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Snaring the Shy Birds. against them; their destruction seemed

certain ; but they cried and God helped. All Sunday-school work, but espe

So when in the depths should we ever cially the mission part of it, requires

cry to God. It was when the lost son tact and ingenuity. This experience

was famishing he yielded to a father's from a young missionary of the Ameri

love; Peter, when sinking, cried, Lord, can Sunday-school Union may be help

save; all other means had failed the

P infirm woman who touched the hem of ful to all winners of souls: “You would laugh to see me snare

Jesus' robe. It is said the darkest hour

| is just before the dawn. some of these shy ones,-those who mistrust I have an idea I am trying to con

4. That we have all reason to erect vert the heathen (wbat heathen are,

an Ebenezer. For past mercies and they don't know). In one place I turned

manifold deliverances which have a corn sheller for a man over two hours.

crowned our past lives, our health re. He was trying to feed and turn it alone.

stored or the lives of dear friends spared. At another place I changed works with

But especially can we all say, because a woman who was trying to hold a six

He has saved me! Are we daily conmonth old babe and churn at the same

scious of the help of God? time. First I held the child awhile, and then she held him, and I churned. Again, I came at night to a farm-house,

In an article in the New York Ledger whose owner was cross and surly, just as

the Rev. Dr. John Hall comes to this he was going out to milk. I took a pail

conclusion concerning mothers as the and milked one cow more than he did, great educators. “Mothers are the great paid him fifty cents for my supper, lodg-primary educator

primary educators; and they have all ing and breakfast, and he came to Sun- |

too often no training for their work. day-school the following Sabbath with a

Who can help them ? where is the prewhole load.

ventive force to be applied against these evils? We do not see how the

public or the private schools can thorLearn.

oughly reach the difficulty. But the

mothers who are now bringing up their 1. That we should humbly confess daughters can do something. Rememour sins unto the Lord. If we confess, ber that accomplishments, graces, even He is faithful and just to forgive. When money-making pursuits will be less imIsrael turned to the Lord He graciously | portant in the future happiness of their helped them. So did the Ninevites. I lives than simple, plain, prosaic capaWe should forsake the sins we confess; bility as wives, mothers, house-keepers. we should rend our hearts and not our | Train them on this principle." garments only.

2. That the prayers of the righteous prevail. Samuel prayed and the Lord A PATENT SERMON REGULATOR.— heard. James 5:16. The Bible is full | A candidate for a vacant vicarage in of evidence that prayer is answered— England announces an invention of his Abram, for Ishmael and for Sodom; Lot, own which may prove to be useful. It in reference to Zoar ; Jacob, at the ford is a peculiar arrangement of the pulpit, of Jabbok; Moses, for God's presence with a clock to give warning. When and against Amalek; Elijah, for drought, at the end of a half hour the clock for fire, for rain; Hezekiah, for prolonged sounds an alarum, if the preacher does life; Jabez, for temporal and spiritual not conclude within three minutes, down blessings; Daniel, confessing sin and comes the pulpit, with the parson and praying; the blind man by the wayside; the rest of the appendages. the thief on the cross ; Peter in prison ; and Paul and Silas in the jail at Dr. ARNOLD hit it when he made his Philippi.

remark about boys that professed their 3. That God in the darkest hour is sentimental admiration of virtue: “I often near at hand. The Philistines had have seen enough of boys that loved God. long oppressed the children of Israel Commend me now to boys that not only and had now come out in full force love God, but hate the devil.”

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NO. 11.

Miriam, the Sister of Moses. of three children, such as Aaron, Mo

ses and Miriam, must have possessed BY THE EDITOR.

