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On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,

August 26, 27 and 28, 1903.

hee. Heb. 27, 1907





American Bar Association,



AUGUST 27, 28 AND 29, 1902.

Wednesday, August 27, 1902. The Twenty-fifth Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association met in Convention Hall, Saratoga Springs, New York, on Wednesday, August 27, 1902, at 10.30 A. M.

The meeting was called to order by Edmund Wetmore, of New York, who introduced the President, U. M. Rose, of Arkansas, who took the Chair. The President then delivered the President's Address.

(See the Appendix.) The President:

Gentlemen, I believe the first business in order is the nomination and election of new members.

(See List of New Members.) The President:

There will now be a recess of five minutes, after which the roll of states will be called for the purpose of selecting and electing members of the General Council.

A recess of five minutes was then taken, after which the General Council was elected. (See List of Officers at end of Minutes.)

The President:
Next in order will be the report of the Secretary.
John Hinkley, of Maryland, Secretary, read his report.
The President:

The usual order is, I believe, to receive the report and place it on file, and that course will be taken in this instance.

(See the Report at end of Minutes.) The President: The report of the Treasurer will now be presented. Francis Rawle, of Pennsylvania, Treasurer, read his report. The President:

The report will be received and referred to the Auditing Committee.

(See the Report at end of Minutes.) The President:

The next in order will be the report of the Executive Committee.

The report of the Executive Committee was read by the Secretary.

The President:
The report is received and will be placed on file.

(See the Report at end of Minutes.)
A recess was taken until 8 o'clock P. M.


Wednesday, August 27, 1902, 8 P. M. The President:

The meeting will come to order. I have great pleasure in introducing to you a gentleman who has occupied very high positions in his own country under her late Majesty Queen Victoria, and who is at present Parliamentary Counsel to the

Treasury. I beg leave to introduce to you Mr. M. D. Chal-
mers, of London, who will address you on “Codification of
Mercantile Law.”
Mr. Chalmers then read his paper.

(See the Appendix.) The President:

I do not need to introduce formally a gentleman who has long been a member of our Association, and who is personally well-known to you all, and a gentleman who is well-known throughout our country to the profession. I now beg leave to introduce to you Mr. Amasa M. Eaton, of Providence, Rhode Island, who will address us on “ The Origin of Municipal Incorporation in England and in the United States." Mr. Eaton then read his paper.

(See the Appendix.) William A. Ketcham, of Indiana:

Preparatory to a discussion of these papers, which I understand to be next in order, if it is now in order, I move that the thanks of this Association be tendered to Mr. Chalmers for the very interesting and able paper that he has so kindly given us, and upon this motion I would be glad to have a rising vote.

Martin D. Follett, of Ohio:
I second that motion.
The motion was adopted by a rising vote.
William P. Breen, of Indiana :

Mr. President, the General Council, to which was referred the resolution offered by Mr. Brewster, of Connecticut, to amend the Constitution by adding a new article, to be known as Article 12, in the following words : “ The word 'person’ in the second Article of the Constitution shall be interpreted to include women as well as men,” reports that it has considered the subject, and that, in its opinion, it is inexpedient to adopt the same.

I move you, sir, the adoption of this report.

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