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Spot. Edinb. be Rob. Lekprevik, Lond. 1836. 4to. 21. 2s. reduced 1570. 8 leaves.

to 158.

An excellent work, displaying considerKELLS, John. A general Index able mathematical science and experience to the modern Reporters, relative in commercial calculation. Former edito the Law occurring at Trials by

tions. Lond. 1811, 4to. 2 vols.--Lond. 1821,

2 vols. Nisi Prius, from the Period of the

Kelly, who was master of an Academy Revolution to the present Times. in Finsbury Square, published a treatise Dublin, 1797. 8vo. 2 vols. 158.

on Book-keeping and several other esteem

ed works. KELLUS, Samuel. Carmen gra

KELSALL, Charles, A Classical tulatorium ad Jacobum Angliæ Excursion from Rome to Arpino. Regem. Lond. 1617. 4to.

Geneva, 1820. 8vo.
A copy is in the British Museum.
KELLY, Earl of.
Minuets and Drury, 2137, 18s.

Combe, 1075, 9s. Hibbert, 4999, 175. Songs, now first published, with an A Phantasm of an University, with Introductory notice by C. K. Prolegomena and Architectural Designs

for Buildings. Lond. 1814, imp. 4ton Sharpe. Edinb. 1836. 4to. 18s.

plates. Freeling, 8s. Sixty copies printed.

Poematia Tria Latina. (Lond.) 1828, Edward. Magician.

See square 12mo. only 25 copies, privately

printed. Freeling, 10s. DEE, p. 611.

Esquisse de mes Travaux, de mes Voy

ages et des mes Opinions. Lond. 8vo. 3s. Hugh. The Dramatic Works Constantine and Eugene; or, an Evenof. To which is prefixed, the Life iug at Mount Vernon; a political Dialogue. of the Author. Lond. 1778. 4to.

By Juniits Secundus. Bruss. 1818, 8vo. 3s. 78. Portrait after H. Hamilton.

KELTON, Arthur. A Chronycle, James. A Collection of Scot- with a Genealogie, declarying that tish Proverbs explained to the En- the Brittons and Welshemen are glish Reader. Lond. 1721. 8vo.

lineallye descended from Brute. Dent, pt. i. 1225, 9s. Reed, 5378, i18. Newly and very wittely compyled Bp. of Ely, 575, 145. Bindley, pt. ii. 1102, in Meter. Lond. by Richard Graf15s. Nassau, pt. i. 1838, 19s. Roxburghe, ton, 1547, 16mo. 1441, 12s. 6d. Supplement, 606, 11. 4s. Skegg, 6s.

BLACK LETTER. Forty leaves. Dedi

cated to K. Edward VI. 'A whimsical and Rev. John, LL.D. À prac- imperfect piece.'--Nicolson. Roxburghe, tical Grammar of the Ancient Gaelic, 7072, 31. 55. White Knights, 2243, moor the Language of the Isle of rocco, 131. 10s. Heber, pt. iv. 71. A notice

of this work and of its author will be Man usually called Manks. Lond. found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. and War1805. 4to. 6s.

ton's Hist. of English Poetry. Michael. Reminiscences, in KELTRIDGE, John. The Exposicluding a Period of nearly half a tion and Readynges upon the Century; with original Anecdotes Wordes of our Sauiour Christe, of many distinguished Personages. that be written in the xi. of Luke. Lond. 1820, demy 8vo. 2 vols. Lond. 1578. 4to. Second edit. Lond. 1826. post 8vo.

Dedicated to John Elmer (Aylmer), 2 vols. portrait.

Bishop of London. Bright, 12s. A very amusing work, by far the best pointed and preached before the Jesuites,

Two godlie and learned Sermons apaddition to our theatrical history, since &c. in the Tower of London. Anno 1581. Colley Cibber's Apology. It contains cu

Lond. 4to. rious particulars, &c. relating not only to the British Stage, but to the Italian Opera. KEWYNG, Sir John. Reports of

· Patrick, LL.D. The uni- divers Cases in Pleas of the Crown versal Cambist and commercial In- in the Reign of Charles II. with Distructor. Third edition, enlarged. (rections for Justices of the Peace

and others. Lond. 1708, or 1739. R. Ainsworth et J. Ward. Lond. folio. 6s.

