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such Lawes as are or shall be thought necessary; In such Case all Lawes and Orders made by the Governour, Council and Assembly, shall be in force untill the Denyall thereof by the Lords Proprietors shall be to them signified under their Hands in Writing


Item, That the said Free-Holders shall have the freedome of Trade, Immunity of Customes, and Liberty of Conscience, and all other Priviledges made good unto them as amply and as fully as is at large expressed in the great Charter granted to the said Lords Proprietors from His Majesty.



Cast up at


OR, A RELATION of the Proceedings of the Court at Boston in New England against divers honest and godly persons, for Petitioning for Government in the Common-wealth, according to the Lawes of England, and for admittance of themselves and children to the Sacraments in their Churches; and in case that should not be granted, for leave to have Ministers and Church-government according to the best Reformation

of England and Scotland. Together with a Confutation of some Reports of a fained Miracle upon the foresaid Petition, being thrown over-board at Sea; As also a breif Answer to some passages in a late Book (entituled Hypocrisie unmasked) set out by Mr. Winslowe, concerning the Independent Churches holding communion

with the Reformed Churches.

By Major John Childe

London, Printed for T. R. and E. M. 1647.

[blocks in formation]

Force's Collection of Historical Tracts.

Vol. IV.No. 3.

The Preface, .

Courteous Reader,

HE occasion of Printing this following Relation, are the sufferings that not only my Brother Robert Child Doctor of Physick,

with some Gentlemen and others have suffered in New-England in their persons and estates by Fines and imprisonments there, but here in England in their repute by false reports and fained Miracles invented and spread on purpose by some lately come from thence, and fomented by some others here to colour their unjust proceedings.

First, they give out of my Brother and others, that they desire a Toleration of all Religions.

Secondly, that they are troublesome persons, and against all government both in Church and Commonwealth.

Thirdly, that some of them are come from thence to Petition the Parliament for that purpose.

4ly. that their Petition brought from thence to be presented to the Parliam. (which they had named Jonas) in a Ship called the Supply, being in a storme neer Silly, out of horror of conscience, the Petition was torne and thrown over-board, and that then the


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