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Entered according to act of Congreso, in the year 1847, BY PETER FORCE, In the Clerk's Office of llio District Court of the District of Columbia.

missioners of the Lords Proprietors, to all such persons

as shall become the first Setters on the Rivers, Harbors, and

Creeks there. London, Printed by J. C.for Simon Mil-

ler at the Star neer the West-end of St. Pauls, 1664.

[27 pages.]

III. New-Englands Jonas Cast up at London: or, A Rela-

tion of the Proceedings of the Court at Boston in New-

England against divers honest and godly persons, for

Petitioning for Government in the Common-wealth, ac-

cording to the Lawes of England, and for admittance of

themselves and children to the Sacraments in their

Churches; and in case that should not be granted, for

leave to have Ministers and Church-government according

to the best Reformation of England and Scotland. To-

gether with a Confutation of some Reports of a fained

Miracle upon the foresaid Petition, being thrown over-

board at Sea; As also a breif Answer to some passages

in a late Book (entituled Hypocrisie unmasked) set out

by Mr. Winslowc, concerning the Independent Churches

holding communion with the Reformed Churches. By

Major John Childe. London, Printed for T. R. and E.

M. 1647.—[24 pages.]

IV. A Narrative of a New and Unusual American Impris-

onment of Two Presbyterian Ministers: And Prosecu-

tion of Mr. Francis Makemie One of them, for Preach-

ing one Sermon at the City of New-York. By a

learner of Law, and Lover of Liberty. Printed for the

Publisher. 1707.—[56 pages.]

V. An Extract of the Journals of Mr. Commissary Von

Reck, who Conducted the First Transport of Saltzbur-

gers to Georgia: and of the Reverend Mr. Bolzius,

One of their Ministers. Giving an Account of their
Voyage to, and happy Settlement in that Province.

Published by the Direction of the Society for Promoting

Christian Knowledge. London: Printed by M. Down-

ing, in Bartholomew-Close. M.DCC.XXXIV. [38


VI. Simplicities Defence against Seven-headed Policy. Or

Innocency Vindicated, being unjustly Accused, and sorely

Censured, by that Seven-headed Church-Government uni-

ted in New-England: Or That Servant so Imperious in

his Masters Absence Revived, and now thus re-acting in

New-England: Or The Combaie of the United Colo-

nies, not onely against some oj the Natives and Subjects,

but against the Authority also of the Kingdome of Eng-

land, with their execution of Laws, in the name and Au-

thority of the servant, (or of themselves) and not in the

Name and Authority of the Lord, or fountain of the

Government. Wherein is declared an Act of a great peo-

ple and Country of the Indians in those parts, both Prin-

ces and People (unanimously) in their voluntary Submis-

sion and Subjection unto the Protection and Government

of Old England (from the Fame they hear thereof) to-

gether with the true manner and forme of it, as it appears

under their own hands and seals, being stirred up, and

provoked thereto, by the Combate and courses above-said.

Throughout which Treatise is secretly intermingled, that

great Opposition, which is in the goings forth of those

two grand Spirits, that are, and ever have been, extant in

the World (through the sons of men) from the beginning

and foundation thereof. Imprimatur, Aug. 3d. 1646. Dil-

igently perused, approved, and Licensed to the Presse, ac-

cording to Order by publike Authority. London, Print-

ed by John Macock, and are to be sold by Luke Favvne,

at his shop in Pauls Churchyard, at the sign of the

Parrot. 1646. [116 pages.]

VII. Samuel Gorton's Letter to Nathaniel Morton. Warwick,

June 30th, 1669. [MSS.] [17 pages.]

VIII. Commission of King James the Second to Sir Edmund
Andros. June 3, 1686. [MSS.] [14 pages.]

IX. The Revolution in New-England Justified and the Peo-

ple there Vindicated from the Aspersions cast upon them

by Mr. John Palmer, in his pretended Answer to the

Declaration published by the lnhabiatnts of Boston, and

the Country adjacent, on the Day when they secured their

late Oppressors, who acted by an Illegal and Arbitrary

Commission from the late King James. To which is

added, A Narrative of the Proceedings of Sir Edmond

Androsse and his Accomplices. If ho also acted by an il-

legal and arbitrary Commission from the late King James,

during his Government in New-England. By several Gen-

tlemen who were of his Council. Printed in the Year

1691. Boston: Re-printed and sold by Isaiah Thomas,

near'the Mill-Bridge. M,DCC,LXXII1. [59 pages.]

X. An Account of the Late Revolution in New-England.

Together with the Declaration of the Gentlemen, Mer-

chants, and Inhabitants of Boston, and the Country adja-
cent. April 18. 1689. Written by Mr. Nathaniel By-
field, a Merchant of Bristol in New-England, to his
Friends in London. Licensed, June 27.1689. J. Eraser.
London: Printed for Ric. Chiswell, at the Rose and
Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard. MDCLXXXIX.
[13 pages.]

XI. A Brief Relation of the State of New England from the

Beginning of the Plantation to this Present Year, 1689.

In a Letter to a Person of Quality. Licenced, July

30th. 16S9. London, Printed for Richard Baldwine,

near the Black Bull in the Old-Baily, 1689. [17


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