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Ninth Edition, wholly RE-written, with 1678 REFERENCI's 10 LEGA1.
DEcisions, AND 605 citations


copyright, 1910, by C. W. Bardeen

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References to the New York Education Law of 1909 are indicated by figures in parenthesis. Thus (303) means section 303 of the education law of 1909. References to other New York statutes than that of 1909 are indicated by a number, a colon, and the year, all in parenthesis. Thus (36:1909) stands for chapter 36 of the laws of 1909. References to the New York Code of Public Instruction, last edition (1887), are indicated by italic numbers in parenthesis. Thus (49%) means page 492 of the Code of 1887. This Code is a volume of 1075 pages, bound in full leather, and giving the explanations and decisions of the State Department. It is still the authority upon all points except where the law has been changed, and by means of this manual is made readily available. Copies may be had of the publisher of this volume at $2.50 each. References to decisions of the New York commissioner of education are indicated by D and the number of the decision in parenthesis. Thus (D 1665) refers to decision No. 1665. References to legal decisions are indicated in the usual form. Thus (29 N Y 641) means page 641 of the 29th volume of New York suftreme decisions. References marked S. B.-afe to The School Bulletin, by volume and page. Vol. I is for 1874-5, and Vol. XXXVI for 1909-10.

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