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to his works, Lond. 1800; will be found Junius and his Works, compared with with these names. Lord Campbell, in his

matter respecting Junius as connected the Character and Writings of Philip Lives of the Chancellors, vol. 6, favours Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield. the claim of Sir Philip Francis. By William Cramp. Lewes, 1850--also Lond. 1851, 8vo.

Able articles on the subject have ap

peared in the Edinburgh, Quarterly, and Some new facts, and a suggested new North British Reviews, the Athenæum, theory as to the Authorship of the Letters Notes and Queries, &c. Also in the followof Junius. By Sir Fortunatus Dwarris, ing American Journals: North American Knt. Privately printed. (1850.] 8vo. (In Review, vol. 29 [by G. Cheever,] vol. 34 favour of Sir Philip Francis.]

[by Darid Lee Child.]-American Monthly Facsimile Autograph Letters of Junius, Review, vol. 1.- New English Magazine, Lord Chesterfield, and Mrs. C. Dayrolles. vol. 1.-American Whig Review, vol. 13. Showing that the wife of Mr. Solomon - Southern Review, vol. 7; Christian Dayrolles was the amanuensis employed Examiner, vol. 10, [by Henry Ware, Jun.] &c. With a postscript to the first Essay The American gentleman who has comon Junius and his Works. By William municated these references, adds: “Though

some of the Letters of Junins were reCramp. Lond. 1851, 8vo.

printed in the American (at least the Essay on the Authenticity of the four Boston) newspapers of the time, no conjecLetters of Atticus. By W. Cramp. Lond. ture as to their authorship has been 1851, 8vo.

ventured there; and it is perhaps more The Ghost of Junius: or the Author- remarkable, that there is no allusion to ship of the celebrated Letters,' deduced, Junius in any of the published writings &c. By Francis Ayerst. Lond. 1853, 8vo. of Benjamin Franklin, although he was [In favour of Lt. Gen. Sir R. Rich.]

in London during the whole period.' Junius Discovered. [Governor Pownall.] JURA ECCLESIASTICA ; or, the By Fred. Griffin. Boston, U. S. 1854, sm. present Practice in Ecelesiastical 8vo.

Courts. Lond. 1742 or 1749. 8vo. Junius Lord Chatham; a biography, setting forth the condition of English 2 vols. 7s. 6d. politics preceding, and contemporary with JURDAIN, Ignatius, (Alderman of · the Revolutionary Junian period, &c. By Exeter, temp. Charles I.), Life and author had previously sketched his theory Death, drawn up by the Rev. F. in the Dublin University Magazine, vol. Nicholls. Lond. 1655, 12mo. 7s.6d. xl. p. 20.

Reprinted, Lond. 1849, A great Personage proved to have been

JURIEU, Peter. A critical HisJunius. 8vo. Lond. no date. Selection of Aphorisms. By Fisher.

tory of the Doctrines and Practices William Burke, the Author of Junius: of the Church, from Adam to our an Essay on his Era, by Jellinger Cookson Saviour. Translated by J. C. Lond. Symons. Lond. 1859, post 8vo. 38. 60. 1705. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d.

Other writers have adopted the signa A very curious work, containing Jewish ture of Junius. The original author ceased and Pagan antiquities; explanations of to write under that signature after the the rites of the true religion, and of the spring, 1772.

idolatries and corruptions of the false, and In vol. iii. of the Grenville Correspon- numerous illustrations of the facts and dence, pp. xiii. ccxxviii., edited by W.J. opinions recorded in the Hebrew, Grecian, Smith (librarian at Stowe), Lond. 1852, and Latin Literature, 8vo. 4 vols., is a discussion on the authen The History of the Council of Trent. ticity of Junius's Letters, with specimens Lond. 1684, 8vo. of the hand-writing of Richard Grenville, The Accomplishment of the Scripture Lord Temple and others, assuming Lord Prophecies, or the approaching DeliverTemple to be Junius.

ance of the Church. In two parts. With In Galt's Life of West, pp. 57-69, he

a Continuation. Lond. 1687-8, 8vo. 2 vols, endeavours to fix the authorship on

78, 6d. An extended attack on the papacy, Laughlin M‘Lean. So does Sir David in which the author predicted that the

overthrow of Anti-Christianism would Brewster, in various publications.

take place between 1710 and 1715. In Prior's Life of Burke, 1839; and in Jurieu's Accomplishment of the ScripCampbell's Life of Hugh Boyd, prefixed tural Prophecies abridged; wherein are

contained many things relative to the JUSTICIARY.-Songs in Justicilate French Revolution, &c. Lond. 1793, 8vo. 38, 6d.

ary, an Opera. Auchinleck, (priReflexions on the Extasies of Isabel vately printed by Sir Alex. Boswell), Vincent. Lond. 1689, 4to.

