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council in ci. New-England unto our Govr. and Council in civell T'ceede8V100O cases PR0vIdEd tne value appealed for do expounds secu- ceede the Summe of one hundred pounds sterling, rity by the ap- and that security be first duly given by the appealpealaot. ant to answer sucn charges as shall be awarded in

case the first sentance shall be affermed And whereas wee judge it necessary that all our subjects A le to mav liave liDerty to appeale to our Royall person the King from in cases that may require the same, Our will and the council pleasure is that if either party shall not rest satisvalue exceed ged witn ^ juavment and sentance of our Govr. dOO pound . _ .. , .

aterling. and Council, they may then appeale unto us

in our Privy Council Provided the matter in

The appeale difference exceed the reall value and Summe of

must be with. tnree bundred pounds sterling and that such ap

in a fortnight . * . . . . ° . , - r

after sentance peale be made within one fortnight alter sentance,

„ ., and that security be likewise duly given by the ap

Secunty given .» , J ° .> r

pealant to answer such charges as shall be awarded in case the sentance of the Governor and Council Execution be confirmed And Provided also that execution not to be Bus. be not suspended by reason of any such appended peale unto us And wee do hereby give and grant „ unto you full power where you shall see cause and pardon offl-n- Judge any offendor or offendors in capitall and crimidor» capitall nail matters or for any fines or forfeitures due unto & cnminall us gtt objects of our mercy to pardon all such ofremitt fanes -, •, . , / • iremay repreive iendors and to remitt such fines and forfeitures

in treason. (Treasons and wilfull murther only excepted) in which case you shall likewise have full power upon extraordnary occasions to grant repreaves to the offendors therein, untill and to the intent our pleasure may be further known) And wee do hereby give and grant unto you the said Sr. Edmund Andros by your selfe your Captains and comanders by you to be authorized full power and Govr.tolery authority to Levy Arme muster command or imunu against pl°y al l persons whatsoever residing within our pirats enimies said Territory and Dominion of New-England as & rebella occasion shall serve, them to transferr from one place to another for the resisting and withstanding of all Enemies Pirats and Rebells both at land and Transfer ^ea, And to transferr such forces to any of our forces for the plantations in America as occasion shall serve for

the the defence of the same against the invasion or at- defence of

tempts of any of our enemies, and them if occasion p aui a lon"

shall require, to pursue and prosecute in or out of

the limets of our said Territory and plaintation or

any of them, And if it shall so please god them to

vanquish and being taken either according to the

Law of arms to put to death or keepe and reserve

alive at your discretion, Also to execute Martiall Govr. to eTM

law in time of Invavason insurrection or warr and ,c"l°- *?.„'«.

... - law in time ot

during the continuance ol the same and upon invasion and

Souldiers in pay to do and execute all and every uPon soldier«

other thing which to a Capt. Genrll. doth or ought * J1" p°"*'

of right to belong as fully and amply as any of our rll.

Capt. Generlls. doth or hath usually done. And

wee do-hereby give and grant unto you full power

and authority to erect raise and build within our Govr. toereot

Territory and Dominion aforesaid such and so many

forts, platformes, castles, citties, burroughs and for

tifycations as you shall judge necessary and the

same or any of them to fortifie and furnish with

Ordinance ammunition and all soartsofarmesfittand

necessary for the security and defence of our said

Territory and the same againe or any of them to ^ndthc«a

demolish or dismantle as may be most convenient to demolish

And wee do hereby give and grant unto you the

said Sr. Edmund Andros full power and authority

to erect one or more Court or Courts Admirall

within our said Territory and Dominion for the

heareing and detennineing of all Marine and other

causes and matters proper therein to be heard and

determined with all necessary power authorities

fees and preuiledges. And you are to execute all

powers belonging to the place and Office of Vice Govr. to exc.

Admirall of and in all the seas and coasts about cut8 po,wer °f

n . ,. , „ . . vice Admirall.

your uoverment according to such Commission authority and instructions as you shall receive from ourselfe under the seale of our Admiralty, or from our high Admirall of our fforra'rgn plantations for the time being And for as much as divers mutynies and disorders do happen by persons shipped and imployed at Sea, and to the end that such as shall be shipped or imployed at sea may be the better governed and ordered Wee do hereby

Govr. to ap. give &, grant unto you the said Sr. Edmund AnEllL'.nT;^ dros our Capt- Generall and Governor in Chief

