Rhetorical and Literary Dissertations and Addresses

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Page 249 - Evil into the mind of God or man May come and go, so unapproved, and leave No spot or blame behind...
Page 61 - Gentlemen, I think I can observe that you are touched with this way of considering the subject ; and I can account for it. — I have not been considering it through the cold medium of books, but have been speaking of man and his nature, and of human dominion, from what I have seen of them myself amongst reluctant nations submitting to our authority.
Page 219 - There, the most august and striking spectacle was daily exhibited which the world ever witnessed. A vust stage of justice was erected, awful from its high authority, splendid from its illustrious dignity, venerable from the learning and wisdom of its Judges, captivating and affecting from the mighty concourse of all ranks and conditions which daily flocked into it as into a theatre of pleasure...
Page 225 - God and nature if he was the faithful viceroy of an empire wrested in blood from the people to whom God and nature had given it; he may and must have preserved that unjust dominion over timorous and abject nations by a terrifying, overbearing, insulting superiority, if he was the faithful administrator of your Government, which, having no root in consent or affection — no foundation in similarity of interests — nor support from any one principle which cements men together in society, could only...
Page 237 - Lord has, in my mind, acted such a part" * * ' [Here, Lord Mansfield observing the Counsel heated with his subject, and growing personal on the first Lord of the Admiralty, told him that Lord was not before the Court.'} " I know that he is not formally before the Court ; but, for that very reason, I will bring him before the Court.
Page 225 - To be governed at all, they must be governed with a rod of iron ; and our empire in the East would, long since, have been lost to Great Britain, if civil skill and military prowess had not united their efforts to support an authority — which Heaven never gave — by means which it never can sanction.
Page 290 - ; go forth with our hosts in the day of battle ! Impart, in addition to their hereditary valour, that confidence of success which springs from Thy Presence ! " Pour into their hearts the spirit of departed heroes ! Inspire them with Thine own, and, while led by...
Page 138 - ... pyramid ; — this indeed is a high calling, in which the most splendid talents and consummate virtue may well press onward, eager to bear a part.
Page 289 - Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him.
Page 277 - Then said Jesus again unto them, I go my way, and ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins: whither I go, ye cannot come.

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