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Researches into Ancient and Hindu | antiquities, including appendix, pp. 703 ; Mythology. Lond. 1831, 4to. 21. 12s. 60. general index, 30 pages; a Glossary, 116 KENNEDY, Wm. Annals of Aber- -1. Three Roman urns and a patine, p.

pages. Pages 553-4 are omitted. Plates. deen, from the Reign of King Wil- 23. 2. The rectory house at Islip, p. 51. liam the Lion to the End of the 3. The seat of Sir William Glynne, Bart. Year 1818 : with an Account of the seat of Mr. John Coker, p. 509. 6.

p. 55. 4. Ambrosden Church, p. 431. 5. the City, Cathedral, and Old Uni- Burcester Church, p. 559.7. Borstall, p. versity of Aberdeen. Lond. 1818. 679. 8, 9, Seat of Sir John Walter, Bart. 4to. 2 vols. 41. 4s.

pp. 682, 3.–New edition, greatly enlarged

from the Author's MS. Notes. Oxford, KENNEDY FAMILY. Historical 1818, 4to. 2 vols. Edited by the Rev. B. and Genealogical account of the Bandinel, D.)). Prefixed is a portrait of

Kennett, by James Fittler. Published at Principal Families of the name

61. reduced to 11. 1s. Hibbert, 4356, 31. 11s. of Kennedy, from an original MS. Drury, 4689, russia, 71. 2s.6d. with Notes by R. Pitcairn.

Edinb. The Glossary at the end of the edition 1830. 4to.

of 1695 was reprinted in 1816 in 8vo. See

DUNKIN, John. Eyton, morocco, 11. 10s. KENNETT, Basil, D.D. Romæ A complete History of Eng. antiquæ Notitia: or, the Antiquities land, illustrated with Notes, and of Rome. 8vo.

the Effigies of the Kings and This work, which has gone through Queens. The second Edition, cornumerous editions, is now superseded by those of Dr. Adam and Dr. W. Smith.

rected; with Amendments and The Lives and Characters of the ancient Additions to the third Volume. Grecian Poets. Lond. 1697, 8vo. Rox- Lond. 1719. folio. 3 vols. burghe, 9162, 5s. An Essay towards a Paraphrase on the

This work was collected by the Bishop, Psalms, in Verse; with a Paraphrase on

but the preface only to this second edition the third Chapter of the Revelations.

was written by J. Hughes the Poet, and Lond. 1706, 8vo. 4s.

the additional notes, signed J. S., are Twenty Sermons on several Occasions, generally attributed to strype. See Nipreached before the Society of Merchants

chols' Literary Anecdotes. Marquis of in Foreign Parts. Lond. 1715, 8vo. 45.

Townshend, 1930, 11. 113. 60. Hibbert, An Exposition of the Apostles' Creed,

4586, 31. 8s. Willett, 1360, 41. 14s. 6d. according to Bishop Pearson, in a New Bindley, part ii. 201, 41. 14s. 6d. ConMethod, by way of Paraphrase and An- History of Britain to William the Con

tents. — Vol. I. 1. Beginning with the notations. 8vo. 35. See PUFFENDORFF, Samuel.

queror, by John Milton. 2. From the

Conquest to the End of King Edward KENNETT, White, Bishop of Pe- 111. by Samuel Daniel. 3. The Reigns terborough. Parochial Antiquities of K. Richard II. K. Henry IV. V. and attempted in the History of Am-4. The Reign of K. Edward IV. by John brosden, Burcester, and other ad- Habington. 5. The Lives of K. Edward jacent Parts in the Counties of Ox- V. and Richard III. by Sir Thomas More. ford and Bucks, with a Glossary of ... The Life of K. Kichard III. by George

Buck. 7, The Life of K. Henry VII. by obsolete Terms. Oxf. 1695. 4to. Francis Lord Bacon. Vol. II. 1. The

