The Ring of Fire

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Trafford Publishing, Apr 4, 2004 - Fiction
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The new millennium has recently dawned bringing with it a series of catastrophic events that were set in motion by a single episode. The events seem to coincide with the prediction of the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce. Only a male volcanologist named Paul and a sexy French lady named Loren can prevent the deaths of millions of people on the west coast of North America as the devastation begins. World leaders are depending on the expertise of these two scientists to guide them through, while some military experts remain sceptical. He is the best volcanologist in the world, banished to Canada from the United States Geological Survey by his wife's lover. She is a brilliant, sexy seismologist that every man wants, but only Paul can possess. Paul hired her and promoted her, but never really understood her magnetic attraction. As they fall in love, the world realizes that they cannot survive without them. Follow the lives of Paul and Loren through North America's worst disaster since the ice age, while discovering how they save the world and each other. Paul's ex-wife attempts to save herself through murder, only to lose her dignity to another. A sceptical American President becomes their closest friend, while his popularity soars from their predictions. From Portland to the South Pacific, Paul and Loren continue to save Americans, while meddling young women flirt with danger. The duo is in the right location at the right time to save the people, but prevent the cataclysmic events. In the end they are rewarded for their efforts by a grateful American President, but that's when the reader learns that this is only the beginning of the story.

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