extraordinary mental endowments, ex

traordinary physical powers, too, whose In Old Testament history woman offspring was free from the slightest holds an inferior position. As sister taint of hereditary disease. Seldom do and servant, wife and mother, she is we find more than one gifted or truly spoken of, but seldom in more promi- great child in a family. Neither in nent relations. A few, like Jezebel, pagan nor Christian history do we in lord it with a tyrant's power over their all respects find a similar instance. Sohusband and their people. Others, crates and Plato, Seneca, Pliny, Cicero, like Esther, become the benefactors of Shakespeare, Bacon, Goethe, Schiller; millions. Three are honored with the none of these had a brother, sister, son prophetic office-Miriam, Deborah and or daughter of equal power. Job, Hulda. Then as now, the providence David, Solomon, Isaiah, Paul-all are of God assigned to woman her appro- without an equal in their families. priate sphere, for which nature and “Genius has no brother, no co-mate; grace gave her special aptitudes; and no the love it inspires is that of a pupil or other. Only for a short time did D2- a son.” borah judge God's people. (Judges iv. 1. The girlhood, of Miriam. In a re5.) And when King Josiah discovered tired village, on the banks of the Nile, the books of the law, after they had was their humble home, if the abode of been lost, he sent some of his chief ser-poor Hebrew slaves could be called vants to Hulda the prophetess, at Jeru-zuch. Doubtless the father toiled at salem, to learn the will and word of making brick and building pyramids, God concerning it. In one sense these as did his brethren, and endured the three women are a type of a certain cruel lash of his taskmasters with supclass, whose intelligence, piety and pressed sighs. Miriam, a name of the Christian activity, give them a benefi- same meaning as Mary in the New Tescent influence and illustrious name. Itament, was the oldest of the three chilAmelia S. Sieveking, Elizabeth Fry, dren. She must bave been from ten Florence Nightingale, and others, al- to twelve years old, and Aaron about though the meekest of their sex, have three, when Moses was born. To a swayed the sceptre of a self-denying, pious Hebrew family the birth of a sympathizing charity, which has given male child has ever been an occasion them a praiseworthy reputation through- of great rejoicing. Before the birth of out the civilized world.

our Saviour this was even more the Miriam was born in the darkest pe- case than since. Yet the birth of Moses riod of Egyptian bondage. Her parents, brought great sorrow into the Hebrew Amram and Jochebed, of the tribe of home. For every new-born male child Levi, were a godly couple. In the was marked and doomed to death. face of peril and death they clave to Female children were allowed to live. the God of their fathers. The parents With the grief and anxiety of the pa

rents, Miriam and Aaron sympathized. waving of the flags and the rippling of How could they bear to see their baby the water against its frail side are heard, brother murdered! In the sacred pri- gently rocking the cradled child. vacy of their home, the three-year old These the only lullabies to quiet the Aaron with childish eagerness and curi- babe: osity listened to the fearful whispering

“The whispering reeds are all he hears, consultations of the parents. And Mi The Nile's soft weltering nigh riam, verging towards womanhood, with Sings him to sleep." pious zeal, stood ready to do her pa 2. Strong though their faith be, the rents' bidding. Both doubtless had parents must through Miriam keep a many anxious questions to ask; both watchful eye on the frail vessel as long prayed as pious Hebrew children as they can. She can loiter along the were wont to pray when in trouble, and river's margin, and see whither the told God the grief that burdened their lazy current bears her brother. Pertender child-hearts.

haps, in some way the Lord may have At length they decided as David did need of her to save the child's at a later day: “Let us fall now into life. A right helpful, heroic, obedient the hand of the Lord; for his mercies daughter we have here, for this is a are great; and let me not fall into the dangerous mission for a girl of ten hand of man.” (2 Samuel xxiv. 14.) | years; dangerous indeed for any one. Thus too this godly couple, without | Egypt is unsettled. The Hebrew chilknowing whither, or into whose hands dren are hunted and slaughtered like their babe might drift, committed it to wild beasts. No child of Abraham is God with a child-like faith, that He safe. Yet this timid girl ventures on a would mercifully find a way for its | lonely foot journey of five or ten miles, if deliverance. Only not let it fall into possible to help to save her little brother. the hands of cruel men. The slayers of Her face is Aushed with excitement, children were on the cruel hunt through around which the long tresses of her the village and neighborhood. They black hair wave in unrestrained confucould conceal the child no longer. They sion. Now and then she pauses in her had vainly tried to do it for three sad journey, as she listens whether the months. The little ark is built, and babe is crying; she hears her heart most likely Miriam helped her father beat. The least sound makes her start. to gather the bulrushes: she too must For it may be the signal of the child's have helped to weave and daub the death. The upsetting of the bark, a little ship. And many a prayer and passing crocodile or blood-thirsty Egypsigh must parents and children have tian child-murderer, would soon put an woven into the network of the bark. lend to this frail life. Meanwhile AmAnd the kind Father in heaven heard ram and Jochebed are at home, praying and saw it all.