This laborions compilation will be History of K. Henry VIII. by Edward duly valued, as long as ecclesiastical his- Lord Herbert of Cherbury. 2. The Life tory bears any repute amongst us.'-— Ni- of K. Edward VI. by Sir John Hayward. colson. Hibbert, 4355, 11. 4s. Wrangham, 3. The Life of Q. Mary, by Francis God12s. Steevens, 1717, 31. 3s. Dowdeswell, win, Bishop of Hereford, translated by 438, 31. 3s. Nassau, pt. i. 2347, russia, 31. 4s. J.H. 4. The History of Q. Elizabeth, Dent, pt. ii. 570, morocco, 41. 4s. Bindley, by William Camden, newly done into pt. ii. 2493, 41. 10s. Brockett, 1814, russia, English. 5. The Annals of K. James I. 81. 15s. Willett, 1305, 111. 11s. LARGE by Cambden. 6. The History of K. PAPER, extremely rare. Copies are in the James I, by Arthur Wilson. Vol. III. Grenville Collection, Lambeth Library, containing the Reigns of K. Charles I. to and Duke of Hamilton's. Collation.- Title, William III. inclusive, 'all new writ by one leaf; epistle dedicatory to Sir Wm. a learned and impartial Hand' (i.e. Bishop Glynne, Bart. 6 pages; preface, 8 pages; | Kennett), gave rise to Roger North's

50 vols. 12s.



Examen, in which the author is most se..! KENNICOTT, Benjamin, D.D. verely handled. – The former edition, The State of the printed Hebrew edited throughout by Hughes. 1706, folio, 3 vols. Edwards, 572, 21. 185. Text of the Old Testament conDent, pt. ii. 316*, russia, 41. 1s. Rox- sidered. Oxford, 1753-9. 8vo. 2 burghe, 8867, 31. 3s. LABGE PAPER. copies printed. The author's copy, with additions.

These valuable dissertations preceded West, 1773, 131. 135. Now in the Bod-Hebrew MSS. and his edition of the He

Dr. Kennicott's celebrated collation of leian.

brew Bible. Bp. of Ely, 579, 15s. 60. KENNETT, Bp. A Register and Dr. Kennicott's dissertations were transChronicle, ecclesiastical and civil. lated into Latin by M. Teller, Lips. 1756

65, 8vo. 2 vols. Gosset, 2894 and 5, with Lond. 1728 or 1744. folio. vol. 1.

MS. notes, 11. 118. 6d. This useful volume contains Matters Critical Dissertations on the Tree of of Fact delivered in the Words of the Life in Paradise, the Creation and Fall, most authentic Books, Papers and Re- and on the Oblation of Cain and Abel, cords digested in exact Order of Time. with an Appendix. Oxford, 1747, 8vo. [Jan. 1659 to Dec. 1662]. With proper Enquiry into the Meaning of the Text, Notes and References towards discovering Gen. i, 26, with Reference to Mr. Kenni. and connecting the true History of Eng. cott's Dissertation on the Tree of Life. land from the Restauration of K. Charles Lond. 1748, 8vo. II. Bindley, pt. ii. 202, 11. 11s. 6d. Nas A Thanksgiving Sermon on Jeremiah sau, pt. i. 2179, 11. 188 Hibbert, 4587, xxxiii. 10, 11. Oxford, 1749, 8vo. 21. 8s. Dent, pt. ii. 317, 21. 16s.

The printed Hebrew Text of the old PAPER, 31. 38. Collation.--Pp. 938, besides Testament vindicated. By Fowler Comdedication to the Queen, preface and index. ings, M.A. Lond. 1753, 8vo. 2s.

Ecclesiastical Synods and Convocations The Integrity of the Hebrew Text, and historically stated and vindicated against many passages of Scripture vindicated Dr. Atterbury. Lond. 1701, 8vo. Bright, from the Objections and Misconstructions

of Mr. Kennicott. By Julius Bate. Lond. The Case of Impropriations, and of the 1755, 8vo. Gosset, 340, 9s. Augmentation of Vicarages and other Christian Fortitude. A Sermon before insufficient Cures, stated by History and the University of Oxford, Oxf. 1757, 4to. Law; with an Appendix, &c. Lond. Remarks on Mr. Kennicott's Sermon, 1704, 8vo. 10s.

