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Web application testing is a complex topic because there are several types of testing
from unit testing to integration testing, through several other categorizations that can
be involved in a
complete test strategy.
The main objective of this book is to explain web application testing using a JavaScript library that
implements a well-known presentation design pattern (Model-View-ViewModel).One such library is KnockoutJs.
In this book, we can learn about the Jasmine, a unit testing JavaScript library that uses
a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) style to examine the various units and
modules of the source code.
I hope this book will give the correct development strategies to obtain the best results in terms of unit testing.

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Messora does a fantastic job of reviewing basics of the MVVM development pattern. As a seasoned JavaScript developer who’s used Knockout on a daily basis for a few years and is interested in developing highly testable Single Page Applications (SPAs), this book was of great value. Best practices are clearly identified, and a thorough explanation is provided for each. Ever wondered how to adopt separation of concerns in the JavaScript world to avoid spaghetti code and why it’s a good idea to avoid using jQuery as the cornerstone of your web application? Ever wondered when to choose BDD over TDD to satisfy your testing needs? The answers are found within.
Third party libraries such as Jasmine, Gulp, Karma, Phantom, and Postal are introduced. Coming from a Mocha and Grunt background myself, it was worthwhile to see the differences in Jasmine and Gulp, respectively. If you’re just getting started with Jasmine or if you want a refresher course on writing testable JavaScript, consider this book. It’s also a good read for those coming from a jQuery background who are beginning to explore the plethora of MV* frameworks/libraries out there.

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