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Duty to God and our Country calls for at our Hands: We commit our Enterprise unto the Blessing of Him, who hears the cry of the Oppressed, and advise all our Neighbours, for whom we have thus ventured our selves, to joyn with us in Prayers and all just Actions, for the Defence of the Land.

Printed according to the Copy Printed in New-England by Samuel Green. 1689.

At the Town-House in Boston, Jpril 18. 1689.


OV R Selves and many others the Inhabitants of this Town, and the Places adjacent, being surprized with the peoples sudden taking of Arms; in the first motion whereof we were wholly ignorant, being driven by the present Accident, are necessitated to acquaint your Excellency, that for the quieting and securing of the People inhabiting in this Country from the imminent Dangers they many ways lie open and exposed to, and tendringyour own Safety, We judge it necessary you forthwith surrender and deliver up the Government and Fortification to be preserved and disposed according to Order and Direction from the Crown of England, which suddenly is expected may arrive ; promising all security from violence to your Self or any of your Gentleman or Souldiers in Person and Estate: Otherwise we are assured they will endeavour the taking of the Fortification by Storm, if any Opposition be made.

To Sir Edmond Andross Kt.

Waite Winthrop.
Simon Bradstreet.
William Stoughton.
Samuel Sbrimpton.
Bartholomew Gidney.
William Brown.
Thomas Dan forth.
John Richards.

Elisha Cook.
Isaac Addington.
John Nelson.
Adam Winthrop.
Peter Sergeant.
John Foster.
David Waterhouse.





New England,

From the Beginning of that


To this Present Year, 1689.

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Printed for Richard Baldwine, near the Black Bull in the Old-Baily, 1689.

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