entitled Christian Fortitude. With a parA Discourse on the Grievance of Lay ticular Examination of the Preface. Lond. Patronage and Impropriations. Now first 1757, 8vo. published from the Author's MS. by S. F. A Dialogue between Doctor CunningWood (and Ed. Baddeley). Lond. (Bohn), ham and Sir Charles Freeman, Bart. con1850, post 8vo. 28. 6d.

taining Mr. Kennicott's Method of cor. A Sermon at the Funeral of William recting the printed Hebrew Text, 1760, Duke of Devonshire, in the Church of 8vo. All Hallows in Derby, on Friday, Sept.

A View of Mr. Kennicott's Method of 6, 1707, with some Memoirs of the Family correcting the Hebrew Text, with three of Cavendish. Lond. 1708, 8vo. 3s. 60.- Queries formed thereupon. By George 1797, 8vo. 6s. Best edition. The greater Horne (Bishop of Norwich). Oxford, 1760, portion was destroyed by fire. Bindley, 8vo. pt. ii. 1108, 11. 38.

The Nature of a true Zeal considered; Bibliothecæ Americanæ Primordia : an

with a View to the present Design of col

A visitation Attempt towards laying the Foundation lating the Hebrew MSS. of au American Library. Lond. 1713, 4to. Sermon preached at Norwich, Aug. 19, 11. 7s. The books named in this Catalogue 1760. By Henry Goodall, D.D. 8vo. were left by will to the Society for the A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Kénnicott, By Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign T. Rutherforth, D.D. Camb. 1761, 8vo. Parts. It is to be regretted that many of With a Postscript. Lond. 1762, 8vo. the volumes have been irretrievably lost, An Answer to a Letter from the Rev. by the lending them autiously away T. Rutherforth, D.D. Lond. 1762, 8vo. from the library of that institution. Coi. A second Letter to the Rev. Dr. Kenni. Wyndham, at Petworth, has rare Ameri- oott. By T. Rutherforth, D.D. Lond. can books which had escaped the oppor- 1763, 8vo. tunity of Bishop Kennet.

Two Letters to the Rev. Dr. Kennicott, Life, with several Letters of Abp. Teni- vindicating the Jews from the Charge of son, the Earl of Sunderland, &c. Lond. corrupting Deut. xxvii. 4. Lond. 1762, 1730, 8vo.


KENNICOTT, Benj.--continued. Remarks on the critical Parts of a Pam. Remarks on a Letter from the Rev. Dr. phlet lately published entitled “Letters Kennicott, to the Printer of the General to the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Kennicott, hy Evening Post. By Richard Parry, D.D. Mr. l'Abbé * * *, Hebrew Professor in the With the Letter itself, and that which University of ** By George Sheldon, occasioned it. Lond. 1763, 8vo.

M.A. 1775, 8vo. The Case between Gerizim and Ebal Critica Sacra, or a short Introduction to fairly stated. By Richard Parry, D.D. Hebrew Criticism. Lond. 1774, 8vo. Lond. 1764, 8vo. 1s.

Benjamini Kennicotti Epistola ad Joh. A Sermon on Isaiah vii. 13-16. With Dav. Michaelem de Censura primi Tomi Notes. Oxford, 1765, 8vo.

Bibliorum Hebraicorum nuper editi in A Sermon preached before the Univer- Bibliotheca ejus Orientali, Parte XI. sity of Oxford, May 19, 1765. With Notes Oxon. 1777, 8vo. on the Sermon, on Psalms 48 and 89, and

Dissertatio generalis in vetus Testa. on some late Reflections of the Ld. Bp. of mentum Hebraicum. Oxon. 1780, folio. Gloucester. Oxford, 1765, 8vo. 1s. 6d. Bp. of Ely, 1009, 4s. 6d. THICK PAPER,

Editionis veteris Testamenti Hebraici, Another Defence of the Unity, wherein cum variis Lectionibus brevis Defensio, St. John's Introduction to his Gospel, and contra Ephemeridum Goettingensium his Account of the Word's being made Criminationes. Oxon. 1782, 8vo. Flesh, are considered. With a few Re

The Sabbath, a Sermon. Second edition, marks on some very late notable Publi- 1783, 8vo.--Oxford, 1781, 8vo. cations, particularly those of Dr. Benjamin

Dissertatio generalis in vetus TestaDawson and Dr. Kennicott. Lond. 1766, mentum Hebracum. Curavit P.J. Bruns. 8vo.