1816, 4to. Pastoral Letters; with an Account of

Boswell, 3072, 11. 11s. 68. the Hungarian Persecution. Lond. 1689,


A plain Method of Christian Devotion; Man.-A godly Treatise, wherein laid down in Discourses, Meditations, and is proued the true Justification of a Prayers. Lond. 1692, 12mo. Frequently Christian Man to come freely of the reprinted.

Practice of Devotion; or, a Treatise of Mercie of God, &c. Translated divine Love. Lond. 1711, 8vo. 3s. out of high Almaine by Miles CoJus POPULI. 1644. 4to.

uerdale, Lond. by Hugh SingleThis tract, which, according to the Rev. H. J. Todd, contains many energetic sen

ton, 1579, 16mo. timents and expressions, has been erro

From Maunsell's Catalogne, p. 59.neonsly attributed to John Milton.

Lond. by Thomas Berthelet, 16mo. JUS PRIMATIALE. 1672. See JUSTIN. Justinus de Historiis PLUNKET, Oliver.

Philippicis et totius Mundi Ori. JUS PRIMATIALE ARMACANUM. ginibus, Interpretatione et Notis 1728. See MACMAHON, Hugh. illustravit Pet. Jos. Cantel, in usum

Jus REGUM, a Vindication of the Delphini. Lond. 8vo. 4s. Regal Power. Lond. 1638. 4to.

Frequently reprïnted. JUSTAMOND, J. 0. Surgical Libri XLIII. cum scholiis et Argumentis,

Justini ex Trogi Pompeii Historiis Tracts, with occasional Notes and &c. Lond. 1572, 8vo.–1577, 8vo. Observations by William Houlston.

Justini et Aurelii Victoris Historia. Lond. 1789. 4to.

Lond. 1586, 8vo. Justamond published several other ! 1674, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

Justinus,cum variis Lectionibus. Oxon. Works, principally translations from the

Justini Historiarum ex Trogo PomFrench ; the chief was the Abbé Raynal's peio Libri xliv. MSS. Codicum CollaHistory of the Indies.

tione recogniti, Annotationibusque illusJUSTICE, Elizabeth. A Voyage trati

. Oxon. 1705, 8vo. 3s.6d. A neat and to Russia. York, printed by Thos. correct edition, edited by Thos Hearne. Gent, 1739, 8vo,

LARGE PAPER. Heath, 4256, 13s. Dent, Nassau, pt. i. 1823, 8s. Fonthill, 2033, with Eutropius, 21. 10s. Williams, 993,

pt. i. 1219, morocco, 14s. Hibbert, 4288, 17s. Freeling, 4s. 6d. Skegg, 1s. Lond. 1746, 8vo.

morocco, 12. 14s.

Justinus, edidit Mich. Maittaire. Lond. James. The Scots Gar- 1713, 12mo. 3s. A very correct edition, diner's Director. Edinb. 1754. 8vo. with an excellent index. LARGE PAPER, 'An original work.'-Quart. Review.

7s.6d. JUSTICE OF PEACE.-The Jus

The abridgement of the Histories of

Trogus Pompeius, gathered and written tyces of Peas.

Lond. by W. de in the Laten Tung, by Iustine, and transWorde, 1510, 4to.

lated into Englishe by Arthur Goldinge. Fifty-six leaves. Willett, 1299, with Newly conferred with the Latin Copy, and the Carta Feodi and Modus Tenendi, also corrected by the Translator. Anno Domini printed by W. de Worde, 131.-Lond. by 1570. Lond. by Thomas Marshe, 4to. W. de Worde, 1515, 4to. Fifty-four leaves 7s.6d.. Bright, 2s. 6d.-1578, 4to. The not numbered.-Lond. by Robert Copland, first edition appeared 1564, 4to. 7s.6d. 1515, 4to. Numerous other editions ap-lated into English by G. W. Lond. 1606,

Justin's History of the World, transpeared in the seventeenth century.

folio. Bright, 7s. JUSTICE, The puritanical, or the

Justin's History of the World, transBeggars turned Thieves. By way lated into English, with an Account of of Farce, as it was lately acted in Justin, and a List of the Kings and Emand about the City of London. perors of the several Monarchies, by

Robert Codrington, A. M. 1654, 12mo. Lond. 1698. 4to.

