On the motion of the heart and blood in animals

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G. Bell and Sons, 1889 - 147 pages

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Page 11 - Their Lives and Works. By Duppa and MILLER'S History of the AngloSaxons, from the Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest. Portrait of Alfred, Map of Saxon Britain, and 12 Steel Engravings. MILTON'S Poetical Works, with a Memoir and Notes by J. Montgomery, an Index to Paradise Lost, Todd's Verbal Index to all the Poems, and Notes.
Page 6 - Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of. Reprinted from the Sixth Edition. With ar Introduction by Ernest Belfort Bax. 2 vols. NS Sentiments ; with Essay on the First Formation of Languages, and Critical Memoir by Dugald Stewart. SMYTH'S (Professor) Lectures on Modern History; from the Irruption of the Northern Nations to the close
Page 9 - FRS Illuminated Frontispiece from an old MS. ETHELWERD. Chronicle of.—See Six O. E. Chronicles. FLORENCE OF WORCESTER'S Chronicle, with the Two Continuations : comprising Annals of English History from the Departure of the Romans to the Reign of Edward I. Trans., with Notes, by Thomas Forester, MA GEOFFREY OF MONMOTJTH. Chronicle of.—See Six
Page 16 - Sketches from the Mineral Kingdom Trans, by A. Henfrey, FRS Coloured Map of the Geography of Plants. SMITH'S (Pye) Geology and Scripture ; or, the Relation between the Scriptures and Geological Science. With Memoir. STANLEY'S Classified Synopsis of the Principal Painters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, including an Account of some of the early German Masters. By
Page 10 - DIDRON'S Christian Iconography ; a History of Christian Art in the Middle Ages. By the late AN Didron. Trans, by EJ Millington, and completed, with Additions and Appendices, by Margaret Stokes. 2 vols. With numerous Illustrations. DANTE, in English Verse, by IC Wright, MA With Introduction and Memoir. Portrait and 34 Steel Engravings after Flaxman.
Page 8 - CHRONICLE. With Notes, Short Life, Analysis, and Map. Edit, by JA Giles, DCL BOETHIUS'S Consolation of Philosophy. King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version of. With an English Translation on opposite pages, Notes, Introduction, and Glossary, by Rev. S. Fox, MA To which is added the Anglo-Saxon Version of the METRES OF BOETHIUS, with a free Translation by
Page 12 - 50 Engravings, after Birket Foster, &c. NS STARLING'S (Miss) Noble Deeds of Women; or, Examples of Female Courage, Fortitude, and Virtue. With 14 Steel Portraits. NS STUART and REVETT'S Antiquities of Athens, and other Monuments of Greece ; with Glossary of Terms used in Grecian Architecture. 71 Steel Plates and numerous Woodcuts. SWEET'S British Warblers. 51.—See Bcchstein. TALES
Page 4 - LAMARTINE S The Girondists, or Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the French Revolution. Trans, by HT Ryde. Portraits of Robespierre, Madame Roland, and Charlotte Corday. 3 vols. The Restoration of Monarchy in France (a Sequel to The Girondists). 5 Portraits. 4 vols. The French Revolution of 1848. 6 Portraits. LAMB'S (Charles) Ella and Ellana. Complete Edition. Portrait.
Page 1 - Life. By J.'Prior. Portrait. NS BURNS (Robert). Life of. By JG Lockhart, DCL A new and enlarged edition. With Notes and Appendices by WS Douglas. Portrait. NS BUTLER'S (Bp.) Analogy of Religion; Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature ; with Two Dissertations on Identity and Virtue, and Fifteen Sermons. With
Page 12 - Works of. Comprising the Golden Ass, God of Socrates, Florida, and Discourse of Magic. With a Metrical Version of Cupid and Psyche, and Mrs. Tighe's Psyche. Frontispiece. CLASSICAL LIBRARY. ARISTOPHANES' Comedies. Trans., with Notes and Extracts from Frere's and other Metrical Versions, by WJ Hickie. Portrait. 2 vols.

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