1720. Svo. 58. KELYNGE, William. Reports of

A notice of this work will be found in Cases in Chancery and K. B. from

Beloe's Anecdotes, i. 38–42. the 3rd to the 9th George II. Lond. KEMPE, Martin. Charismatum 1764. folio, 7s.

Sacrorum Trias; sive Bibliotheca KEMBLE, John Philip, Tragedian. Anglorum Theologica, &c. Lih. iii. Fugitive Pieces. York, 1780. 12mo. cum Appendice, de Regia Societate

This tract, originally published at 1s.6d. Londinensi. Regiomont. 1677. 4to. the author endeavoured, by every means 18s. in his power, to destroy. King and

In this work the author has commonLocheés, 15l., purchased by Mr. Perry against the author's commission, resold placed succinctly, and for the generality, at his sale. Sotheby's in 1819,' 21. 11s. inethodically, above 1600 writers of diviAgain, Eyton, 7s. 6d. It has been re- nity in England, Scotland, and Ireland, printed in close fac-simile, without a date, under some of the most considerable heads. but the paper somewhat larger. Eyton, 5s. See Oldys' British Libr. 59–61.

Critical Remarks on the Character of Richard III., as played by Cooke and

Margery. A short Treatyse Kemble. Lond. 1801, 8vo.

of Contemplacyon taught by the Macbeth and King Richard III. an Es. Lorde Jhesu Cryste, or taken out of say, in Answer to Remarks (by William the Boke of Margerie Kempe of Shakspeare. Lond. 1817, small 8vo. pp. Lyn. Lond. 4to. 171, besides 5 leaves of title, dedication, Four leaves, printed by W. de Worde. &c. Strettell, 770, 165. Eyton, 58. A copy, said to be unique, is in the Public

Critical Observations on Mr. Kemble's Library at Cambridge. Performance at the Theatre Royal, Liver

William. Nine Daies Wonpool. Liverpool, 1811, 8vo.

An anthentic Narrative of Mr. Kem- der performed in a Daunce from ble's Retirement from the Stage, with London to Norwich. Lond. 1600. Farewell Address, &c. Lond. 1817, 8vo.

4to. port, and plates. Life, interspersed with Family and The

'A great curiosity, and, as a rude picatrical Anecdotes. Lond. 1809, 8vo. front. ture of national manners, extremely well Life. See BOADEN, James.

worth reprinting.'- Gifford. A manuscript

transcript at the sale of the Roxburghe Stephen George, Comedian. library, no. 6677, 31. 38. resold White Odes, lyrical Ballads, and Poems. Knights, 2305, 21. 2s. ---New edition in 1840, Edinb. 1809, 8vo. portrait.

edited by Mr. Dyce for the Camden Club.

See APPENDIX. KEMPE, A. J. Historical Notices Kempe was one of the original actors in

His miraculous of the Collegiate Church of St. Mar. Shakespeare's plays. tin's le Grand. Lond. 1825. 8vo. London to Norwich, was much represented, performed in nine days from plates.

in the popular ballads of the day. See Loseley Manuscripts, illustrative of the Warton's Hist. of English Poetry, 8vo. more minute particulars of English His-, iv. 257, and 392. tory, Biography,and Manners, from Henry

A dvtiful Invective against the moste VIII. to James' I., from papers found in haynous Treasons of Ballard and Babingthe Muniment Room of the Molyneux ton: with other their Adherents latelie Family. Lond. 1835, 8vo. 21s. plates and executed. Together with the horrible fac-similes.

Attempts and Actions of the Q. of Scottes: Mr. Kempe, (brother to Mrs. Bray, for- and the Sentence pronounced against her merly Mrs. Alfred Stothard,) completed at Fodderingay. Newlie compiled and Stothard's Monumental Effigies of Great set forth in English Ve:se, for a New. Britain, and wrote numerous Antiquarian yeares Gifte to all loyall English Subjects. Articles for the Gentleman's Magazine, Lond. R. Jones. 1587, 4to. Bright, 127. 12s. The Archæologia, &c.

