembling way of hypocrisie; '*£*„ in 8 9 but in direct and open termes of tyrannie, we will jer. 16. is* not be dealt with as before (we speake in the name


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of our God) we will not, for if any shall disturbe us, as above, secret Hypocrites shall become open Tyrants, and their Laws appeare to be nothing else but meer lusts in die eyes of all the world: And wherefore doe you murmure among your selves at this saying, thinking it is not a Christian expression? it is because you are ignorant of the Crosse of our Lord Jesus, not knowing what it is; therefore it is, while you inveigh against such as set up a Statue of wood and stone to bow downe unto it, and are so vaine as to crosse the ayre (to use your owne expression) upon the faces of Infants, when they sprinkle them with water, to as great purpose, and in the mean time you preach, and set up Seighnirim, for your Crosse, whom you fall downe unto so willingly, and lest you let the word passe without expression of it unto all, it signifies HorrouraijdJEIeare, which is the Crosse you hold and teach, and by and through which you thinke to be saved, which name is given by our Lord to the Devill himselfe, (as our English translate it, and the Lord never gives~a" name as an empty title, but according to the nature of the thing named, so that if hee speake, t '"' '' have said ye are gods, (*) of any besides himselfe it is to declare, that they have not only the name, but the very nature of the god of this world, and therefore he saith, they shall dye even as Adam, which aspired a Ptal. 83.9, anil usurped the place of God, and fall also as one

b Generis 3.5. of tne Princes, even as one of those Princes of For he that Midian, whose carkesses became dung for the amumuth a earth, (*) and he that gives that title unto any but »atfe"without"tue true God, that made heaven and earth, in any respect unto other sense, but as it declareth a flat opposition Christ, in against God, is Reacting that ancient spirit of the whole- gL°ry Serpent; if you eat you shall be as gods, [»] to thereof con- judge of good and evill, for which all men are set si8ts«uchraindup \a that kind; even so while you tell the peoa'ro»ecuPtedt&n ple, tnat Dy sorrow, compunction, and anxietie of followed to its spirit, and trouble of mind, they communicate in height,accor- the sufferings of Christ; out of which condition rUegthtreof tneir coin'ort is tow, it is nothing else but to sets it solfe'in conclude, the Sonne of God to be Belial; yea to direct termes affirme him to be Seighnirim himselfe; this doth a amst'eiuist ne receive at your hands in your Ministries, for all and hath that' your fawning upon him with a kisse, (e) so that if spirit of the you will know how farre you are from communica

wwidfth'8 tino in the death of Christ, take it in this Parable, c Jlfo/.26.4.9. verily as farre as the weaknesse of God is stronger

then then man (d); countrey men, for wee cannot butd i Q,i i 05 call you so, though we find your carriage to be so farre worse then these Indians, we advise you to take things together, and what God hath joyned, let none dare to put asunder, (•) so that if you be ashamed of the Crosse in jifarjg 10 9 Baptisme, be ashamed of the Baptisme also, for such as the Crosse is, such is the Baptisme: Therefore your Ancestors goe beyond you, in that they joyne crossing of the ayre, and sprinkling with the Element of water together: But wherever Baptisme according to the word of Christ is, there is the Crosse of Christ also, V"l they can no more be separated then his Scepter and Kingdom can, for 23 ''

where the one is, there is the other also; for as Luke 12. 50. they are coincident, so are they coaparant: So that if ever you see the Baptisme of Christ, truly in use, and exercised upon any, you doe as truly see that party partaking in, and communicating with the Crosse and Sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to see persons in such estate, and conclude afterward they are worthy of sensure, yea possibly to an Athema, Maranatha, is nothing else but to conclude a totall and finall falling away from the grace of God, as your Fathers have done before you, for no grace greater then the Crosse of our Lord Jesus; Behold therefore you Despisers the vanity and abomination of all your Baptismes, how prejudiciall they are to the Cross of Christ, be ashamed, and return in time, or he sbal be a swift witness against you for ever, when your Repentance shal come too late; but you think the Crosse of Christ is not but in bowing the back under every burden, and cringing, and crouching to the lust of every man otherwise his Shebet; [«] is not fit, nor suteth it with your Regi-f^^"r^' ment at all, unlesse so servile, that every one may staffe, or tribe, serve their lusts of him, to Wealth and Honour, Friends and Allies, by setting bounds and limits to the holy Word of God; some in the way of one devise, some in the way of another, and he that will not walke as a dumbe beast, worse then Balams Asse, and say nothing, or else give a sense of the holy Writings to maintaine that devised Plat-forme, if mercy must be used, not to hang and burne, yet banishment is ready wayting for them: Therefore shall you know, by the Rod of his power that comes out of Sion, [h] that i,pMi u0 2 be will be Ruler even in the midst of his Ene- 2.

