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may be ashamed to put pen to paper to publish anything to the world in shew of religion not acknowledging the letter of the Scriptures but deriding it rather, What hath not the lord affirmed that he hath giuen Christ for a couenant of the people, and for a light of the gentiles ; Deny him then to be the Couenant, and deny him to be the light, what Blasphemies are these f And doth not the apostle kly-jjafllrme that we were kept vnder the law before faith came; What was that comming of faith but the comming of Christ,-)- therfore he saith in the £ gn. 5'. next words the law was our Schoolmaster to Christ to convince such ignorant malignant Cauellers.f tGal:3; And what doth the Spiiit of God make faith to 23- 24: be in his description of it,f But that Hypostasis tHebr. 11: 1 or Subsistence of things; Which is that inseparable unity that is in Christ; And for your derision of Sin to be the death of Christ, we beleeue the apostle (who afErmes vpon the solemne testimony of the Spirit of God,) that Christ was made Sin in vs, for so the word ought to be read, as apeares by the second member of the text or else the scripture answers not to its relative,f And we affirme that'

Christ was neuer made sin but in his dying to sin, and whosoeuer denies that manner of death which is by sin, he denies that manner of righteousnesse which the spirit of God relates vnto it, which is the righteousnesse of god, and he that seekes another Righteousnesse wherby to be iustified he shall bring nothing but filthy menstruous Clouts before God,f Which stuffe we abhorre; what stuffe soeuer you 8ay: ignorantly make of the word of God, calling such things Allegories which are the intent f of the holy word of god, ffor the rest of your expressions which you charge vpon vs, you falsly aply them, we neuer called Sermons of Saluation Tales, nor any ordinances of the Lord an abomination or vanitie, nor holy ministers Necromancers; we honour Reuerence and practise these things; therfore through guilt you falsifie our intent, but if any be not resolued of our meaning let him put his hand into his bosome and see whether it come not out leprouse, But know this also, vnlesse it be done the first and second time acording to the command, he shall neuer be found a fit messenger to deliuer Israel out of Egiptian bondage of the law, but rather to cary them into Babilon after deliverance wrought, And let such be called belchers out of babilonish bondage and crueltie, vnder the name of orthodoxus or orthodoxia, with many thanksgivings giuings vnto their new formed gods who haue saved them and deliuered them from all pernisious and destructive mo*' wayes, f And howeuer you term me a Belcher out of Errours, 1 would haue you know that I hold my call to preach the Gospell of Christ, not inferiour to the call of any minister in this country, though I was not bred vp in the Schooles of humane learning; and I blesse God that I neuer was, Lest I had bin drowned in pride and ignorance through Aristotles principles and other heathen philosophers, as millions are and haue bin, who ground the preaching of the gospell vpon humane principles to the falsifying of the word of god; in the ruine of men's soules (I know what I say) yet this I doubt not of but that there hath bin as much true vse made of the languages within this twenty yeares past for the opening of Scripture in the place where I liue, as hath bin in any Church in New England, I know the manner of your preaching very well;

When I was last in England through iinportunitie I was perswaded to speake the word of god publiquly in diuers as eminent places as any were then in London and also about London and places more remote, many times the ministers of the place being hearers, and somtimes many together at appointed Lectures in the countrcy; I haue spoken in the audience of all sorts of people and personages vnder the title of a Bishop or a King, and was invited to speake in the presence of such as had the title of excellencie; and I was louingly embraced whereuer I came in the word vttered, with the most eminent Christians in the place, and for leaue taking at our departure not vnlike the ancient custome of the saints vppon record in the holy scriptures, And I dare say as euident testimony of gods power going forth with his word spoken, manifested, as euer any in New England had publiquely and imediatly after the word deliuered the people giuing thanks to god that euer such [a ] word came to be vttered among them, with intrcaty for stay and further manifestation, in as eminent places as are in England; where my selfe did know that Doctors of note had formerly preached, and at that time such as had more honour put vpon them then ordinarily preachers haue, who gaue me the call thither in way of louing and Christian fellowship, the like abounding in the hearers, Therfore I know not with what New England is leauened or spirited; Indeed once in London three or four malignant persons caused me to be summoned before a Committie of Parliament because I was not a vniversity man, I apeared and my acusers

