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heart man beleeves unto righteousnesse, [n] that n Rom. 10.10. ^ ^ves cre(lit |f) tnat which he hears, to be in

Rom 10 9 another, and with the mouth confession is made to

'lb. salvation, [°] that is, preacheth, or professeth that

p Ptal. 116. which God hath made him to be by faith, f]

therefore if thou shalt confesse with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and beleeve in thine heart that God raised him up

from the dead, thou shalt be saved f',1 nor am 1 q "'"' '' ignorant of the minds of the' people, (amongst r Ptal 39 12 wnom ' now sojourne, and am a stranger ai all

my Fathers have beene) [T] How earnest they are I should get my bread with servile worke, or else to have hunger and famine to cleave unto my bonds, which they professe themselves to be very clearly instructed in, though in times past it hath been thought sufficient work for a man to be exercised in (at one time) to lie in fetters and irons amongst strangers, though wife and children were not deprived of all necessaries at home. Nor doe I doubt, but they may 6nd a time

to alter their judgement (it may be before they are Iq - aware) especially if the Bride-groom be at the

door [",] and it is well known, that I have not been accustomed to any servile worke in any part of my life till now of late in New-England, where through the kindnesse of my countrey men, in taking from my family the things of this life, (which God had bestowed on us) I have been necessitated thereunto, which I am so upbraided with in this place.

But it is not grievous unto me, whitest they cannot but see

in it (if God have not blinded their eyes) the * Wheresoever vanity of those Idol shepherds of the Church of 8u?rit°C&lpow- R°tTie *, wno cannot speak unto the people, but in er of it doih a way of so much study and ease; nor had I ever appaar. desire, to be set up in the world, through gather

ings and contributions of the people: Therefore J 2 or-' 'have these hands ministred to my necessities '. Acts 20.34. But however I have been exercised about the oJob. 6.27. bread that perisheth u, yet hath it not been but

with respect unto that which endureth unto everw Job. 6. 33. lasting life w, which 1 have endeavoured to break xActs 20 7 *, and faithfully to impart unto my wife, children,

and servants, and to any that had an ear open to y Job. 6. 63, ljsten unto that wholesome word of life1, which eMnt 11. 28 natn made a" other travells or losses, whatever, to 29, 30. be light and easie unto me (as at this day) '', which Iprofesse to be the only errant I have to do in this world: and however we do preach the Gospel, yet have we nothing to rejoyce in * or to glory and praise our « 1 Cor. 9.16. selves for, to lilt up our selves above our Brethren: for necessity is laid upon me b; That is, I am in tibid. want, and stand in need of all things; and woe is me if I preach not the Gospel: That is, if I receive not this grace from Christ, as wel as any other: for the same necessity I have of any other grace, I have of this grace also: For of his fulnesse we all receive, and grace for grace c, for the graces of God are a bundle oj life in Christ c ° n Iesus d: So as, that if I reject, or neglect, or put 29 am-' off any one of them to another, as no priviledge or Cant. 1.13. prerogative of mine, I do the like to all: For his seamlesse coat may not be divided, but all gocth by lot or portion the same waye: And in like manner I am e Math. 27.35 destitute of this, I am destitute of all other grace, that proceeds from him: For if I preach the Gospel willingly, I have a reward': That is, if I do it out-' or-' of any ability, skil, or wil of my own, gotten and acquired by any pains or industry, as men attain to arts, and trades, wherein they are to be preferred before, and above others, then I have a reward: that is, something is to be tributed and contributed to me for the same, then go 1 about to deprive my Lord of his right, shewing my self an unfaithful steioards: for where an hundreth Luke lg i

is due to him, I bid write fifty, that I may take the

If. r u . I .A Luke 16. 4,

rest my setf to live upon ", lor even as 1 propound 5 6 .