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i ths word
JEltm signifies
dumbnesse, so
that the Phrase
is, doe ye in-
deed, do dumb
Justice, o Con-
gregation? and
80 describes
such persons
what they are
that speake not
a word of Righ-
their acts and
which Psalme
shewed unto
us the spirit,
practice and
successe of our

• These being
the Purchasers
of Shawo.met
the Sachim,
as he sold it to
12. men, so his]
price was that
every man
should pay 12.
Fatham of
peage, that is,
144. Fatham,
as our deed,

By us whom you stile your Neighbours of Providence, you have said it, Providence is our hold, the Neighbour-hood of the Samaritan we professe, and for the lookings on, and turnings aside of your Priests and Levites, without either Unction, or Compassion, all your slaine and wounded in soule finding no remedy, doe plainely testifie the nature of your travels, and Neighbour-hood what ft is; your speech to us in generall, not using our names, when as we know, it is particulars you ayme at, gives us plainely to see the word jElem, ['] Revived and Living in you, as it stands with its Coherence, in Psalme 58. Verse the first, &c.

Iohn Wickes.
Randall Houtden.
lohn Warner.
Robert Potter.
Richard Waterman.
William Waddle.
Samuel Gorton.
Richard Carder,
lohn Greene.
Nicholas Powar.
Francis Weston.
^Sampson Shatton.
which ho made unto us being extant, witnesseth to be paid unto him.

p This Writing sent to the Massachuseis we have related verbatim; only what is in the margent is added for explanation, and more ease to the Reader to understand our meaning which we sent at the time when their general Court sat; desiring that all the Country might take notice of it, doubting they were not well informed how the Magistrates and Ministers had carryed themselves towards us, nor upon what ground they had, or did proceed against us: But the chief of them taking the matter into consideration, thought good to call an Assembly of Magistrates and Ministers to consult, in way of a Synod, what course to take uniting themselves together that what was done by any of them might be the act of them all: and they perusing of our

writings, writings, framed out of them 26 particulars, or thereabouts, which they said were blasphemous, changing of phrases, alter-J ing of words and sense, not in any one of them taking the true intent of our writings; but if they spake our own words, it was to such purpose as this; as though a man would write the words of the Psalme, and affirm (there is no God) such words he may find written therein; but if he leave out this, That the fool hath said in his keart so, he spoils the sense, and in such manner did they deal with our writings, and those things they were free to divulge and make known amongst the people,: These things concluded to be heresies and blasphemies before ever they heard a word of what interpretation we could give of our meaning therein: The Ministers did zealously preach unto the people the great danger of such things, and the guilt such lay under that held them, stirring the people up to labour to find such persons out and to execute death upon them, making persons so execrable in the eyes of the people, whom they intimated should hold such things, yea some of them naming some of us in their Pulpits k, that the peo- * As ^Ir- Cob" pie that had not seen us thought us to be woise by 0utTgainstye far in any respect then those barbarous Indians are Gorton that in the Country, which some of the Ministers bavea"jh horeiick, rendred unto the people as Hittites, Cananites, and ^ould haveal Peresites, urging it as a duty unto the English to men to be put them to death; whereupon we heard a rumor preachers, that the Massachusets was sending out an Army of lurned his men to cut us off: but when they perceived we speech against were removed further into the Countrey, and had Af0f"\w^° left our Lands, Houses, and Labours, where their ^," £ords peopretended subjects, by meanes of whom they sought pie were pro. for some temporall occasions against us, lived, they phets, he had thought it not safe to come out against us, having p"iTMyTMxpre». show of nothing against us, but only our Religion ; sed the bent therefore seeing themselves disappointed in that of n'8 8Pirit, *• designe, wherein their Coadjutors, had wrought to TMf "Jj"^"^ad bring them in, to make an inroad upon us, they then wrought by these their Agents, who traded for them with the Indians, to insinuate themselves into two, or three Indians amongst us, to become subiects to the government of Massachusets, hereby with-drawing them from their lawfull and naturall Prince, Myantonomy; and the name of these his subjects, who now became subjects to the Massachusets, were Pumhom, and Soccononocco; and when this was accomplished, then


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