also, also, one of them a Schoolmaster in Christs hospitall, another or two Elders of independant or seperated Churches; who were questioned what they had against me, they said I had preached; diuers of the Committie answered and said that was true they had heard me; the Chairman asked my accusers what I had said, they said I had spoke of the Cherubims, but they could not repeat any thing, but they said they were sure I had made the people of God sad, but the sum of all their accusation was brought out in a booke, which they said contained diners blasphemies; The booke was only that which was printed concerning the proceedings of the Massachusets against my selfe and others; ffor these were children of the Jews who had corrupted themselues by false couenants with the nations and could mutter perversnesse, f ga.yv: Speaking part of the language of the three peoples but discerned not the language of the Jewes,* «Nehom: which I a ply to independancie, Presbitrie and 13: 23: 24 Prelacie but they know not the Christian language,! The honourable Committie tooke the u: Booke and diuers of them looked vpon it, and found no such thing there, as they ignorantly sugested, And though my adversaries could say nothing but only vent their spleene crying out vpon blasphemie, yet the Chairman and diuers of the board Knights and other gentlemen questioned me about my call to preach, and other principal points of Religion, and I answered to all of them, according to my knowledge and conscience;

Then my accusers desired Mr Winslow might be called forth, whom they had procured to apeare there whom they thought would opose me strongly with respect to that booke; when he came out of the Crowd (for there was a multitude of people the place being spacious) he spake iudiciously and manlike, desiring to be excused for he had nothing to say concerning me in that place, his businesse with me lay before another Committie of Parliament, which gaue the table good satisfaction; my answers and arguments were honourably taken by the Chairman and the rest of the Committie, and my selfe Dismissed as a preacher of the Gospell;

Shortly after eminent preachers liuing remote from London being then present; sent unto me kind gratulations for my arguments vsed, and answers giuen before that Committie; Which act of that Committie 1 take to be as good an humane call to preach as any of your ministers haue; And oiher call I know none they hauc, when 1 do I shall respect them accordingly; cordingly; for in case they haue, you haue spent your time amonge them very badly, that haue not learned to know and speake better of the word of God;

And for a humane call, I take mine to be as good as the Degrees in Schooles, or to passe vnder the hands and ceremonies of a tituler Bishop, or vnder the naturall hands of a tituler Eldership, or to haue the call of a people by the power of Stipend, or contribution, without one of which no Contract, both parties are not agreed, all which I count as humane at the best; And do not you vpbraid vs (as some among you haue done) as not hauing the word of God with vs, because of our Paucitie, I thinke those they call Quakers are as many as you, but I thinke them neuer the better for their multitude; nor the Papists who couer that part of the earth called tGen- 10 Christendome, it hath euer bin the way of the 8.9. 10 world to make it selfe great by multitude, f But Hosea 7 • 11 ^nrist stileth his flock to be little and- his Disciples were few.* Isay 30 1.2.3. \ fift word I haue to say, is in that you send the Dcut 7-2 reader to a booke printed by Mr Edward Winslow for a more full and perfect intelligence; Mr Win• 1 Chron. s|ow and my selfe had humanlike Corrispondancie in England, and before the honourable Committie which he referred himselfe vnto, as aboue, and not to wrong the dead, I saw nothing to the contrary but that I had as good acceptation in the eyes of that Committie as himself had, although he had a greater Charter, and a larger Commission out of these parts then my selfe then had, and howeuer he was a man of more eminent parts then my selfe, yet the goodnesse and justice of my cause did equallize my selfe vnto him, in those ocations both in the mindes and demeanures of our Superiours;

I do professe, 1 do not know or remember any perticuler in that Booke he then put forth; for since the publishing therof I haue allwayes had my thoughts excercised about things of better and greater concernment; I saw it in London but read little of it, And when I came ouer into these parts my ancient acquaintance and freind Mr John Browne discoursing with me about those affaires in England told me he had read such a booke printed or put forth by Mr Winslow I told him I had seene it but read very little of it; Mr Browne you know was a man aproued among you, and elswhere (for ought I know or euer heard) whereuer he came; an Assistant in your Gouernment, a Commissioner for the vnited


Collonies &c who thus spake vnto me in our Discourse, I will not pervert nor alter a word of the will or words of the Dead; I say he afirmcd thus vnto me, That he would mainiaine that there were Fortie lies printed in that booke, And I doubt not but Mr Brownes word or Judgment in his time would have

and taken booke, Therfore adde thy writing vnto it if any sparke of humanity be left to informe your readers of the truth of things, or else take it to your selfe that you are he that goes about to seduce and corrupt the minds of men with lyes and falsities. And there I leaue you.

Only one whisper in your eare viz. if you find any thing in this present writing wherby you can glorifie your selfe, or put shame vpon me (which is the scope of your scurrilous pamphlet viz so farre as it concernes my selfe) let me heare of it, either by pen in manuscript, or from Presse by print, and I doubt not but I shall make returne more fully then this paper expresseth; for I was in suspence whether this was worth an answer;

per me,

Samuel Gorton.

Warwick June 30th 1669;

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