my own deserts, demerits, and eminency unto a people: so do I propound the undeserving estate and condition of my Lord; proclaiming his basenesse whil'st I set forth my pains and good-wil in so doing, but if I do it against my wil': That is, if it be contrary to the mind and ,* Cor- 9- 17will of all men, to undergo the crosse of Christ, to preach the Gospel in necessities, reproaches, hard 2tj- '' labors, and persecutions k, then is the dispensation committed unto me i: that is, the right of all ad-/ i Cor. 9.17. ministrations (wrapped up in that fountain of dispensing, the Gospel) do of right solely belong unto him, and not unto me in any case, yea, it is the ivil and power oj another m and not my own, unto whom the praise and glory of right belongcth and wholy ap- n p8a. 105.1. pertaineth n, and not unto the wil, ability, or skil 0 iame« 1 18. of any man whatsoever °: and hence it is that the tolm 1.13.

Crosse P Math. 11.28 Crosse is casie unto us p, because we know that he, as truly, and totally taketh our reproaches and q. Math. 8.17. hardships upon himselfe p, which are only due unto us: as he committeth the dispensation of his grace and glory unto us, that is none of ours, but only due and belongs unto himself, so that we remembred him that suffered such gainsayings of sinners, least we should be weary r Heb. 12. 3. and faint in our mind r: yea further, there is a necessity of preaching the Gospel upon every soul: for as there is not any that can beleeve, for another s Bom. 10.10. unto righteousnesse', the party being destitute of that grace himself, so there is not any that can preach or t Ibid. confesse for another unto salvation', the party him

self being destitute of that grace of confession or preaching: Indeed the Saints communicate in these graces one with another, as all of them being heirs and inheritors of the grace in Christ", but one cannot perform any office "Rom- 8-17- for another, as for such as are destitute of the same w l Cor 12.2. grace ana" office themselves w: for that were instead of a girdle a rent«: Therefore the preaching of the x I»a. 3.24. Gospel is the discovering of what men are in Christ lesus, and not only what they may or shal be r, y 0,nalso what men are under the wrath of God that x Iohn 3. 36. abides upon them, being out of Christ z and not only what they shal be: So that every Christian a lames 1. 21 having received this (as an ingrajted word * growing up together with it) that is, that I may be mutually edified and comforted by the communication bRom. 1. 11.0f y0Ur faith fy mine b, he grows up in this also, namely, that 1 may be mutually edified and comforted by the communication of your preaching c 2 Cor. 6. 2. and mine, for in the day of the Lord which is the 6 3 ^ of sa^vation, and behold now the accepted 'time, behold now the day of salvation (c) wherein

e Heb. 9. 26. wc g*ve no offence, or lay not any stumbling block 27. before our brethren (d); we villifie not that sacrifice

once offered up for all (L). That our ministery { Ve "a 12 I may not ^ rePrefien<tcd (0- Or that our our minh Pnl. 2. 6. istery De not blemished, for so the word is (momos) i Psal. 78. that is we can acknowledge no sacrifice, but onely 70 72. 73. that which is without either superfluity or defect:

k 2 Sam. 18. . • „. . , ., ~ ,, ,-*. •',•', J.