Brunsvici, 1783, 8vo. A reprint of Dr. A critical Dissertation on Isaiah vii. 13, Kennicott's Dissertatio generalis, annexed 14, 15, 16, in which the Sentiments ad- to the second volume of his edition of the vanced by Dr. Kennicott, in a Sermon Hebrew Bible. Gosset, 2903, 16s. lately published, and by several other Remarks on select Passages in the old Writers, are candidly and impartially Testament: to which are added eight examined. Lond. 1767, 8vo.

Sermons. Oxford, 1787, 8vo. 6s. Gosset, Observations on the 1st Book of Samuel, | 2904, 8s. This work contains translations ch. vi. v. 19. Oxford, 1768, 8vo.

of xxxu Psalms. A translation of Psalms Remarques critiques sur 1 Samuel, Ch. XLII. and xliii. on a single sheet, varying vi. ver. 19. Par B. Kennicott, Docteur in a little, was privately printed about 1766. Théologie. 1769, 8vo. The ten annual Accounts of the Colla- of Trees in Landscape, with Essays

KENNION, Edward. Examples tion of Hebrew MSS. of the old Testament; begun in 1760 and completed in shewing the Propriety and Import1769.' Oxford, 1770, 8vo. 4s. Gosset, 2897, ance of Characteristic Expression 5s.

in this Branch of Art, and the Letter of Mr. the Abbot of * * ExProfessor of the Hebrew Language in the means of producing it. Lond. University of ***.

to Mr. Kennicott. 1816. 4to. 50 plates, 31. 13s. 6d. Translated from the French. Paris, 1772, Published in seven parts. Reissued, 12mo. 3s. The French cdition bears the Lond. Bohn, 1844, with 10 additional imprint of Rome, 1771, 8vo.

The real plates, 18s. author was Dumay, an unprincipled Jew, who pretended to be converted to Chris KENNY, W.S. A practical Chess tianity. A new and faithful Translation of Let- the Game of Chess. Lond. 1817.

Grammar; or, an Introduction to ters from Mr. l'Abbé * * *, to the Rev. Dr. Benj. Kennicott. With an introduc- small 4to. 78. tory Preface and an Appendix. Lond. Chess Exercises; intended as a Com1773, 8vo. 3s. 6d. This translation was panion and Sequel to the practical Chess done by William Stevens, Esq. F.S.A. Grammar. Lond. 1818, foolscap 8vo. 7s. and Treasurer of Queen Anne's Bounty. A Letter to a Friend, occasioned by a

KENRICK, William, LL.D. A French Pamphlet lately published against new Dictionary of the English Doctor Kennicott, and his collation of the Language: to which is prefixed, a Hebrew MSS. Lond. 1772, 8vo.

P.J. Burns de Libello contra Kennicott. rhetorical Grammar. Lond. 1773, Romæ, 1773, 8vo.

4to. 10s. Notæ criticæ in Psalmos 42, 43, 48, 89, This work is principally directed toa P. J. Burns. Lipsiæ, 1772. 8vo. Gosset, wards the correction of orthoepy, but the 2901, 6s.

plan is complicated and incorrect

A Review of Dr. Johnson's new edition generally angled for in Kent. Canterb. of Shakespeare: in which the Ignorance 1804, 12mo. or Inattention of that Editor is exposed, Kentish Poets ; Account of the Lives and the Poet defended from the Persecu- of Writers in English Poetry, Natives of, tion of his Commentators. Lond. 1765, or Residents in, the County of Kent: 8vo. 3s.6d. A very illiberal and virulent with Specimens of their Compositions. attack,