for both their children. Along the low flat banks of the Nile, Hour after hour the patient Miriam where the land and the shallow water kept painful pace with the little voyacontend for the mastery, the shore is ger on the Nile. At length she aplined with tall flags or water plants. proached the palace and the charming With gentle hands and prayerful hearts gardens of Pharaoh on the river bank. they put the little floating basket with With trembling heart she nears the its precious contents upon the water. lovely spot. What if the cruel guards Perhaps gently push it out of the flags will discover the fugitive babe! Surely into the current, and let a merciful they would kill it. The murmur of Providence steer the bark down the soft voices, the sound of coming footstream, they knew not whither. A steps, startle her. A lady, dressed in touching instance this is of child-like richest robes, followed by her'maidens, trust in our heavenly Father. How steps down to the river's brink. Who with bated breath their anxious hearts can it be? What if she should see the and tearful eyes must have followed ark ? and find the child? God can the little boat as it floated down on the control the hearts of kings, and of their bosom of the river. The air is soft, daughters. For this is the daughter of balmy, and still. Naught but the slight Egypt's cruel king. Inhuman as the father is, his daughter has a woman's that of a sister to such a brother, might tender heart. Surely an infant's smile have been of little use in the world. or an infant's tear can touch the heart Yet by her daily tender care for her even of proud Pharaoh's daughter. She brother, she became his co-worker—the sees the tiny ark among the flags, and guardian angel of the "father of modern sends“ her maids to fetch it.”

Church History.” To her the Church “And when she had opened it, she is largely indebted for the unfading saw the child; and behold the babe fruits of Neander's labors. A good wept. And she had compassion on him, girl in the Sunday-school may become and said, This is one of the Hebrews' the agent of great good. Her work children.”

may seem to be of trifling importance, What shall be done with it? She whereas it is but the infancy of a great will not allow it to be slain. Among and far-reaching good. God can use the curious group which the finding of even a child to tell a princess where to the child gathered around her stood a find a nurse for Moses—to find a minbright-looking girl. No one suspected ister in a Saviour. And a bad girl or her of being the foundling's sister. boy may in like manner, become the Promptly she offers her services. As occasion and cause of evil which may promptly they are accepted. The child curse and blight millions yet unborn. must have a nurse. Miriam speedily

| “A pebble in a streamlet scant, brings her mother. The anxious mother

Has turned the course of many a river,

A dew-drop in the baby plant, paid for nursing it. How can she sup May warp the giant oak forever.” presss her emotion, her tender grateful

Miriam grew up as an intelligent maternity, as she presses the rescued | babe afresh to her warm heart!

woman. Of eighty years of her life the

Bible is silent. Moses was eighty years The usefulness of a pious girl, affec

are of age when he led the Hebrews out of tionate and obedient to her parents, is Eoyot-Miriam ninety. At such an age here strikingly shown. But for her,

people now.are frail and tottering, and Moses would in all probability have

neither disposed nor fitted for arduous been nursed into a great heathen ruler

work or perilous enterprizes. Moses, mighty in deeds of evil. Had she not

| Aaron and Miriam seem to have been followed the ark, brought a nurse, and

in the prime of life at what we would her and the child's mother at that, what

consider a very old age. The Hebrew then? No girl Miriam, no Moses to

host crouch in timid fright along the deliver the Hebrews, to write the Law, shore of the Red Sea. Before them are to give direction and shape to the moral

the deep waters, behind them Pharaoh's code of the human race for four thousand

army. The people murmur. Their years past, more than any mere man

faith fails them. What can they do? that has ever lived. Thus, through the

“Stand still and see the salvation of the agency of Miriam the current and

Lord.” With a wave of his rod Moses course of history has received direction

opens a dry path through the sea. He and character, the life of the first Law

and his host safely cross. From the giver was saved and fitted for his high

opposite bank they see how Pharaoh's mission, the Church of God upheld and

pursuing army is engulfed by the sea. moulded through the mighty mind of

Horses and their proud riders, weapons this intellectual and moral chief, and

of war shivered, chariots with wheels the eternal welfare of hundreds of mil

fallen off, waving banners, prince and lions secured

peasant, soldiers great and small, all Thus a godly little girl may become tumble pell-mell together in a common a great apostle for good in her home

