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time to depart fell to be in a mighty storme of snow, as I haue seene in the country, my wife being turned out of doore in the said storme with a young child sucking at her breast (the infant hauing at that very time the disease called the measles breaking out upon it, which the cold forced in againe causing sicknesse neere vnto death) who had bin as tenderly brought vp as any tnan's wife then in that towne, And my selfe to trauell in the wildernesse I knew not whither, the people comforting my wife and children when I was gone with this, that it was impossible for me to come aliue to any plantation; I say no more of this now, though I can say much more, with the testiinonie of mens consciences, but I haue bin silent to couer other mens shame and not my owne, for I could wish to be a bondman (so long as I haue to liue vpon the face of the earth) in humane respects that all the agitations and transactions that haue passed betweene the men of New England and my selfe were in print without diminution or extenuation without couert false dealing or painted hipocrisie; It should be my crowne yea a diadem upon my graue, if the truth in morepublique or more priuate agitations were but in Prose though not in Poetrie, as it was acted in all the places wherein you seeke to 19-°23 blemish me, f I perceiue what manner of honour 24 & you put vpon me in Rhode Island, which the ac31. 35 ters may be ashamed of, and you to be their He'rauld to proclaime it, I haue bin silent of things done at Plimouth, Rhode Island and elsewhere, and am still in many respects, but haue not forgotten them, for then I should forget the Sumptoms of the crosse of Jesus Christ, and I haue heard that some of Phmouth then in place were instigators of the Island, I could name the parties of both places, being mett together at Cohannet; I caried my selfe obeidiently to the Gouernment of Plimouth, so farre as it became me at the least, to the great wrong of my family more then is abouesaid as can be made to apeare if need require; ffor 1 vnderstood that they had Comission wherin authoritie was deriued, which authorise I reuerenced; but Rhode Island at that time had none, therfore no authoritie legally deriued to deale with me Neither had they the choice of the people, but set vp themselues, I know not any more tha[t ] was present in their Creation but a Clergie man who blessed them in their inauguration, and I thought my selfe as tilt and able to gouerne my selfe and family, and performe the office of neighbourhood, as any that then was vpon Rhode Island; But such fellowes as you can bring men to the whipping

post post at their pleasure, either in person or name, without fault committed or they invested with any auihoritie; Some of the men are liuing on Rhode Island still, tell them in print what I say and belye me not, my ancestors haue not bin so vsed, as the records in the Herauldry of England can testifie f And I would haue you know that I had rather 25 suffer among some people then be a ruler together with them, according to their principles and manner of management of their authoritie;

Againe I affirme you to be a deceitfull recorder (remember my abouesaid word viz as it concernes my selfe, for I know whom I haue to deale with, to whom I will not giue place no not for an houre f In that you de- 2 4 5 dare that I have spoken words (or to that efect) that there is no state nor condition] of mankind after this present life; 1 do verily beleeue that there is not a man woman or childe vpon the face of the earth that will come forth and say that euer they heard any such word come out of my mouth; And 1 apeale vnto God the iudge of all secrets that there was neuer such a thought entertained in my heart, Tlierfore I do verily beleeue that it was hatched in the bosome of the proper author of that scrole; I perceiue in this scandall yourendeauour is to make me apeare in the world as a bruit beast and not a man, by putting vpon me the opinion of generall saluation (as it is called) which thing I hate.f ta- e"j king it to be no better then a beastiall opinion; Yet I know what the apostle saith and I beleeue it namly, that Christ is the propitiation, or couer for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world,f which word I shall neuer decline according to the ° n sense of the apostle; but I am farre from vnderstanding it in the sense of the generallists, who for ought I know by their Doctrine in the intent of it do exterpate and roote out all name and memoriall of Jesus Christ, and hold no more eminent Diuine or eternall nature then is in the elements or beginnings of all earthly and transitory things, which Elements or beginings the divine power hath Created and giuen a being vnto them, yet is not he or his nature the proper begining of them, as Christ is the begining or head of the Creation of God, f for his headship stands not in any tempo- eu:' rary or transient thing whatsoeuer, but in the eternall power manifest in that which in it selfe is temporary, namly in our nature; and such as by doctrine seeme to strike strongly at sin,


at errours and adversaries of Christ, If they know not how to make that which they contend against to be the headship of Sathan whervpon all sin depends or is involued, either as he is the serpent a Dragon the beast or false prophet to bruise or crush that spawne or seed and giue Christ headship in euery perticuler in which all vertue consisteth as the seed of the woman, otherwise men may seeme tostriueand contend against sin as things crosse their education, which is but a beating of the aire, and aplying phisick of no value, though they would be docters of the law yet know not what they speake nor wherof they affirme; I am farre from that opinion you slander me with, for I hold and shall through god maintaine, that he who takes vpon him to be an interpreter of the word of God and brings not eternity into the thing or matter wherof he speakes, that man is a false prophet or interpreter of the word of God, and hides and couers Christ that he apeares not in the Church; This is yEnigma to schoole diuinitie and carnall diciples, therfore it is like you will forbeare either to speake or thinke of it, yet it is as necessary to be opened as it is to shut vp and inclose the

whole law of God in one word.f you could not a: - haue clothed me with any piece of Sauls Armor that would haue jitted me worse then this scandall, and 1 know you haue many pieces therof among you, .and of Goliah's also, therfore ioyne your terme of Athisme with this and take them both together to your selfe, for I know where one is the other is not absent;

