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The Second by the grace

of God King of England Scotland Fiance and Ireland defender of the faith &c. To our trusty and welbeloved Sr. Edmund Andros Knt. Greeting whereas the Goverment of that part of our Territory and Dominion of New-England hereafter mentioned is now in our hands and being minded to give all protection and incuragement to our good subjects therein and to provide in the most effectuall manner for their security and welfare, Wee therefore reposing espetiall trust and Conetitu of Sr.

Cj . .u J J T I. Edmd. Andros

confidence in the prudence courage and Loyalty to be c t of you the said Sr. Edmund Andros out of our Genii. &Govr espetiall grace certaine knowledge and meer motion in Chief. have thought fitt to constitute and appoint, And by these presents Do constitute and appoint you the said Sr. Edmund Andros to be Our Capt. Generall and Govr. in Chief in and over all that our Territory and Dominion of New-england in America Commonly called and known by the name of Our Colony of the Massachusets Bay, Our Colony of New-Plimouth, and Our Province of Newhampshire and Maine, The Narraganset country otherwise called the King's Province with all the Islands rights and members to the said Colonies & Territories in any wise appertaining And for your better guidance and direction wee do hereby require and command you to do &. execute all things in due manner that shall belong unto the said office and the trust wee have reposed in you according to the severall powers, Instructions and authoryties mentioned in these presents or such further power instructions & authoryties as you shall herewith receive, or which shall at any time hereafter after be granted and appointed you under our Signet and signe Manueli or by our order in our Privy Councill and according to such reasonable Laws and statutes as are now in force or such other as shall hereafter be made and established within that our Territory and Dominion aforesaid

Oaths of Alle- And our will & pleasure is that you the said Sr.

giancefe trust Edmund Andros having (after yourarrivall in New

to be given \ . J T

Mutually by England and publication ol these our Letters patthe Govr. and tents first taken the Oath of Allegience together council. with the Oath of duly executing the office of our

Capt. Generall and Govr. in Chiefe of our said Territory and Dominion (which our said Councill there or any three of them are hereby required authorized & impowred to give and administer unto you) You shall administer unto such of the Members of our Councill as well the Oath of Allegiance as the oath of the due execution of their places and trust And wee do hereby give and grant unto you Suspending full power and authority to suspend any member

Members of . 1 „ ... c . r. i . .

the councill °> our Councill irom setting voteing and assisting for just cause therein as you shall find just cause for your so doing And if it shall hereafter at any time happen that by the death departure out of our said Territory or suspention of any of our Councellors or that otherwise there shall be a vacancy in our said Five make a Councill any five whereof wee do hereby appoint

Quorum L r\ -n o 1 • .1 .

to be a Quorum our will & pleasure is that vou signify the same unto us by the first oportunity that wee may under our signet and signe manuall Justseavento constitute find appoint others in their roorae. Bit be and to be that our affaires at that distance may not suffer for chosen of the want of due number of Councellors if ever it shall (heroes a vTM nappen tnat tnere are lesse then seaven of them cancy resident upon the place wee do hereby give and

grant unto you full powei :md authority to choose as many persons out of the principall Inhabitants thereof as will make up the full number of our Councill to be seaven and no more which persons by vertue of such choyce shall be to all intents and purposes our councillers within our said Territory untill they be confirmed by us, or that by nomination of others by us under our signe manuall and Signet the said Councill shall have seaven persons

in it. And wee do hereby give and grant unto La"» t0 |*


in Il. rLMU woe uu ucicuv Klvc auu jiiaiii uiiiu —

you full power and authority by and with the ad- "* ° £nt" vice and consent of our said Councill or the Major Councilt part of them to make constitute and ordine Laws statutes and ordinances for the publique peace wellfare good Goverment of our said Territory and Dominion and of the people and inhabitants thereof, and such other as shall respect thereto, and for the benefit of us our heirs and successors Agreable to which said Laws statutes & ordinances are to EnglandTM ° be as neer as conveniently may be agreeable to the Laws and statutes of this our Kingdom of England Provided that all such Laws Statutes and or- To be trans, dinances of what nature or duration soever be mitted in 3 within three months or sooner after the making of mont s the same Transmitted unto us under our seale of New-England for the allowance or disapprobation of them, as also duplycates thereof by the next powertorai,B conveyance And wee do by these presents give mony by the and grant unto you full power and authority, and Govr. & Coull. with the aduice &t consent of our said Councill or or majr- part the Major part of them to Impose and assesse &t To constitute raise and levy such rates and Taxes as you shall taxes for the find necessary for the support of the Goverment support of the within our said Territory and Dominion of New- overmtEngland to be collected Levied, and to be employed to the uses aforesaid in such manner as to you and our said Councill or the Major part of them shall seeme most equall and reasonable, And for the better support of the charge of the Goverment of our said Territory and Dominion our will and pleasure is and wee do by these presents authorize and require you the said Sr. Edmund Andros and our said Councill to continue such taxes and impositions as are now Iayed and Imposed on the inhabitants thereof and to Levy and distribute or cause the same to be Levyed and distributed to those ends in the best and most equall manner untill you shall by and with the advice and consent of our Councill agree on & settle such other taxes as shall be sufficient for the support of our Goverment there, which are to be applyed to that use

