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It covers almost every known phase of its subject, ... and yet it is compact and readable."-Outlook. LAVIGNAC'S MUSIC AND MUSICIANS

By Professor ALBERT LAVIGNAC of the Paris Conservatory, author of "The Music Dramas of Richard Wagner." Edited for America by H. E. KREHBIEL, author of “How to Listen to Music," and translated by WILLIAM MARCHANT. With 94 illustrations and 510 examples in musical notation.

$3.00. (Descriptive circular free.) A brilliant, sympathetic, and authoritative work covering

musical sound, the voice, instruments, construction asthetics, and history. Practically a cyclopedia of its subject,

with 1000 topics in the index. W. J. Henderson in N. Y. Times' Saturday Review: “A truly wonderful production . . . a long and exhaustive account of the manner of using the instruments of the orchestra, with some highly instructive remarks on coloring . harmony he treats not only very fully, but also in a new and intensely interesting way counterpoint is discussedwith great thoroughness. .. it seems to have been his idea when he began to let no interesting topic escape. He even finds space for a discussion of the beautiful in music ... The wonder is that the author has succeeded in making those parts of the book which ought naturally to be dry so readable. Indeed, in some of the treatment of such topics as acoustics the professor has written in a style which can be fairly described as fascinating ... harmonics he has put before the reader more clearly than any other writer on the subject with whom we are acquainted. . . The pictures of the instruments are clear and very helpful to the reader It should have a wide circulation. . . It will serve as a general reference book for either the musician or the music-lover. It will save money in the purchase of a library by filling the places of several smaller books . it contains references to other works which constitute a complete directory of musical literature. Taking it all in all, it is one of the most im

portant books on music that has ever been published.” One of the most important contributions yet made to literary history by an American scholar."-Outlook. BEERS' ENGLISH ROMANTICISM--XVIII. CENTURY

By Professor HENRY A. BEERS of Yale. 2d impression. Gilt

top. 12mo. $2.00. New York Commercial Advertiser :. “The individuality of his

style, its humor, its color, its delicacy . . . will do quite as much to continue its author's reputation as his scholarship.. The work of a man who has studied hard, but who has also

lived." New York Times' Saturday Review : “Remarkably pene. trating and scholarly... It is a noteworthy book by an

acknowledged authority upon a most interesting period.” New York Tribune : “No less instructive than readable." Nation: “Always interesting. . . On the whole, may be commended as an excellent popular treatment of the special subject of the literary revival of mediævalism in the eighteenth century in England.”

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