A copy is in the Royal Library now in

the British Museum. Joh. Monumenta Kempiana The Censure of a loyal Subiect vpon vett. illustrata, duobus Partibus : certaine noted Speeches and Behauiour of

those 14 notable Traitors at the Place of quarum altera Mumias, Simulacra, their Execution the xi (20) and 12 (21) of &c. altera Nummos continent. cura September last past. Wherein is handled


Matter of necessary Instruction, &c. Lond. Towneley, pt. i. 533, 91.-Lond. by R. 1587, 4to. Dedicated to Lord Burleigh, Pynson, 1502, 4to. (4 Books.) In the Bodby G(eorge) W(hetstone).

leian.- Lond. by R. Pynson, 1503-4, 4to. KEMPE, Wm. The Education of White Knights, 1749, 111. 58..-Lond. by

R. Pynson, 1517, 4to. Books 1-3 end on Children in Learning declared by the reverse of the leaf after Q ii. “The the Dignitie, Vtilitie, and Methode forthe boke' on the third leaf after sign. thereof. Lond. 1588. 4to.

ciii.- Lond. by Robert Redman. 16nio.

folios Clxxxv. The author appears to have been a schoolmaster at Plymouth. Bindley, pt. Kempis. Southwarke by Johan Redman.

The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas & ii. 2350, with Ascham's Schole-master, 16mo.-Lond. by Robert Wyer. 16mo, 1571, 21. 16s. resold, Heber, pt. i. ll. 18s. This edition contains the fourth boke.' Bright, 21. 2s.

- Newly exaymned, corrected and inKEMPIS, Thomas à. De Imita- printed. And a lytell deuoute morall tione Christi; Libri quatuor. Lond. Doctryne called the spirituall Glasse of

the Soule. Lond. by Thomas Godfray. 1827. 18mo. 6s.

16mo. Inglis, 843. A very neat edition, edited by Charles

The Folowing of Christ, by Richard Butler of Lincoln's Inn, who has prefixed Whitforde. Lond. by J. Cawood 1556, a life of Kempis.- New edition. Lond. 16mo. Gough, 1937, 11. 48.-1585, 16mo. 1851, 24mo. 58. reduced to 28. 60.-Cum

The Imitation or Following of Christ, Vita T. à Kempis par Hubertum Ros- by Thomas Kempise, amended and poweyden. Edinb. 1757, 32mo. 5s. A very lished by Seb. Castalio, and englished by elegant and correct edition from Ruddi- Edward) H(ake). Lond. 1567, 16mo. De. man's press.- Interpret. (Latino Sermone dicated to Thomas Duke of Norfolk. White elegantiori) per Sebast.Castalionem. Can- Knights, 2248, 12s. Heber, pt. i. 6s. 1685, 12mo. 5s. 1688, 12mo.-Oxford, Lond. 1568, 16mo. Adjoined is ‘A short Parker, 1848, fscp. 8vo. 5s., and 18mo. 2s. pretie Treatise touching the perpetuall

This book, for 300 years, has continued Reioyce of the Godly euen in this Life.' to be the favourite companion of devotional Lond. by H. Denham. 18mo. Bliss, fine, readers of all communions and opinions. in mor. 41. 8s. It is the finest work that hath proceeded

The Imitation of Christ, three Bookes from the pen of man, the gospel being of newly translated, &c. by Tho. Rogers. divine origin.'-Fontenelle.

Lond. 1584, 16mo. Inglis, 842, 4s.-Lond. KEMPIS, Thomas à. Of the Imi. 1589, 16mo.-Lond. 1592, 24mo.-- Lond. tation of Jesus Christ, [3 Books], P. Short, 1596, 12no.-Lond. 1598, 12mo.

-Lond. 1605, 18mo.-Lond. 1636, 12mo. translated from the Latin, with an

The fourth Booke of the Imitation of Introduction and Notes by the Rev. Christ, translated and corrected by T. RoT. F. Dibdin, D.D. Lond. Picker- gers. Lond. 1592, 24mo. Lond. 1628, 12mo. ing, 1828. 8vo. 11. 1s.

