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Upper Canada



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Lecture of, on Political Economy 129
On Religious Instruction in Canadian

Schools 145. irculars, Official, to certain Local Super

intendents 27. To Wardens, &c. 57,

00, 104, 107, 168. Cleopatra's Needle 176. Coffin, Cradle and 83. College, Maynooth 61. Princeton, N. J.,

111. Antioch, Ohio, 111. Upper Canada 9, 124. Laying the Corner Stone of Horton, Van Dieman's Land 125.

Victoria 9, 110. 174. Acadia 93, 174. Colleges in Canada 174. State Aid to 9,

74, 78, 147. Commerce of England 47. True principle

of 101. Common Schools, General view as to

Course of Study and Instruction in

113. Company, Fruits of Good 99. Copernicus, Sketch of 20. Confess your Faults 84. Couvacle for the Young 84. Crystal Palace, The 79. Curious Fact, about the Months 92; in

Vegetable Physiology 05.

33 122

Free Scho Sir J.. NY, &c. 79.arvard 127.

Academy, Toronto 124. At Sackville,

N. B., Branch Female 125. Mount

Alison, N. J. 12). Accident in 9th Ward School, New York 6. Act, Supplementary School, of 1852, 162.

187. Addison, Right Honorable Joseph 148. Advice to Young, 19, 137. Agriculture in Prussia, Instructions in 14. Aid to Colleges in the State of N. York 78. American Association for the Advance

ment of Education 1, 143. Animal Matter, new mode of preserving

it froin decay 16. Annual School Meetings in Upper Canada,

12th January, 1855, Remarks on 184. Annual School Reports of local Superin

tendents, How to compile 27. Answers to Questions by Local School

Authorities, Official 26, 45, 56, 73, 184. Antiquities, Illustrations of Grecian 3. Apothegins, John Adams to his Wife 55.

From Stewart's Moral Philosophy 55.

Milton 90. Apportionment of the Legislative School

Grant 105. Arabia, Literary obligations of Europe to

70. Archaeological Researches in Algeria 16. Arctic Regions, Proposed further Re

searches 32, 127. Armies of European States 21. Armour, the Rev. John, Free School Lec

tures by 10, 51, 69, 91. Arithmetic, Mental, Mode of Teac Asiatic Subjects, Prizes on 94. Astronomy, Illustrations of 4, 20, 52, 99,

119. Atlases for Sale to Schools 58, 96.

Armour Leci17. 7. 19; in

Deaths of Distinguished Persons in 1851,

79. Debt. National, of European States 21. Design, Schools of 144. Discipline School 143. Discoveries, Geographical, 127. In the In

terior of Africa 127. Dreaming, Rapidity of Thought in 7.

Errors in respect to Schools corrected 49,, Institute, The Canadian 79. 67, 8, 102, 113.

Instinct of the Turtle 95. Exercises, Written 76.

Intelligence, Educational, 14, 28, 60, 75, Exhibition, Opening of the Irish Industrial 93, 109, 124, 141, 156, 174. Literary 102.

and Scientific, 15, 30, 63, 78, 95, 111, Explanatory Reniarks and Suggestions to 127, 143, 15%, 175.

Local Superintendents, touching their Instruction, Early, Thirst for Stories in Annual Reports 27.

Children 5. Question of Religious, &e.

145. Ruies for Hoine 123. Invention, Progress of, &c. 7. Defined by

Milton 32.

Isthmian Gaines 3. Festival of the Alumni of Harvard 127.

Ireland, Queen's University in 171.
Five, Multiplying by, &c. 79.

Italy, Education in 62.
Franklin, Sir J., New search for 32, 127.
Free Schools in France 19; in the State

of New York 47, 74.
Free School Lectures. by the Rev. John

Armour 10, 51, 69, 91. Petition to Journal of Education, Official character of Congress 78.

8. Postage on it discontinued 160. Free Schools, Question of best mode of Furnished to each Local Superinten

treating 8. Origin of the system of, dent and set of School Trustees
in U.C. 24. Engaging more than or-

dinary attention, &c. 11, 24, 28.
French system of Government 18.
Frost on Niagara Falls, Effect of 23.
Frozen Regions, Vegetation of the 128.