Nassau, pt. i. 1824, 28.-1664, 12mo.–1672, A satire on Sir Humfrey Edwin, Lord 12mo.—1682, 12mo.–1689, 12mo. Mayor of London, Rhodes, 318, 5s. 6d. Justin's History of the World, by

Thomas Brown. Lond. 1712, 12m0.-Lond., his Exhortations to the Gentiles. Trans 1713, 12mo. Roxburghe, 7383, 1s. 6d. lated from the Greek, by the Rev. Tho.

Justin's History, Lat. and Eng. by N. Moses. Aberdeen, 175., 8vo. 2s. 6d. Dr. Bailey. Lond. 1732, 8vo. For the use of Adam Clarke observes, that without schools.

confining himself too closely to the letter. Justin, Lat. and Eng. by John Clarke, the translator has generally given the Lond. 1732, 8vo. 3s. A strictly literal sense of his author.' translation, designed for the use of schools. Observations on a controverted Passage 1742.-1772, &c.

in Justin Martyr, p. 47. Edit. Benedict. Justin's History of the World, by Turn- Hagæ Comit. 1742. Also upon the Worbull. Lond. 1746, 12mo.

ship of Angels. Lond. 1795, 4to. 2s. Justin, Cornelius Nepos and Eutropius, See ATHENAGORAS, the Apologetics literally translated, with Notes, hý thé (which contains a Fragment of Justin on Rev. J. S. Watson. Lond. 1853, post 8vo. the Resurrection.) 5s. In Bohn's Classical Library.

On Primitive Christian Worship, trans JUSTIN, S. Martyr. Apologiæ duæ, lated. See Tracts for the Times. et Dialogus cum Tryphone, Gr. et Opinions, by Semisch. 'Translated from Lat. cum Notis et Emendationibus the Gerinan by J. E. Ryland. Edinb. Styani Thirlbii. Lond. 1722. folio. 1843, 2 vols. post 8vo. 15s.

Some Account of the Life and Writings Å splendid and correct edition. Drury, of Justin Martyr. By Bishop Kaye. 2436, 9s. LARGE PAPER. Heath, 634, 8s.

Third edition, revised. Camb. 1845, 8vo. Apologia prima pro Christianis, Gr. et Lat. ed. Jo. Ern. Grabe. Oxon. 1700, 8vo. JUSTINIAN. D. Justiniani Insti4s. First edition of the First Apology. tutionum Libri IV. and a TranslaLARGE PAPER. Drury, 4625, morocco, 11. 9s. Heath, 4249, 88.– New edition, edited by tion into English, with Notes by Trollope, 1846, 8vo. 78. 6d.

Geo. Harris, LL.D. Lond. 1756.4to. Apologia secunda pro Christianis, Oratio Marquis of Townshend, 1888, 11. 1s. cohortatoria, Oratio ad Græcos, et de According to Dr. Adam Clarke, a valuable Monarchia Liber, Gr. et Lat. edente H. work, and worthy the perusal of any gen. Hutchin. Oxon. 1703, 8vo. 4s. First | tleman who would form a just notion of edition of the Second Apology, together the civil policy of the Romans; and obwith both the tracts against the Greeks, tain at the same time a comparative view and that upon monarchy. LARGE PAPER. of the English.—1761, 4to. Marquis of Williams, 998, with the Apologia prima, Townshend, 1889, 1l. 98.-Oxford, 1811. Oxon. 1700, russia, 11. 13s.

Brockett, 1806, 198.-1814, royal 8vo. 12s. Cum Tryphone Judæo Dialogus, Gr. et -Harris's version (condensed), edited by Lat. cum Notis Variorum, edente Sam. T. Cooper, 8vo. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1812, Jebb. Lond. 1719, 8vo. 6s. No large

10s. 60.--Second edition, roy. 8vo. New paper appears to have been printed of York, 1841:- Third edition. Philadelphia, this volume. which forms a companion to 1852.- Latin and English by Sanders, 8vo. the two preceding.

Lond. Parker, 1853, 15s.

Justinian, Englished by Sir Henry HolDialogus, &c., ed. Trollope, 2 Parts, croft, 1653, folio. Gough, 2042, 2s. 6d. 1846-7, 8vo. 13s.