Wheras you charge me with passion, I know not your meaning in that word, it is an ambiguous phrase, but through god's goodnesse I know the passion of Christ, and the apostles

saying, that he fullfills the rest of his passion in his

'' flesh,* and his being in a multitude of passions f

t2 Cor: And I know that Eliiah was a man of passions yet

he was strong in prayer; And here you extort a word from me which I thought would haue gone in secret to the graue with me, for I neuer vttered it with my to any

though my heart hath Recented it many a time, the 33 yeare is vpon expiration since I ariued first in new England, in which tract of time I have washed my face with teares day and night, in the ordinances of Jesus Christ; as often, this word ouerslips me not I say as often, and oftener, then there are perticuler dayes according to mans account in so many yeares, vnder the scanHalls, reproaches, Calumniations and wrongs, that the sons of Beliall haue put vpon me, for no other thing in the truth of the

matter matter (though couered with other vizards) but for my profession of Jesus Christ, yet haue not these passions bin in any imbittered sowernesse of spirit, but from inlarged desires, when the thing desired hath bin presented, as in Joseph when he saw his brethren, and in Jacob when Rachel apeared vnto him &c f) and I know they are reserued in a j? 6 bottle of transparent glasse, and written not on the black lines of the oldnesse of the letter, but in the lines of the light of life, or newnesse of the spirit, and I well know that God hath turned mens dealings with me into Schooles of learning (ouershooting them in their owne bow) as God did in that carnail and cruell act of Joseph's 'brethren that the glory might be in themselues and not in him,t I 4 ssay learning farre better then your ministers haue bin educated in if they were well examined; What their vniuersities haue bin thought of concerning any Nursaries of religion by such godly men as haue liued in former times, without whose labours the common ministry of the world would soone come to nought, but such points as abate the glory of the world in way of religion they can bury in obliuion because they cannot indure the crosse of Christ; I haue told you in this point a small part of my passion,yet more then was my purpose to haue done, Scandalize me for it, and tell the world of it againe, and also of what I haue lost by it, and whilst you are calculating and summing vp the number of dayes contained in so many yeares I will apeale vnto God the searcher of hearts as a witnesse of the truth which I now write, Let me tell you thus much more that I write now in passion, for it drawes teares from mine eyes to see the nature of man (which I my selfe by nature am) so euidently and perspicuously apeare in you, [fo]r he that writes or speakes of the word of god and cannot aply vnto himselfe (in a true sence) whatsoeuer is contained therin, he is no true minister of saluation but of condemnation, f But let this stand as a parable to you and your 26°.r :27'. teachers, whilst you in the meane time vent your corrupting and Contagious poison beyond that they write of the basselisk which they say conveys it by his eye, but you convey yours vnto that which you neuer saw, nor heard, neither can you vnderstand what it is if you be told f And wheras you say in your Records that I am become a i;

Sordid man in my life, I tell you what I say of that and do you hide it from none, That I dare be so bold as to lay my conversation among men to the rules of humanity with

any any minister among you; in all the passages of my life which God hath brought me through from my youth vnto this day, that it hath bin as comly and inocent as his; according to present ocations, so that nothing shall be couered nor painted ouer with hipocrisie, whose oxe or whose asse haue I taken, or when or where haue I liued vpon other mens labours and not wrought with my owne hands for things honest in the sight of men, to eat my owne bread, But these things are beneath my spirit either to speake or write, but you force me to Apollogize, ffor would any men thinke that the spirit of one man should be so audaciously impudent as to bring forth such lies and falsities, vnlesse he assume the name of legion as taking himselfe to be many through his Canonizations; I would say somthing of the foundation of your Church at Plimouth if I thought it were not a matter too low to talke of, for when suit was made to the Church in Holland, out of which your Church came, to procure a dismission of a sister there to the Church of Plimouth, though the Gentlewoman vpon ocation had bin in New England diuers yeares; yet a dismission would not be granted, their preaching minister then with them, I knew to be a godly man and was familiarly acquainted with him noiv about halfe a hundred yeares agoe, in Gorton where I was born and bred and the fathers of my body for many generations, who I hope neuer followed hipocrites to be brought into heauen, that only lead downe into Sheoll; The ruling Elders when this dismission was earnestly sought for, as I take it were frenchmen zealously affected, the Church vnanimously being against a dismission, the Elders gave this ground and reason that they could not dismisse their sister to the Church of Plimouth in New England, Because it consisted of an Apostatized people fallen from the faith of the Gospell, and when through much importunitie a writing was procured properly of advice to their Sister how to carry her selfe among them being already married there her husband being the Solicitor, whom you know I need not to name, And I thinke you know after what manner the writing was read in your Church, by your ancient Elder part concealed and part expounded to the best, If you know not I doe, for I was then present, Now to haue this testimony or Assertion concerning the foundation of your Church by the mother out of whose belly you came, may be concidered, I thinke you can say little more or lesse of the Church of Rome;

A fourth word 1 haue to say to your Pamphlet, concernes the Stuffe as you Sottishly and contemptuously call it, you


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