Translated by B. F., no place, 1613, 8vo.

Paris, 1624, 8vo. (3 Books). Englished An elegant edition, illustrated by six plates, including "The Salvator Mundi | by Thomas Carre. after Guercino. Fifty copies on LARGE 1639, 12mo.--1677, small 8vo.

The Imitation of Christ, by Wm. Page. PAPER. Imp. 8vo. proofs on INDIA PAPER. 21. 2s.- New edition, 1851, without Intro- paraphrased into English Verse by Luke

of the Following of Christ, (4 Books), duction, and front. only, 8vo. 9s.

Milbourne. Lond. 1694. Bindley, pt. iii. Other Versions.

1549, 2s.6d. Sotheby's in June, 1827, 11. A Devoute and Gostely Treatise of ye -Lond. 1697. Imgtacion and Folowynge of Cryst, coin The Christian's Pattern; or, a Treatise pyld in Laten, by Johnn Gerson and trans- of the Imitation of Christ, (4 Books), translated by Mayster Wyllyam Atkyuson lated by George Stanbope, Dean of CanDoctor of Diuynyte; at the speciall Re- terbury. Lond. 1696, 8vo.—1698, and Commaundement of ye Pryn- Lond. 1700, 8vo.- Lond. 1706, 8vo. cesse Margarete, Moder to Kynge Henry Lond. 1708, 8vo. — 1711, 8vo. — Lond. the VII. and Countesse of Rychemount 1714, 8vo. -Lond. 1717, 8v0.-1721, 8vo.and Derby. Lond. (by W. de Worde). 1727, 12mo.-Lond. 1833, 8vo.-1742, 8vo. 1502, 4to. The first three books 96 leaves, --1759, 800.-1772, 8vo. — Aberd. 1779, the fourth book, translated by Margaret 12mo.-Lond. 1793, 8vo.-1809, 8vo. herself, out of Frenche into Englysshe in The Christian's Pattern, &c., in four fornime and maner ensuynge, (MDI). 18 Books. To which are added, Meditations leaves. In the Grenville Collection.- and Prayers. (? by Hickes). Lond. 1705. Lond. by Richarde Pynson. 4to. Books Reprinted (Longman) 1831, 8vo. 1-3, Q 4, A and B in octaves, the rest in The Works of Thomas à Kempis; consises. The forthe Boke.'' 18 leaves. ! taining a Treatise of the Imitation of


KEMPIS, Thos. à-continued. Hibbert, 4404, 5s. A third edition with Christ and other Pieces, (? by Hickes). an appendix appeared in 1818. Lond. 1710-21, 8vo. 2 vols. with plates by (by Sir Kenelm Digby,) 1632. -- New edi

Anti Duello; or the Duels Anatomie, Vandergucht.' 12s.

The Christian's Exercise, translated by tion, with Appendix of Curious cases. Robert Nelson. Lond. 1715, 8vo. 58.- Lond. 1818, 8vo. pp. 158. See Anti-DUELLO. 1717, 8vo. with plates by Vandergucht.

Letters to a Friend on the State of IreSelect Pieces of Thomas à Kempis. land, the Roman Catholic Question, and Edinb. 1721, 12mo. 2 vols. 5s.

the Merits of constitutional religious Dis. Imitation of Christ; four Books, to-tinctions. 8vo. 3 parts. gether with his three Tabernacles of Poverty, Humility, and Patience, translated Minerals and Fossil Organic Re

Francis. Catalogue of the by Willymott. Lond. 1722, 8vo. 58. LARGE Horner iu 1854, old mor. 11. 2s.

mains of Scarborough and its viciThe Imitation of Christ; (four Books), nity. 1816. 8vo. plates. translated by R. C. (Richard Challoner.] Lond. 1744, 12mo.—Manchester, Haydock, Wrangham, 16s.