wreck into a watery grave. Not by and her Church. Little may she dream

might nor by power, but by the arm of

the Lord was the victory won. she dandles her baby brother on her

“Then sang Moses and the children knees, and teaches him to stammer a of Israe

of Israel a song unto the Lord.” hymn or a prayer. The sister of Ne-! « And Miriam the prophetess, the ander was an humble, plain, retired sister of Aaron, too

etired sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her woman, who in any other relation but | hand: and all the women went out

after her, with timbrels and with dances. vast heaps of shifting sand, like banks And Miriam answered them, Sing ye of granular snow. Here the Hebrews to the Lord, for He hath triumphed were encamped. Up to her old age gloriously : the horse and his rider bath Miriam bad tenderly loved and faithHe thrown into the sea."

fully obeyed her great brother. To She and all the women singers sang lighten his burdens, at Jethro's suggesthe chorus; always at the end of the tion, a number of captains or subordimen's part would their's come in with nate officers were appointed, rulers of melodious refrain. They danced, too. thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, of And that in the presence of all the tens, who were to judge the people of people, and in connection with a reli- their respective divisions. Possibly this gious service. Not a modern jig, polka arrangement may have weakened her or waltz, nor in the least degree looking authority somewhat, whatever that may in that way. To this day the women of have been. Egypt have a religious dance, accom- Aaron, although the older of the two, panied with singing, when the Nile be- was inferior to his brother in mental gins to rise. For its rising promises to and moral power, and had far less inbring them a good harvest. It is a fluence and prominence than Moses. pagan counterfeit of a pious custom Had he pot been the brother of Moses, among the ancients.

he scarcely would have become the first Strange singing and dancing must High Priest, and the father of a priestly you expect from an old lady of ninety family. Not long previous his two years of age! This family were planted eldest sons, Nadab and Abihu, perished in the house of the Lord. Their's was before his eyes, as a divine punishment a green old age. They were a hale, for their seditious conduct. Strange vigorous family, leading a pious, tem- that so soon after this severe lesson, perate life. Most likely Miriam's voice Aaron should conspire with his sister was then as clear and her step as nimble against Moses. It was just before Moses as those of many a lady of twenty. Think had sent the spies to explore Canaan. of this grand song of the grateful mil- The Hebrews were on tiptoe of expeclions, in few and simple words, Moses tation ; for it was taken for granted leading the men, Miriam leading the that a few short months would bring women! This anthem, its poetry and them into full possession of the land music, was composed six hundred years flowing with milk and honey. What a before the blind Grecian bard swept mighty nation would they at once behis wondrous harp. Yet Homer sings come! Who would be the great leaders to his contending profligate, fabulous in it? Now Moses is the great chief deities, whilst the music of Moses, like under God, exercising almost absolute a melodious trumpet blast, towers to the power. The people all look to him. throne of God

Although Aaron is the High Priest, he The music and praise of the sanctuary is a small man aside of his brother. needs the voices of both sexes. The Tradition says Miriam was married to stronger voice of man must blend with Hur. Family pride and jealousy inthe softer voice of woman. Singing is creased their sinful aspirings. Would as really a part of worship as praying. not Moses and his family far out-top All should have their hymn-books, and them and their's in the honors of place? take a part in it. Too often the men And why should they? leave this part of worship to the ladies, | “And Miriam and Aaron spake and in some churches comparatively against Moses, because of the Ethiopian few of these sing. Good congregational woman whom he had married; for he singing cheers the pastor and the peo- had married an Ethiopian woman. And ple, helps to render the religious ser- they said, Hath the Lord indeed spoken vices no less pleasant than profitable. only by Moses ? Hath He not spoken

3. Miriam's Fall.—A bout fifty miles also by us? And the Lord beard it." north of Mount Sinai is a narrow (Numbers xii. 1-2.) Both had taken valley called Hazeroth. From the prominent parts on different occasions. south you approach it through winding (Exodus v. 1; 7; x. 15–20.) So that sand-valleys-sand-stone mountains at their claim is not wholly without the side, and their bottom covered with truth.

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