3. ana m that day the feeblest in Ierusalem, is as

I Sam. 18. 7. David s; A King h, a leader ', a valiant worrier k, a sweet singer in Israeli, and the house of David i s 23 1 as God, or as the mighties (for the word is plurall) yea as the angel of the Lord before them;m every m Zeeh. 12.8. one is as the angel or messenger of the Lord, before the rest of the congregation, or as the, angel of the Lord before (him) as the word will also beare, that is to say, as the messenger of the Lord, like unto his servant lohn, to prepare or make ready his way before him i for the messenger of the Lord, and he onely knows how to' *•*. 3. t. bring down the highest mountain, and how to lift up the lowest valley, and that only is a high way m ^j i ^ for the Royalty of our King to passe upon m in Luk. 3.5.6. the wildernesse. And this is a glory that the world cannot receive, neither can it give it n: and it is ■Iohn 14our rejoycing that we borrow nothing from the Io'hn tg 22 world, nor stand in need of any thing it hath, to make the Gospel of God glorious, for it were better for us to die, then that any man should make our rejoycing vain, or emptie °. For it were not full in Christ, o 1 Cor. 9.15. if we borrowed any thing of the world, which were death to us to think of; what is our rejoycing then, or our reward, when as the whole world affordeth nothing at all unto us? verily this that when we preach the Gospel, we make it free, p which could not be, if it laid claim P i Cor. 9.18. to any thing the world hath in the publication of it self; for then by the Law of relations, the world might lay unto, and challange something from (it) which were to bring the Gospel into bondage, But as the Lord Jesus wrought that great work of reconciliation freely, so as the world could challenge nothing of it at his hands at all, so is that word of reconciliation, to whomsoever it is commit-12 Cor- 5-18ted q, published freely, so as the world can chal- 8 g lenge nothing of them at all"; So that the servant rMat. 10. 8. of the Lord is free from all men, though he makes himself servant unto all, that he might gain the » 1 c<»- '• 1more.' Thence it is that he abuseth not his au- \ c°£ \' ^' thority in the Gospel but keeps his power unspotted ', when the world can require nothing at his 11 Cor. 9.18. hands; hereby shewing also the transcendencie of that kingdome, wherein his authority is exercised, beyond the kingdoms of this world which must borrow one of another, else cannot be glorious in the height of glory concerning the things of this life; therefore had Solomon himself Gold, Silver,Ivory apes,

and u I Kin. 10. and peacocks, brought from other nations to aug2*Chr 9 "1 ment his glory", But he that is greater then Solox Mat. 12722. mon * beautifieth himself with none of the things y Mat. 8.20. of this life >, though he had right to them all, z that lea. 52. 14. so ^ mi„ht make it manifest that his Kingdome is

z Horn. 4. Id. <* . . ° , .

14. no/ of this world, * therefore gives charge unto his

GaJ. 4. 7. disciples, that as they had freely received, so they b MoT 10 8 should freely give: b for by how much we injoyn people to contribute unto us for preaching the Gospell, by so much we proclaim, that we have given c lob. 35. 7. 8. unto God for what we have received of him, c and d Mat. 5.19. teach others: so to do, d namely to bring some preparations, operation, or fitnesse to receive his grace, which is as far from man to attain unto, as it was to prepare and fit himself for his creation at the first, " so e Gen. 2. 7. that the benevolence of the Saints in communicating of the things of this life, is no part of the glory or beautifying of the house of God; for then a wicked man might adde somewhat thereunto, nor shall the glory in the least measure be diminished, when these things shall have an end. But it is a declaration of their vilification of the things of this present life, as things of no account or reckoning, when they come into competition with the well being of the Saints; and as these things are consumed, and turned into f Levit. 9.24. ashes, upon that golden altar, f so doth there ascend up a perfumatory sacrifice of sweet savour unto the Lord, * for according to our vilification K of the things of this life, so is our valuation of

h C I 3 11 '^c Lord lesus, who is either all or none at all in Ephet. 1.23. our estimation and account, and if he be alli', then he that gathereth much of the things according i 2 Cor. 8.15. unto man hath nothing over, ' or above him that hath the least, and he that gathereth little hath no k 2 Cor. 8.15. lack k or falls short of him that hath the most, for the one, and the other consume them in the act of the present supply of their necessity, knowing that if they keep them, in making any account or reckoning of them, for the time to come, they presently putrifie and corrupt '. l Exod. 16. Learn this parable therefore, that there is that in 19. 20. tke neavenly Manna that the rebells may eat in

J A 6 5 8 *^e wilderness and die eternally m, as wel as that which whosoever eateth shal never die, but live for n John 6. 58. ever n, yea there is o seed to be sown in giving


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