On green paper, two copies. Archd. 1800, 870.-Revised and corrected by the

John. An Indulgence for the Rev. Dr. Coppinger. Cork, 1814, 12mo.With Reflections, &c. Lond. 1833, 8vo.

defence of Rhodes. Beginning : The Christian's Pattern, or the Imita- " Frater Johannes Kendall Turcition of Christ. By a Female Hand, Lond. 1744, 8vo. Reprinted, Germantown, 1949: pelerius Rhodi.” Ending : “Dated The Christian's Pattern, translated by [in MS. Ultimo die mēsis marcii.] Lee. Lond. 1760, 8vo. 38.

anno domini Millesimo quadringenof the Imitation of Christ, in three tesimo octogesimo. (1480.) (W. Books; wyth the Book of the Sacrament, translated by John Payne. Lond. 1763,

Caxton.] 4to. 8vo. 5s. (The basis of Dr. Dibdin's trans

Printed on vellum in forma patenti, in lation.)— With a recommendatory Preface nineteen long lines; blanks being left for by Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Glasgow, names. A copy is in the British Mu1822, 12mo.-Ninth edition, 1848, 12mo.-seum. Oxford, 1841, 8vo. An anonymous trans Timothy. Flowers of Epilation.

Soliloquy of the Soul, newly translated. grammes ; out of sundrie the most 1843, 32mo.

singular Authors, selected as well Soliloquy of the Soul, and Garden of auncient as late writers. Lond. Roses, trans. by W. B. Flower. Lond. Jhon Shepherd, 1577. 16mo. 1853, 18mo. 2s. 6d. Sixty Gems from the Jewel-Box. Lond. March 1817, 171. 178. Bindley, pt. ii. 1105,

BLACK LETTER. S, in eights. Sotheby, 1844. 32mo-An edition, edited by Keble. Oxford, Parker, 18 , fscp.68.-Other small

one leaf MS. 161. resold, Perry, pt. iv.

306, 111. 11s. editions printed for J. H. Parker, 5s. W.

again, Sotheby, 1854, Pickering, 25. 60. — New Translation.

61. 128. 6d. Heber, pt. iv. 31.78. 6d. Heber, Burns, 3s. 6d.

pt. viii. 11. 15s. See Ames' Typog. Antiq.

Wood's Works. Lond. Jones, 32mo. 2 vols. 5s.

by Herbert, ii. 1115, iii. 1804.

Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, i. 485-6. A Companion to the Christian's Pat

Warton's History of English Poetry, 8vo. tern, or a Selection of spiritual Thoughts

iv. 259. Ritson's Bibl. Poet. 261-2. ascribed to that Writer, with an Account Brydges' Brit. Bibl. ii. 150-7. of his Life. Trans. from the German by S. Jackson. Lond. 1831, 8vo.

KENILWORTH ILLUSTRATED, or Translated into Welsh.. Dilyniad Christ, History of the Castle, Priory, and a Thomas à Kempis, gan "Huw Owen, Church of Kenilworth, and of their Esq. Llundain, 1684, 18mo.

A Life of Thomas à Kempis is prefixed present state. Chiswick, 1821, 4to. to Butler's edition in Latin, noticed on the L. P. PROOFs. royal 4to. Largest preceding page. KENDALL, E. A. An Argument ward, 1858, 11. 168. Eyton, 31.

paper. folio. only 2 printed. Harfor construing largely the Right of The Appendix,

contains Låneham's Letan Appellee of Murder, to insist on ter(1575), with a Biographical Notice, q. v. Trial by Battle; and also for abo- George Gascoygne's Princely Pleasures,

Masques performed there lishing Appeals. Second Edition, before Queen Elizabeth. q. v. revised and enlarged. Lond. 1818. KEN, Thomas, Bishop of Bath 8vo.

and Wells. Works, published by

mor. 41. 8s.

W. Hawkins. Lond. 1721. 8vo. A theological Epitome, or divine Com4 vols. 11. 1s. Portrait by Vertue. pend, apparently manifesting God's great

Love and Mercie towards Man, in verse. Bindley, pt. ii. 1094, 1l. 9s. Heber, old


KENNEDY, John. A Complete This prelate's Manual of Prayers has passed through many editions.

System of Astronomical Chronology, and a short Account of his Life by W. 1762. 4to. 158.

