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Thanks Mr. Ormsby.
I had translated the Borges' Averroes' Search from the English text of Hurley to Farsi (Persian). I knew Ibn Sina was not blind. I checked another English translation and that one
had the same error. I though this might be one of Borges' tricks to transfer his blindness to Ibn Sina, because may be when he was writing him he was putting himself in his position. I was not happy with that interpretation so I started searching the web. Fortunately tonight I came across you article, and it makes complete sense. I am happy as a clown! And thanks again for solving my dilemma.
you are right about "ashab ul kahf" in Zahir. Islamic culture is well aware of that. I was surprised about Hurley's note in that case too. That made me take his comments by a grain of salt.
Being Persian myself and I have translated 8 of Borges' stories which has any reference to the Middle Eastern or Islamic culture. What a cosmopolitan writer!

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