•nips and com- r

manders and lull power and authority to constitute Sc appoint grant them Captains Masters of Ships and other Commanders ^i?'°,!1,° And to grant unto such Captains Masters of Ships

execute mar- » _, r . . r

tiall law upon and other Commanders Commission to execute the mutineers &c. Law Martiall and to use such proceedings authorities punishments correction and execution upon any offendor or offendors which shall be mutenous seditious disorderly or any way unruly either at sea or during the time of their aboad or residents in any of the ports harbours or Bays of our said Territory and Dominion as the case shall be found to^d^leaof io reiluire according to martiall Law Provided offence done that nothing herein contained shall be construed upon the sea to the inabling you or any by your authority to or havens n. ^ |j • Qf have jurisdiction of any offence cause

vers &c. by r J

any in actall matter or thing committed or done upon the Sea, or service on within any of the Havens Rivers or Creeks of our board ships said Territory and Dominion under your Gover

acimg by mi- .> _ /

mediate com- ment by any Captaine Commander Lent. Master mission from or other officer seamen soldier or person whatsoetho King or vef wbo s|lal| ^ in actual| servise and pay in and

rafl. on board any of our Shipps of warr or other

Vessells acting by Immediate commission or warrent from our selfe under the Seale of our Admiralty or from our high Admirall of England for the time being. But that such Captain Commander Leift. Master officer Seaman Souldier and other persons But he shall so offending shall be left to be proceeded against bo proceeded and trved as ^e merrit of their offences shall require commission either by Commission under our great Seale of Enaccording to gland as the Statute of the Twenty eighth of Henry J*8"' ^8tlL8tih the Eight directs or by Commission from our High Admiraft 13 Court of Admiralty, according to the Act of Parch : 2: liament passed in the thirteenth yeare of the Reigne of the late King our most deare and most entirely beloved Brother of ever blessed memory entituled an act for the establishing articles and orders for the regulating and better goverment of his Majesties navieship of warr and forces by Sea, and not otherwise, saving onely that it shall and

may may be lawfull for you upon any such Captaine or Power to the Commander refuseing or neglecting to execute or MnVcominanl upon his negligence or under execution of any the ders refuseing written orders he shall receave from you for our or neglecting servise and the service of our said Territory and ° executeDominion to suspend him the said Captaine or Commandor from the exercise of his said office of commandor and comitt him into safe custody either Commit him on board his owne ship or else where at the discretion of you in order to his being brought to answer for the same by commission either under our great seale of England or from our said High Admirall as is before expressed. In which case our will and pleasure is that the Capt. or com- commander6 mandor so by you suspended shall during such his eucccded by suspention and commitment be sucseeded in his fhe ne* c<"nsaid office by such Commission or warrent officer "*"on ° cer' of our said ship appointed by our selfe or our high Admirall of England for the time being as by the known practice and discipline of our Navy doth and ought next to succeed him, as in case of death sickness or other ord nary disability hapningto the Commandor of any of our shipps and not otherwise You standing also accountable unto us for the truth and Importance of the crimes and misdemeanors Govr acfor which you shall so proceed to the suspending countable for of such our said Capt. and Commandors Pho- Jhe truth at,d Vided also that all disorders and misdemeanors J?Lpo.r'*"cf, °f

... /-. /-i . T •<• the "U'pended

committed on shoar by any Capt. Commander Lent, officers crimes. Master or other officers seamen Soldier or person whatsoever belonging to any of our shipps of warr Proviso for or other Vessells acting by immediate commission or «mi8den"» warrant from our selfe under the seale of our Ad- betryedbythe miralty or from our high Admirall of England for law8 of 'he the time being may be tryed and punished accord- Paceing to the Laws of that place where any such disorder offences and misdemeanors shall be so com- Notwithstandmitted on shoare notwithstanding such offender be ing the offend. in our actuall servis and boarn in our bay on board er b° in »t-tuany such our Ships of warr or other Vessells acting a *"V",m

. '.,.".. r ir any such ship

by immediate commission or warrant from our selfe acting

or or our high Admirall as aforesaid so as he shall not receave any protection for the avoiding of iustice for such offences committed on shorn-from any pretence of his being imployed in our servis at Sea. And wee do likewise give and grant unto you full Govr. & coun- power and authority by and with the advice and

with the pfant consent °^ our sai^ Councill to agree with the ters for lands plainters and Inhabitants of our said Territory and of the Kings Dominion concerning such lands tenements and

heriditiments as now are or hereafter shall be in for terms'and our power to dispose of and them to grant unto any qitt rents to bo person or persons for such terms & under such appointed by moderate quit rents services and acknowledgments his Majestic. to De tiiereupon reserved unto us as shall be

appointed by us which said grants are to pass

Grants under ai"* De seale(^ ty our seale of New-England Now England (being entred upon record by such officer and offisoale entred cers as you shall appoint thereunto) shall be good upon record and effectuai| in Law against us our heirs and successors. And wee give you full power & auGovr &.coun thority ,o appoint so many Faires Marts and marcill to appoint kets as you with the aduice of our said Council shall faires and mar. think fit As Likewise to order and appoint within bou"rsPOrt''''"- our said Territory such and so many ports, Harbours, Bays, Havens and other places for the conveniency and security of shipping and for the better loading and unloading of goods and merchandize as by you with the aduice and consent of our Councill shall be thought litt and necessary and in them or any of them to erect constitute and apCustome. point Customehouses, warehouses and officers rehouses ware- jating thereunto, and them to alter and change officer's to alter Place and displace from time to time as with the or displace, advice aforesaid shall thought litt. And above all things wee do by these presents will and command you to take all possable care for the discountenance Vice discoun- of vice and incuragement of vertue and good liveing tenanced that by such example the Infidells may be invited & desire to partake of the Christian relidgion. And for the greater ease and satisfaction of our loving subjects in matters of Relidgion Wee do hereby will require and command that liberty of


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