By R. Freeman. Canterbury, 1821, 2 vols. A Defence of Mr. Kenrick's Review of small 8vo, 15s. Dr. Johnson's Shakespeare; containing a See

HARRIS, John. HASTED, EL. Number of curious and ludicrous Anec- IRELAND, W. H. KILBURNE, R. LAMdotes of literary Biography. By a Friend BARDE, W. STREATFIELD), Th. THORPE, (himself). Lond. 1766, 8v6. 2s.6d. John. Also for Works solely relating to

An Examination of Mr. Kenrick's Re- the County, J. R. Smith, Bibliotheca view of Mr. Johnson's edition of Shakes- Cantiana, Lond. 1837, 8vo. peare (by - Barclay, a Student of Oxford). Lond. 1766, 8vo. Field, 488, 4s.

KENYON, John. Poems. Lond. Introduction to the School of Shake Moxon, 1838. 12mo. speare, held on Wednesday Evenings, in New edition. Lond. Moxon, 18 , post the Apollo, at the Devil Tavern, Temple 8vo. 9s. Bar. To which is added, a Retort court Rhymed Plea for Tolerance, with a preeous on the Critics, as delivered at the fatory Dialogue. Lond. 1833, 12mo. 4s. second and third Lectures. Lond. 1773,

A Day at Tivoli, with other Verses. 8vo. Field, 502, 3s. 6d. This critic edited the London Review,

Lond. 1849, post 8vo. 7s. 6d. published poems, plays, and other writ.

Lord. Notes of Cases in ings, mostly contaminated by a style vituperative and malignant.

K. B. and other Courts, from 1753 See SHAKESPEARE.

to 1757, taken and composed while KENT, Elizabeth Talbot, Coun- at the Bar. Lond. 1819-25. royal tess of. A choice Manuall' of rare 8vo. 2 vols. 21. 10s. and select Secrets in Physic and

Published from the original MSS. and

arranged for the press, with notes, referChirurgery. The twelfth edition. ences, and an index by J. W. Hanmer. 1659. 12mo. 5s.

A Sketch of the Life and Character of With a portrait of the Countess.-1653, Lord Kenyon, late Lord Chief Justice of with a portrait, of the Countess, a small the Court of King's Bench. Lond. 1802, oval.-1656, with a portrait of the Coun-8vo. tess, in an oval of foliage (by Chantry).

KEOGH, John. Botanologia uniSamuel. The Grammar of versalis Hibernica; or, a general Heraldry. Lond. 1716, 1718, or Irish Herbal. Cork, 1735, 4to. 1724. 8vo. 4s.

Zoologia Medicinalis Hibernica, or a Wm. Designs in Architec- and Insects known and propagated in that

treatise of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Reptiles, ture. See JONES, Inigo. SPENSER, kingdom. With an Index of Irish names Ed.

Englished. Dublin, 1739, 8vo.

Vindication of the Antiquities of IreKENT.-The Kentish Traveller's land, and a defence thereof against all the Companion. The fourth Edition, calumnies cast on it by foreigners; with with considerable Additions. Ro- an Etymological treatise shewing the De

rivations of the proper names given to the chester, 1794, 12mo.

inhabitants, and an Appendix giving the Pp. 348, with a table of distances, and original descents of the principal Milesian three maps of the roads. The author of Families. Dublin, 1748, 8vo. this useful pocket volume, T. Fisher, was a bookseller at Rochester-1777-1779– KEPLER, John. An Account of 1787–1799.

the Astronomical Discoveries of The Kentish Fayre, or the Parliament Kepler, including an historical Resold to their best Worth. 1648. 4to. A dramatic satire. Rhodes, view of the Systems which had 221, 11s. The Kentish Angler, or the young Time.

successively prevailed before his Fisherman's Instructor: shewing the

By Robert Small, D.D. Nature and Properties of Fish which are Lond. 1804. 8vo. 6s.