Keptucky, Education in 18.
Kindness in Little Things 90.
Kossuth on the Diffusion of Popular Edu-

cation in America 48. On Commerce Games of Antiquity, Athletic 3.

Garden, Sweet influences of a 89.
Genius, Talent and 90.
Geographical Discovery 127.
Geography, Physicul 137.

Lamartine 98.
Geological Fact, Singular 176.

Language, changes and Growth of the Geology of Canada 43.

English 122, 467. Cerman opinion of English Schools 162.

Laws of Health 71. Gigantic Telescope at Wandsworth 158.

Lectures, Free School, by the Rev. John Good Company, Fruits of 89.

Arinour 10, 51, 69, 91. On the Growth Government, French system of 18.

and Prospects of Canada, by the Rev. Crammar School, in Woodstock 124.

Adam Lillie 33, 40. On Political EcoWhitby 125, 112. Renfrew 142.

nomy, by Dr. Ryerson's 130. Great Britain, Property in 48.

Leipsic Book Trade, The 123. Great Exhibition Medal for Canada, The Lessons, How to hear, &c. 51.

79. Great Exhibition at New York, The 95.

Lexicography 128.

Libraries at Oxford University 87. Great Men, Memuties of 97. Their moments of Composition 124.

Life, The Chances of 8, 9. Great Results from Smal Beginnings 153.

Lillie, The Rev. Adam, Lectures on the

Growth and and Prosperity of Canada, Great Polar Ocean, The 32.

by 31, 40. Grecian Games 3. Guizot, on Wellington and Napoleon 150.

"Lines by Milion in his Old Age," pot

Milton's, &c. 28.
Gymnastics 65, 83, 100, 117, 138.

Literati, Parliamentary 159.
Literature and Science, Pensions to 144.
Literature, &c. among the Chinese 85.
Literary and Scientific Intelligence 15, 30,

63, 78, 95, 111, 127, 143, 158, 175., Harvard University 41, 126.

Little Things, Kindness in 90. Harvey, William, M.D. 115.

"Lloyd's List" a century ago 160. Health, Laws of 71. Public Speaking Locoinotion aflected by the Earth's rotafavourable to 90.

tion 159. Herodotus, Sketch of 164.

London, Literary Circles of 7. Actual exHincks, Hon. F. Speech of 180.

tent of 23. Home Instruction, Rules for 173. Schools

at 169.
Homer, Sketch of 81.

Houses, School, in Towns, &c., U.C. 121.
Humming Bird, Six new species of 16. McCaul, Rev. Dr., Speech of 181.

Magill College, Lower Canada 41.
Maps for Sale to Schools 12, 58.
Maynooth College 14, 61.

Mechanics, Encouragement for 55. Industry, Chemical Appliances to 112. Mechanics Institutes, an Educational Industrial Exhibition, Opening of the Irish

Agency 77. 102; College N. Y. 74.

Memoirs of Eminent Men Insect Builders, Skill of 159.

I. Homer 81. Inspectors of Schools in Lower Canada

II. William Harvey, M. D, 115, 76. An Imperial Inspector, in Russia JII. Joseph Addison 148. 174.

IV. Herodotus 164.

Female gern 47.

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Early Collegiate Education 53.

Earth, Theory of the Formation of the 10. Battles, Ancient and Modern 47.

Earth's Rotation, affects Locomotion 159. Beauty, Ideas of Female 89.

Eclipses of the Sun in 1852, 16, 123. Belleville, Common School Celebration

Editorial 8, 24, 44, 56, 80, 96, 104, 120,

136, 168, 184. Blackboard, Great value of a 93.

Editorial Notices 64 ; and Official 80, 96. Blind to Read, Society for Teaching the

Education, in India 111. In Montreal. 77.

from an American point of view 125. Book Trade, The Leipsic 128.

In Scotland 174. American AssociBooks, Fate of 144.

ation for the advancement of 1, 143. Brock's Monument 149.