The first Book of Justinian's Institutes, Apologia pro Christianis, Gr. et Lat. with an English Version and Notes. Lond. edente Car. Ashton. Cantab. 1768, 8vo. 1749, 8vo. 3s. 6d. Drury, 2111, 5s.6d. Williams, 999, mo Institutes translated. Lond. Benning, rocco, 11. 2s.

1844, 18mo. 8s. Justin Martyr's Apology, translated. Manual of Civil Law, or Examination See REEVES, William.

in the Institutes of Justinian. Being a A Translation of the Epistles of Cle. Translation of, and Commentary on, that ment of Rome, Polycarp, and Ignatius, Work. With an Introduction on the Hisand of the Apologies of Justin Martyr tory of the Roman Law. By P. Cumin. and Tertullian. With Introduction and Lond. 1854, 8vo. Notes, by I. Chevallier, B.D. Camb. 1833, Lond. Steevens, 1854, 12mo. 10s. 6d. 8vo.-Second edition, 1851, 12s.

Epitome of Justinian's Institutes, by Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho Humphreys. Lond. Longman, 12mno. the Jew, translated into English, with 3s. 6d. Notes, a preliminary Dissertation, and a Institutes, with the Novel as to Successhort Analysis. By Henry Brown, M.A. sions, translated by W. Grapel. Cam. Lond. 1755, 8vo. 2 vols. 15s. A literal and bridge, U.S., 1855, 8vo. 16s. faithful translation.-New edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. Camb. 1846, 9s.

JUSTITIA BRITANNICA. PerscripSt. Justin the Philosopher and Martyr, tum primo in nostrate Lingua,

deinde versum in Latinam. Lond. 1 trated of their bawdy expressions'

dnt. à Wood. 1584. 8vo. 6s. A translation of ' Execution of Justice pretatione et Notis Lud. Pratei, in Usuin

Juvenalis et Persii Satyræ, cum Interin England.

It consists of 72 pages, Delphini. Lond. 1691, 8vo. 68. Free after which is annexed De summa eorum

quently reprinted. Clementia,' &c. An Italian version also

Juvenalis et Persii Satyre, edente M. appeared at London in 1584, 8vo.

Maittaire. Lond, 1716, 12mo. 3s. 68. A De Justitia Britannica, que contra

correct edition, with various readings an Christi Martyres continenter exercetur.

a good index. LARGE PAPER, crown 8vo. Ingolst. ap. Dav. Sartorium, 1584, 8vo. Heath, 3109, 18s. Duke of Grafton, 562, 11. 11s. 60. Ad Persecutores Anglos pro Catholicis 31. 4s. Dent, pt. i. 517, morocco by Roger

10s. Stanley, 197, russia by Roger Payne, Domi Forisque Persecutionem sufferen- Payne, 11. 11s. 6d. tibus; contra Libellum inscriptum ‘Ivstitia Britannica.' 8vo. 158. A copy is in Tho. Marshall : præmittitur Dissertatio

Juvenalis et Persius, Notis illustravit the British Museum. Sotheby's in 1824, de Satyra Romana. Lond. 1723, 8vo. 5s. 11. 10s. Heber, pt. i. 11. 12s. See ALLEN.

Juvenalis et Persius. Dublin, 1728, 8vo. Justes, The, of the Moneth of 5s. Grierson's edition. May parfurnysshed and done by

Juvenalis et Persius. Glasg. 1742. Charles Brandon, Thomas Knyuett, Drury, 2131, 18. 6d.—Glasg. 1746.

Juvenalis et Persius. Lond. 1744, 3s. Wyllyam Hussy and Gyles Capell. Brindly's edition. The xxii Yere of the Reygne of our Juvenalis. Dublin, 1749, 8vo. 3s. A Souerayne Lorde Kynge Henry the very correct and beautiful edition, pub

lished by Hawkey. seuenth. 4to.

Juvenalis et Persius, ex recens. H. C. A copy of this poetical tract, printed Henninii et Is. Casauboni. Glasg. 1750, by W. de Worde, consisting of four leaves, 8vo. A very correct edition. Duke of is in the Pepysian library at Cambridge. Grafton, 563, 3s. 6d. It is reprinted in Hartshorne's Collection Juvenalis et Persius. Birm. Baskerof Antient Metrical Tales.

ville, 1761, 4to. A most beantiful edition. The Justes and Tourney of Sir Á. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 103, russia, 11. 1». the Moneth of June, parfurnysshed Heath, 4097, morocco, 11. 11s. 6d. Hiband done by Richarde Graye Erle morocco, 11. 138. Willett, 1302, 19s. Drury, of Kent, by Charles Brandon wyth 2397, morocco, 19s.