KEPPEL, Hon. G. Travels in 12mo. 38.- Second edition. Lond. Babylonia, Assyria, Media, and Longman, 1835. 12mo. 2 vols. 78.Scythia. Lond. 1827. 8vo. 2 vols. Supplement to the two volumes of Hibbert, 4411, 16s.

the second edition. Lond. Ridgway, Overland Journey from India to Eng. / 1840. 12mo. 78.-A second volume land. Lond. 1827, 8vo. 2 vols.--1834, post 8vo. 2 vols.

to the Supplement of the second KEPPLE, Joseph. The Maiden- edition. Lond. Ridgway, 1842. head lost by Moonlight. 1672. 4to. 12mo. 58.

Reed, 2203, 198. North, pt. iii. 316, Robert, Fewer in Gilmestoun. 19s. 6d. Heber, pt. ix. 12. 2s. KER, George. A Discovery of

A Glass, wherein Nobles, Priestes,

&c. the unnaturall and traiterous Con

may see the lords controversies spiracie of Scottish Papistes against

against Britaine. 1719. 12mo.

Roxburghe, 11. 4s. God, &c. Set doune as it was con KERALIO, Mlle. de. Histoire fessed and subscribed by Mr. George d'Elisabeth, Reine d’Angleterre. Ker, yet remaining in Prison, and Paris, 1786. 8vo. 5 vols. 15s. David Graham of Fentrie, justly

KERMADEC, F. de. Relation enexecuted for his Treason in Edinburgh the 15th of Februarie, 1592. yoyée au Roy de la Grande BreLond. 1603. 4to.

tagne. Caen, 1615. 4to. Black letter. Gordonstoun, 792, 11. 1s.

KERR, Robert. A general His--Edinburgh by Robert Waldegrave. 4to. tory and Collection of Voyages and Sixteen leaves. Jolly, 1853, 21. 45.

Travels arranged in systematic OrHenry Bellenden.

Lives of der. Lond. 1811-17. 8vo. 18 vols. Sir Christopher Wren and Michel

A valuable work; the last volume is an Angelo Buonarotti. Lond. 1824. Introduction, chiefly bibliographical, by small 4to.

W. Stevenson, Esq., issued separately in These two Memoirs were compiled for

1824. Heber, pt. i. (18 vols.) 31. 6s. the 8vo. Biographical volume of the So

The History of Scotland, during the ciety for the Diffusion of Useful know-Reign of Robert I. surnamed the Bruce. ledge; the types were recast in small 4to.,

Edinb. 1811, 8vo. 2 vols, and a few copies so printed for private dence. Brockett, 404, 18s.

An excellent summary of historical evidistribution. John. Selectarum de Lingua

Latina Observationum Libri duo. KERRICH, Thomas, M.A. Critical
Lond. 1709. 8vo. 2 vols.

Remarks on Architecture.
Heber, pt. x. 1s.

Fifty copies printed.
Doniades, sive Musarum Aberdonen-

Catalogue of the Prints which have sium de eximia Jac Fraserii in Academ. been engraved after Martin Heemskerck. Regiam A berdonens. Carmen Eucharis- | Lond. 1829, Svo. portrait. ticum. Edinb. 1725, 4to. Heber, pt. i.

Catalogue of Roman Coins bequeathed 9s. 6d.

[by him] to the Antiquarian Society. -John, of Kersland. Memoirs Lond. 1852, 8vo.

See ARCHÆOLOGIA. and secret Negociations in Scotland,

KERSEY, John. The Elements England, Vienna, &c. In three Parts. Lond. 1726-7. 8vo. 3 vols.

of Algebra. Lond, 1673-4. folio. Roxburghe, 8527, 19s. Bishop of Ely,

2 vols. portrait by Faithorne. 574, 7s.

An ample and complete work, according Castrations of Ker's Memoirs, taken

to Hutton. Gordonstoun, 1325, 18s. from the original MSS. Lond. 1727, 12no.

An English Dictionary. Lond. 1702.Nassau, pt. ii. 1478, 5s.

Lond. 1721, 8vo. 58. Best edition. John Bellenden. An Essay KERSHAW, James. An Essay on on the Archaiology of our Popular the principal Parts of the Book of Phrases and Nursery Rhymes. Revelations. Stockton, 1780. 8vo. First edition, Southampton, 1834. / 2 vols.

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