Kossuth on the diffusion of Popular, Buenos Ayres, Education in 77.

in America, 48. In the State of New Business, Integrity in 170.

York 63, 74. Every Child has a right Briggs, Governor, on Free Schools 6.

to 75. Thoroughness in 103. The British and Foreign Intelligence 14, 30, 61,

period of a Child's 151. The claims 77, 93, 110, 126, 142, 157, 174.

of Universal 152. Letter of a German on English 162. Early Collegiate 53. The Earl of Derby on 61. Lord John Russell on 61. In Italy 62. General

Assembly's Scheme 62. In Iowa 63. Cambridge University 126.

In Wisconsin 63. In Egypt 14. In Canada : its Growth and Prospects 33. Buenos Ayres 77, 94. In Georgia 78. Great Exhibition Medal for 19.

In California 94. Canadian Resources and Progtess, 33, 153. Educational, Intelligence 14, 28, 60, 75, 93, Institute, 79.

109, 124, 141, 156, 174. Department Catalogue, Descriptive, of Maps, &c., &c., in Turkey 77. Institutions of Toronto

for sale at the Depository, 12, 58, 139, 156. 154.

Educational Society of England, National Cause and Effect 156.

14. Character illustrated 167.

Electric Phenomena 112. Chemical appliances to Industry 112. Eminent Men, Short Memoirs of 81, 115, Chinese, Education &c., among the 85.

148, 164. Chronology condensed 167.

Energy required in Teaching 108. Chemistry, Text Books on 64, 140, 156. England, The Commercial Ports of 47. Chief Superintendent of Schools to the English Language, Changes and Growth

Municipal Council of Norfolk, U.C., 9.1 of 122, 167.

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The Knell of Time, 21.
The Coming-in of Spring 52.
The Sea 51.
There is a Tongue in every Leaf 70.
Cradle and Coffin 83.
Power and Gentleness 85.
Why do the Flowers blooin, Mother 99.
The Voice and Sinile of Summer 102.
The Boy 117.
The Spirit of Death and the Angels

New school-louse-Dedication Ode.

The Blind Boy's been at play, Mother

Meinory 166.
Polar Ocean, Great 32.
Political Economy, Dr. Ryerson's Lecture

on 1:29.
Fopular Education in America, Kossuth

on 48.
Population of European States, 21. or

Upper Canada 105,
Postage ou Journal of Education discon-

tinued 160.
Practical Suggestions to Councillors, &c.8.
Prayer, the Lord's, Speciinen of 122.
Press, Canadian, on Education 186, 183.
Preston, U.C., Schoolhouses in 121.
Precious Stones artificially made at Sevres

Prizes on Eastern Subjects 94.
Progress of Inventions, &c. 7.
Property in Great Britain 48.
Ptolemaic Theory of Astronomy 4.
Public Speaklng favourable to Health 90.
Pythian Gaines 3.


National Museum, The 79.
National school Society, Meeting of the

Newspaper, Influence of a 166. A silk

Nemean Games 3.
New Brunswick, Schools in 29, 61.
Niagara Falls, Effect of Frost on, 23.
Norfolk, County of, and Chief Superin-

tendent of Schools 9.
Normal School in Lower Canada 29. In

Upper Canada 32, 60. Wesleyan, in

Westminster, Engand 142.
Normal School, Examinations 61, N.Y.

State, Close of the Term 127. Cere-
mony of opening New Buildings of the

177. Nova Scotia Schools 61, 125, 174.

School Fund, Proposed increase to, in Time, Value of five minutes 89.

State of New York 78. Of Upper Tomb of Napoleon 95.
Canada -

Trees and Plants, Economy of 125.
School-Houses, Erection of, &c. 120. Trinity College, Dublin, Historical memo-
School Laws, New, for Nova Scotia, New

randa or 51. Toronto 14, 41, 93.
Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island Turkey, Education in 77.

| Turtle, Instinct of 95.
Schools, Principle of Free 6. Or Design Tuscany, Universities in 14.