Juvenalis et Persius. theyrtwo Aydes agaynst all Comers.

Cantab. 1763, The xxii Yere of the Reygne of rous plates from antique gems, &c. White

12mo. 58. Sandby's edition, with numeSouerayue Lorde Kynge Henry Knights, 2236, morocco, 145.-Royal 8vo. VII. 4to.

A beautiful edition, A copy of this poetical tract from the 2237, morocco, 18s. Heath, 4096, 11. 4s. press of w. de Worde, consisting of six Drury, 2132, morocco, 198. IMPERIAL 8v.

Williams, 1011, leaves, is in the Pepysian library at Cam-Eight copies printed. bridge.

morocco, 41. 8s. JUVENAL, Decimus Junius. D. Juvenalis, et A. Persii Flacci Satire

expurgatæ : in vsum Scholarum. AddunJunii Juvenalis et A. Persii Flacci tur Juvenali Annotatiunculæ Lud. Pratei Satire ; ex Recensione et cum et Jos. Juventii. Subjicitur Persio, internotis Geo. Alex. Ruperti et Koenig. pretationis loco; versio Brewsteri

, cum

Notis. Lond. 1784, 8vo. 5s. Edited by Glasguæ, 1825, 8vo. 2 vols.

Vicesimus Knox, D.D. A very correct and elegant edition, pub Juvenalis et Persius, a Joh. Hunter, lished at 11. 16s. LARGE PAPER. Drury, LL.D. Edinb. 1806, 12mo. 2s. 6d. Svo. 2121, morocco, 5l. 2s. 6d. Lond. 1835, 8vo. FINE PAPER, 5s. in one vol.

Juvenalis Satiræ XVI. a Georgio Alex. Juvenalis et Persius. Lond. 1574, 8vo. --Lond. 1579, 8vo. 58.-Lond. 1585.' An- Ruperti. Oxon. 1808, 8vo. Drury, 2118,

58. Lond. 1817, Svo. Et Persius, cum nexed to Horatius.

Juvenalis et Persii Satyre, a T. Far- Notis Ruperti et Koenig. Lond. 1815, 8vo. naby. Lond. 1612, 12mo. 2s.6d. Reprinted Oxon. 1814, 24mo.

2s. 6d.

Juvenalis, ex Editione G. A. Ruperti. 1615, 1620, 1633, 1677, and 1691.

Juvenalis et Persius. Lond. 1656, 12mo. Juvenalis et Persius, curâ Ruperti et 35.6d. Published [by Richard Busby, D.D.) Koenig. Lond, 1815, 24mo. 3s. 6d. The • for the use of Westminster School, with Regent's edition. corrections and amendments, aud cas Juvenalis, ex edit. Rupert. cum notis


of Juvenal taught to speak plain English,

Gordonstoun, et interp. in us. Delphini. Lond. (Valpy), a Poem. Lond. 1683, 4to. 1820, 8vo. 3 vols.

1302, 3s. Juvenalis et Persius, from the text of That which seems best is worst: exRuperti, with English Notes by Dr. prest in a paraphrastical Transcript of Stocker. Lond. 1835, 8vo. 10s. 60.-Third Juvenal's tenth Satyre; together with the edition, 1845, 14s.

tragicall Narration of Virginia's Death, Juvenalis Satiræ, with Stirling's linear interserted by W. B. (either William verbal Translation, and Gifford's Poetical Basse or William Barkstead). Imprinted Version. Edited by P. A. Nuttall, LL.D. by Felix Kingston, 1617, 12mo. Heber, New edition. Lond. 1836, 8vo.

pt. iv. 11.9s. Lloyd, 41.10s. Perry, 31. 45. Juvenalis et Persii Satire, edit. A. J. Of considerable poetical merit, not noValpy. Lond. 1844, 12mo. 5s. 6d. Text ticed by Geo. Steevens in his catalogue of only, 3s.