and and no other And our farther will and pleasure is Publiquemo- tnat al l publiquc money raysed or to be raysed or by^thiTGovrs appointed for the support of the Goverment within warrant our sd. Territory and Dominion be Issued out by

warrant or order from you by and with the advice and consent of our Councill as aforesaid And our Scale kept will and pleasure is that you shall and may keepe and use our seale appointed or to be appointed by us for our Territory and Dominion And wee do further give and grant unto you the said Sr. Edmund Andros full power and authority from time to time and at any time hereafter by your selfe or Oath of alle- by any other to be authorized by you in that begiance given hall'e to administer and give the Oath of Allegiance by the Govr. now established within this our Realme of England him^iu" aZ to al l anij every such person as you shall think thoriiy fitt, or shall at any time or times pass into our said

Territory or shall be residing or abiding there, Govr. & And wee do by these presents ordaine constitute court'of re- an^ appoint our Govr. and Councill of our sd. cords Territory and Dominion for the time being to be

a constant and setled Court of Records for the administration of Justice to all our Subjects inhabiting within our said Territory and Dominion in all Criminall & Causes as well civill as criminall with full power In" civilT'ac8 ani^ autliority to bold pleas in all causes from time tionsreall per. to time as well in pleas of the Crown and in all •onaii and matters relating to the conservation of the peace and punishmt. of ofi'endors as in civill causes or actions between party and party or betweene us and any of our subjects there whether the same do concerne the realty and relate to any right of {freehold & Inheritance or whether the same do concerne the personalty and relate to matter of debt contract damage or other personall injury And also in all mixt actions which may concern the realty and personalty And therein after due and orderly procediugs and Deliberate heareing of both sides to give judgment and to award execution as well in criminall as in civell cases as Forms and aforesaid SO always that the formes of proceedings Judgmis. tobc in such cases and the judgment thereupon, be as

consonant consonant and agreeable to the Lawes and Statutes a8 consonant of this our Realme of England as the present state £*8 l"asU^, and condition of our subjects inhabyting within our present state said Territory and Dominion and the circumstance of *ne Ptaca of the place will admitt And we do farther hereby a mi give and grant unto you full power and authority Governor & with the advice and consent of our said Councill council to to erect constitute and establish such and so many er,ect .courts courts of Judicature and publike Justices within £or ^term"!,8 our said Territory and Dominion as you and they ing criminalt shall think fitt and necessary for the determining & .civil a°all causes as well criminall as civell according to &re(!ufty° *" Law and equity and for awarding execution there

•*i- 11 i-i J Awarding Ei

upon, with all reasonable and necessary powers ecutjon authorities fees and previledges belonging unto them As Also to appoint and commissionate fitt Fitt persons persons in the severall parts of our said Territory to t0 administer Administer the Oath of Allegiance unto such as fiance shall be obliged to take the same. And wee do hereby grant unto you full power and authority to Power to conconstitute and appoint Judges and in cases requisite 8titut8 judges Commissioners of oyer and Terminer Justices of 6urticcsTfTho the peace Sherriffs and other necessary officers peace shorrifii and ministers within our said Territory for the & officers better administration of Justice and putting the Lawes in execution and to administer such Oath th° oath"*!-" and Oaths as are usually given for the due execu- executing offition and performance of offices and places for the c.88 & in Judi* cleareing of truth in juditiall cases And our farther casca -will and pleasure is and wee do hereby declare that all actings and proceedings at Law or equity procee(]in0s heretofore had or done, or now depending within & executions any of the Courts of our said Territory and all in court conexecutions thereupon be hereby confirmed and firmedcontinued so farr forth as not to be avoided for Not t0 °» want or defect of any legall power in the said ovoyfed,., f°n

n i- 11 o T i- . 11 • detect ot legalt

Courts OUT that all & every Juditiall actings power and au

proceedings and executions shall be of the same thority.

force effect and vertue, as if such Courts had

acted by a just and legall authority And wee do

farther by these presents will and require you to

pennitt appeales to be made in case of error from „ , .

/i • • i m ii-v-- r Appealo to

our Courts in our said .territory and Dominion of Govr. &


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