144. For seainen 175. In the Desert
11. Free, in the State of New York
47. Errors in respect to, corrected 49,
67, S8, 102. Physical Training in 65,
83, 100, 117, 133. Constitution and
Government of 145. Econoiny of Uncle Tom's Cabin, 176.
Public 152. At Home 109. Classifi Universe, Wonders of the 158. Immen-
cation, &c., in 169. Mutual Relations sity of 176.
of parties in 72. Inspectors of, in Universities, Statistics of German 30.
Lower Canada 76. Public, of Brock University Commission, The Oxford 86.
ville 125.

University of Athens 62. Or France 62.
School System in Upper Canada, Charac-

A Free 62. Or Queen's College, U.C. ter and Capabilities of the 9, 166. 37, 76 Or Victoria College 9, 38, 76, Opinion of the Editor of the Near

110, 174. Trinity College, Upper CaBrunswick Reporter on the 29.

nada 76. Of Cambridge 126. ComSchool Teaching, Notice to Candidates for mencement at Harvard 128. Or 144.

Queen's, in Ireland -
Science, The Mystery of 112.

Upas Tree, The 96, 172.
Scicntitic Intelligence. See Intelligence. Useful Memorandums 101, 119.
Scotland, Education in 62, 174.
Sculpture, Ancient, 1:28.
Seamen, Schools for 175.
Shakspeare and Swift 48.
Silk Newspaper 175.
Small Beginnings. Great Results from 153. | Van Dieman's Land, College in 125.
Smith Adam 1:29.

| Vegetable Physiology, Curious Facts in 95. Speaking, Public, favourable to Health 99. Vegetation of the Frozen Regions 128. Statistics, of European States, Important | Victoria College, 9, 38, 76, 93, 110, 174.

21. Or German Universities 30.
Steam likely to be superseded 7.
Stories, Thirst for, in Children 5.

Study, Course of, for Common Schools 113.
Submarine Telegraph, Irisb 31.
Summary, Educational, Monthly :-

Wayland, Dr., Francis 133.
Canadian, froin various sources J4,

Webster, The Honorable Daniel 170. 29, 60, 75. 93, 109, 124, 141, 156,

Wellington, The Duke of 150. 174.

Wesleyan Academy, Mount Allison, N.S. British and Foreign 14, 30, 61, 77, 93,

125. 110, 126, 142, 157, 174.

Westminster Bridge built of Epsom Salts Eastern Provinces 29, 61, 76, 125, 174.

Colonial 125.

Whately, Archbishop 131.
Summary Literary and Scientific-Month-

Whig, Origin of the word 96.
ly. See Intelligence.

William the Conqueror, Guizot on 55. Suspension Bridge, the New 160.

Winter of 1851-52, Extraordinary charac

teristics of 22.
Wisconsin Schools in 63.
Wonders of the Universe 159.
Writing. Value of, 70 Text books on 155.
Writers, Identity in Sentiment of 48.

Wyse, Right Honourable Thomas 132.
Talent and Genius 90.
Teachers, Good Advice to Young 19, 137.

Co-operate with the 173.
Teaching the Blind 10 Read, Society for

Yale College 94, 120.
Teaching, Parental, 90. Energy required Young, Counsels for the 84.
in 108. or successful 173.

Young Teacher, Advice to 137.
Telegraphic Time in England, 80. Alarms

in Boston, 80.
Thankfulness, on retrospect of 4 years pro-

gress 8.
Telescope at Wandsworth, Gigantic 158.
Thoughi, in Dreaming %

| Zodiac, The Signs of, &c. 118.

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No. 1.


PAGE, I. American Association for the Advancement of Education- Dr. POTTER'S

Opening Address, ......................
II. YOUTH'S DEPARTMENT, 1. The Dumb Child (Poetry), 2. Illustrations of

Grecian Antiquity (six engravings). 3. Illustrations of Astronomy,

(one engraving). 4. “ Mother, please tell me a story," .......... 3 III. MISCELLANEOUQ. 1. " A silver lining to every cloud”. (Poetry) 2. The

late Accident of the 9th Ward School, New York, (Incidents, &c.)
3. Principle of Free Schools. 4. Progress of Invention tending to
supersede Steam. 5. Rapidity of Thought in Drcaming. 6. Literary

Circles in London, .....:
IV. EDITORIAL 1. Coinmencement of the Fifth Voluine of the Journal of

Education for Upper Canada-Practical Suggestions and Remarks. 2.
County of Norfolk and the Chief Superintendent of Schools-School

System in Upper Canada,...............................
V. Free School Lecture, by the Rev. JOHN ARMOUR, Port Sarnia.........:

10 VI. Descriptive Catalogue of School Requisites, for sale at the Educational

Depository, Toronto, .........
VII, EDUCATIONAL INTELLIGENCE. 1. Canada. 2. British and Foreign, ..



