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A Copy of the Spanyard's second Letter.


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Y Governour and Capt. General, as soon as he had

News that a Ship, by Nation English, was lost in that

Port in which you now are, sent me with Soldiers of the Garison of St. Augustine in Florida, as they have at other times done, to free them from death; for which cause I came to this Port of St. Ellens, where I found all these Indians in a fright, fearing that you will do them some mischief: So having sound four men of those that were lost, I thought good to advise you, that you might carry them in your company, giving some gifts to those Indians which they desire ; which is, four Spades, four Axes, some Knives, and some Beads. This they desire, not as payment, but onely as an acknowledgment of a kindness for having saved their lives; which they have always done as Naturals who have given their obedience to the King our Master. And they do also desire you to let go those four Indians which are there: You may send a Boat when you discover the Points of St. Ellens ; may hoist an Ancient two or three times, and I will do the same. I desire your Answer may be sodain ; for I am scarce of Provisions, and the way is somewhat long: and if you have no body who understands Spanish, you may write in English, for here are your Countreymen who will interpret it.

By the Captain Alanso Arguiles. From St. Ellens, Septemb.

23. 1663.


Proposals made to all such Persons as

shall undertake to become the first Setlers on Rivers, Harbours, or Creeks, whose Mouth or Entrance is Southwards or Westwards of Cape St. Romana in the Province of Carolina, and execute the same at their own hazard and charge of Transportation, Ammunition, and Provision, as is hereafter ex

pressed, &c.

1. Mprimis, It is agreed and consented to by us Thomas

Mudyford, and Peter Colleton, Esquires, who are impowered by the Lords Proprietors to treat in their behalf; That in consideration of the good service which Captain Anthony Long, Captain William Hil

ton, and Mr. Peter Fabian have done in making so clear a Discovery on that Coast, They shall each of them enjoy to them and their Heirs for ever one thousand Acres of Land apiece upon the said River, Harbour, or Creeks, on such places as they shall desire, not taken up before.



Item, To Master Pyam Blowers, and Master John Hancock, five hundred Acres apiece, in manner as aforesaid.


Item, To all the Sea-men and Adventurers in the said Ship, one hundred Acres apiece in manner as aforesaid.

IV. Item, To every person that hath subscribed and paid, or hath subscribed and shall pay within two moneths next after the


Date hereof, unto the Treasurer appointed by the Committee for defraying the Charge of the late Discovery, and towards the publique Stock, five hundred Acres of Land, besides what they are otherwayes to receive and enioy each for every thousand pounds of Sugar, and so for greater or lesser quantity proportionably, to possesse and enjoy the same in manner as aforesaid; the said Adventurers having promised, That the severall and respective Persons above-intended, shall within five years next ensuing, have one Person white or black, young or old, transported at their Charge as aforesaid, on that or some other parcel of Land in the Province, for every hundred of Acres of Land that is or shall be due to them for their adventures as aforesaid : But when once taken up, to settle the same within one year after it is once taken up, or lose the Land.


Item, To every Person that goes, or sends an Agent at his or their own cost with the first Ship or Fleet, or within siz weeks next after the first Ship or Fleet that shall be set out from this Island (none

to be accompted as first Setlers but such as do send in the first Fleet) Armed with a good Fire-lock, ten pounds of Powder, and twenty pounds of Bullet, or Lead, and Victualled for six moneths, shall have one hundred Acres of Land, and the like quantity of Acres for every Man-servant that he carrieth so armed and provided, to the person at whose charge they shall be transported as aforesaid.


Item, To every person that shall second the first undertakers, that is to say, shall go within two months next after those that are accompted as first Setlers, armed and provided as aforesaid, seventy Acres of Land, and seventy Acres for every Man-servant that he or they shall carry or send Armed and provided as aforesaid.


Item, To every person provided as aforesaid, that shall within two years after the first undertakers, fifty Acres of Land, and as much to him or them for every Man-servant he or they shall carry or send, armed and provided as aforesaid.


Item, To every Free-woman above the age of twelve years, that shall go, or be carried thither within the first five years, forty Acres of Land.

IX. Item, To all Male- Children above the age of fourteen years, the same quantity that is allowed to Free-men, and on the same Conditions.


Item, The Lords Proprietors will grant unto every Parish one hundred Acres of Land for the Church and other publique uses.


Item, To every person that hath subscribed, and shall

pay to the above-mentioned Discovery, who shall go or send an Agent within the first five years next after the first Setlers, forty Acres of Land; and as much to them for every Manservant they shall carry or send within that time armed and provided as aforesaid, and the like quantity for all others so transporting themselves or servants within the first three years, who are not Subscribers.


Item, To every Man-servant that shall go with the first undertakers, fifty Acres of Land; and to such as go with the second Adventurers thirty Acres, and for all other servants that shall go within the first five years, twenty Acres, and for every Woman-servant ten Acres, to become due at the Expiration of the first Term of their servitude in that Countrey.


Item, To the Owner of every Negro-Man or Slave, brought thither to settle within the first year, twenty acres; and for every Woman-Negro or Slave, ten acres of Land; and all MenNegro's, or slaves after that time, and within the first five


years, ten acres, and for every Women-Negro or slave, five



Item, That all the before-mentioned parcels of Land given, or to be given, allotted or granted to any person or persons whatsoever, shall be held and enjoyed to them, their Heirs and Assigns for ever, in free and common Soccage, according to the Tenure of East-Greenwich within the County of Kent, within the Kingdom of England (and not in Capite, or by Knights-service) paying as a fine once for all to the Lords Proprietors, or their Agents impowered to receive the same, one ha peny per acre for every Acre of Land that is or shall be taken up as aforesaid, or the value of the said half-peny per Acre, when the person who is to receive it shall receive his Deed or Copy of Record for his Land so taken up; and in lieu of all, and all manner of Rents, Services, Fines, Taxes and Impositions whatsoever, one ear of Indian Corn for every hundred acres of Land so taken up, at a certain time and place prescribed, if lawfully demanded.


Item, It is further agreed, That every person shall or may take

ир their Land, or any part thereof, where they please, in any place not before taken up: Provided they do therein submit to such Method as the Governour and Council for the time being shall judge most safe and convenient.


Item, That the Lords Proprietors shall grant to the FreeHolders the Priviledge of choosing an annual Assembly, wherein by the consent of the said Lords, or their Delegates, they shall be impowered to make Lawes, and them confirm, publish, and abrogate, as in the great Charter is expressed ; and that the Assembly may lawfully, without the consent of the Governour, complain to the said Lords of such Grievances as lye upon the People.


Item, That forasinuch as the Lords Propriсtors or their Delegates may not be at all times there present, to consent to


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