Prose Works, with some of his Letters, unfolding the Scriptures. Lond. Hawkins, his executor, edited by J. T. Round, B.L. Lond, 1838, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The dedication to the king, prefixed to Poems on his Death (in English and this work, was written by Samuel JohnLatin), by J. Perkins. Bristol, 1711, 4to. son. Kennedy published several other

works relative to chronology, some of Bliss, 1s.

A short Account of the Life of Thomas which were ably replied to, by Ferguson Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, by W. and the Rev. Thos. Bowen, in the ChrisHawkins. Lond. 1713, 8vo. portrait by

tian Magazine. Vertue, 4s. 60.

John, M.D. Dissertations Life, with an Account of the Fortunes of Morley, Bp. of Winchester, by the on the Coins of Carausius : replied Rev. W. Bowles. Lond. 1830, 8vo. 2 vols. to by Dr. Stukeley. portraits.—1854, 2 vols. 8vo. 1l. 1s.

Key to the Chronology of Life, by a Layman (J. L. Anderdon). the Hindus, giving an ExplanaLond. 8vo. 1853, portrait, 14s.

tion KENNEDY, Andrew. Testament. Lond. 8vo. 1820. 2 vols. 8s.

of the Hindu Mythology. Two leaves, printed at Edinburgh by Walter Chepman and Andrew Millar, Matthew, LL.D. A Chronoabout 1508. See GOLAGRUS, James. Epithalamium Caroli

logical, genealogical and historical

Dissertation of the Royal Family II. et Catherinæ Magnæ Britanniæ, 1 of the Stuarts. Paris, 1705. 8vo. &c. Regum. Edinb. 1662. 4to. 78.

Lloyd, 702, 14s. Fonthill, 1476, 17. 11s. Daphnidis et Drydum Reditus, Ecloga See HẠY, Richard. Bucolicâ celebratus. Aberdoniæ, 1662, Quintine, Abbot of Crossrag4to. 7s. James.

uell. A Description of

An Oratioune (against disthe Antiquities and Curiosities in saitful Prechouris) set furth be Wilton House. Illustrated with

Master Quintine Kennedy, Comtwenty-five engravings of some of mentator of Cosraguell, ye Zeir of

God 1561. Edinb. 1812. small the capital Statues, Bustos, and Relievos.

4to. 10s. 6d. Salisbury, 1769. 4to. Contains the Anecdotes and Remarks MS. in the Auchinleck Library. Boswell,

Printed in black letter from the original of Thomas, Earl of Pembroke, who col. 3233, 11. See Knox, John. lected these Antiquities, now first printed. Brockett, 1813, 10s. 68. , Fonthill, 3787, the Scripturis of Almychtie God, Ressoun

Ane compendius Tractive conforme to 21. 78. 6d. Heath, 4701, 11. 18. Bindley, and Authoritie, declaring the nerrest and pt. ii. 2333, 8s. Dent, pt. ii. 569, date 1786, onlie Way to establiche the Conscience russia, 11. 1s.

of ane Christiane Man, in all Matters John. The Historie of Ca- (quhilks ar in Debate) concerning Faith lanthrop and Lvcilla, conspicuously. Quintin Kennedy, Commendator of the

and Religioun, sett furth be Maister demonstrating the Mutabilities of Abbay off Crosraguell, and dedicat to his Fortune in their Loves. Edinb. deerest and best beluiffit Nepuo Gilbert, Wreittoun. 1626. small 8vo.

Mester of Cassillis. In the Zeir of God, Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 412, imperfect, 21. ane thousand fyve houndreth fifty aught

Zeris. 4to. Heber, pt. v. imperfect, 7s. 128. 6d. reissued Edinb. 1629. Gordon

See lIay, George. stoun, 1328, 21. 28. G. Chalmers, 51. 6s. Heber, pt. iv. 41. 118.

Lieut. Col. Vans. Researches The Ladies delight; or, the English into the Origin and Affinity of the Gentlewoman's historie of Calanthrop principal Languages of Asia and Sparkes, 1631, 12mo. (same as last book, Europe. Lond. 1827. 4to.-1831. a new title only). Sotheby, 1856, 141. 5s. 4to. 21. 12s. 6d.

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