OF EDUCATION. We know not that we can botter commence the fifth volume of the JOURNAL OF EDUCATION than by presenting our readers with the Address of the Right Reverend Dr. POTTER, of Philadelphia, one of the Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, delivered at Cleaveland, Ohio, at the oponing of the second annual meeting of the American Associatiou for the Advancement of Education--an Association of which the Chief Superintendent of Schools for Upper Canada has the honor of being a member, and which embraces the British North American Provinces, as well as the United States. Dr. Potter's language is as eloquent and beautiful as his views are comprehensive and philanthropio. Dr. POTTER, as President of the Association, opened the proceedings of the annual meeting with the following able and cloquent exposition of its objects and character :

Ho remarked :-The Association which we have now ventured to organizo-I use the term ventured, because I appreciate the responsibility which any of the friends of education assume in undertaking to associate themselvos together for purposes so vast, and under a title so comprehensive as are indicated in this instrument, which the Secretary has just read ;-the Association is not only national-it is in truth continental. It is an American Association for the advancement of Education, and it aspires to embrace within the sphere of its unpretending labours, representatives from all quarters of North America. It would recognize no barriers

between the citizens of this great republic, and the citizens of the neighbouring provinces of a British monarch. It would recognize, in regard to our own land, no distinctions, no dividing lines between the east and the west, the north and the south. It owns here, in its aspirations, but one country, and but one kin. Man ag man, in all his high and illimitable capabilities, is the subject about whom we propose to counsel together for the advancement and elevation of whom we propose to labour. A period seems to me to have arrived in the history of education in this country, and in every civilized and Christian land, in which re-unions, consultations, mutual deliberations, the calm, dispassionato exchange of opinion, become very important. To give to these ro-unions their appropriato dignity, and, abovo all, their appropriate usefulness, it is desirable to combine the labours of those who come from every section. To attain this object it is proposed to make the meetings of this institution migratory. It was cradled upon the shores of tho Atlantic, in that city where the Declaration of Independence was first made, and where first saw the light that ægis under which we live, the Constitution of the United States. All we can hope for in this institution is, a career in some humble measure as progressive and as rich in blessings to mankind, as has been the career of the two great instruments to which I have referred. By conversing at different points we hope to secure a fair infusion of the best intelligence and public spirit which has applied itself to this subject of education throughout the length and breadth of North America.

We have met here, to-day, as if to indicate the comprehensive | design of this institution. Where are we assembled ? On the

shores of one of those magnificent inland seas which constitute eo much of the strength and glory of this people. We look towards the south, on that vast expanse, toeming with its millions of population, the waters of which discharge themselves into the Gulf of Mexico. Rolling at our foet are waters which reach the Gulf of St. Lawrence ; and these same waters, on their backward course, carry you to that mighty territory of the North and West so rapidly peopling from every part of the earth, and from which, as a great hive, multitudes are to be sent forth to the Pacifio. The time at which we are met is auspicious. During these hours, there areassembled at the capital of a neighbouring State, which has entitled itself the Empire State, representatives from the science of the land - from those who have consecrated themselves to knowledge in thọ departments of chemistry, mechanics, and natural history. We have assembled ourselves at a place distant from them geographically, to confer about the great science and art of educationscience which seeks to investigate the law which regulato the normal development of the mind an art which applies these laws to the actual culture and development of that same mind. Now, I conceive we shall labour well and wisely in this cause, in proportion as we recognize the fact, that while much has been given us

* The American Association for the Advancement of Science,

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