'Ancient Translations from Classick Au. Juvenalis et Persii Satiræ. Oxford, thors. It is rather a paraphrase than a 1845, 32mo. 28.-24mo. 1s. 60,

translation: at the end is Matritæ, Sept. 5, Juvenalis Satyræ Selectæ, with a Para- 1612, which may lead to the proper assignphrase and English Notes by the Rev. J. ing of the initials of W. B. Hawkesworth. Dublin, 1830, 12mo. 3s. The Tenth Satyr of Juvenal in English

Juvenalis Satyra Selectæ, with English and Latin; the English by Thomas ShadNotes by Spillan. Lond. 1843, 12mo. 7s.6d. well, with illustrations upon it. Lond.

Juvenalis Satiræ, 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 1687, 4to.-In English Verse, by J. H. ed. D. B. Hickie (cum Indice'Verborum et Lond. 1683, 4to. Phrasium). Dublin, 1818, 12mo.

Juvenal's Fifth Satire. By George Juvenalis Satire Expurgatæ. Owen's Chapman. 1629. (See p. 411, col. i.) Reeditions of the Satires of Juvenal, the text printed with Homer's Batrachomyomacollated after Heinrich, Ruperti, &c. by chia, &c. edited by R. Hooper. Lond. R. L. Browne. Eton, 1847, 12mo.

1858, post 8vo. 6s. Juvenalis Satiræ 13 (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8,

Two first Satyrs of Juvenal. By John 10-16), the Text of Jahn, with English Biddle. Lond. 1634, 8vo. Notes by J. E. B. Mayor, M.A. Camb. The first six Satyrs of Juvenal, with 1853, post 8vo.

Annotations clearing the obscurer PasJuvenalis et Persii Sat. with Commen- sages out of History, Laws, and Ceretary, edited by G. Long, M.A., and the monies of the Romans, by Rob. Stapylton. Rev. A. J. Macleane. Lond. 1857, 8vo. 14s. Oxford, 1644, 8vo. Dr. Bart. Holyday

The Satires of Juvenal. With English used often to say that Sir Rob. Stapylton Notes from the best Commentators, by made use of his translation of Juvenal, C. Anthon. New edition, revised by J. which was borrowed from him in MS. T. Wheeler. Lond. 1857, 12mo. 4s. when Sir Robert was about to publish

JUVENAL, Decimus Junius. The these six satyrs.'-- Ant. à Wood. Satires of Decimus Junius Juvements, marginal Notes and Annotations.

Juvenal's sixteen Satyrs, with Argunalis, translated into English Verse By Sir Robert Stapylton, Knight. Lond. by William Gifford, Esq., with 1647, 8vo. pp. 304, with a frontispiece and Notes and Illustrations. Lond.

portrait of Sir Robert, by Marshall. Nas

sau, pt. i, 1825, 5s. Lloyd, 698, 5s. 6d. 1802. 4to.

Bindley, pt. ii. 1065, 10s. 6d. pt. iii. 1146, With portrait of Gifford by Cromek. 7s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 720, russia, 11. 1s. An admirable translation. Hibbert, 4348, Heber, pt. iv. 58. 78. Nassau, pt. i. 2344, 9s. Drury,

Mores Hominum. The Manners of Men, 2390, morocco, 14s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2119, described in sixteen Satyrs by Juvenal 158. White Knights, 2301, morocco, 17s. (in English Verse), with a large Comment, Roxburghe, 2707, 1l. 1s. Fonthill, 683, by Sir Robert Stapylton, Knight. Lond. 11. 2s. Reprinted Lond. 1806, 8vo. Hib- 1660, folio, 10s. 6d. With a portrait of bert, 4299, 6s.--Lond. 1817, 8vo. 2 vols. Sir Robert by Lombart, and 17 plates by 11, 1s. This edition contains a translation Hollar. LARGE PAPER, royal folio. Fontof Persius by Gifford. Nassau, pt. i. ( hill, 2508, 41. 4s. Hibbert, 4581, morocco, 1828, 13s. Drury, 2134, 11. 2s.- Edited by 11. 5s, P. A. Nuttall, LL.D. Lond. 1826. post 8vo.

Satyrs of Juvenal and Persius, transAn Examination of the Strictures of tures as Notes.

lated and illustrated as well with Sculpthe Critical Reviewers on the Translation Oxford, 1673, folio.

By Barten Holyday.

A translation noted of Juvenal by W. Gifford, Esq. The for‘rigid fidelity.' Holyday was 'a writer second edition. Lond. 1804, 4to.

of great learning, and even of critical Juvenalis redivivus, or the first Satire acuteness, as the excellent commentary

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