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After readig this book I asked myself the following:
Need to lose weight?
How to lose weight fast ?
How to lose weight in a week ?
And now ... read my successful story here
Some excerpts from my diary:
- bodybuilding product
- free printable charts to record weight loss
- atkins diet and kidney stone
- body building and biceps
- maternal child nutrition health
Good Luck!

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TITLE: "Food that is healthy and food that taste good are NOT mutually exclusive" February 24, 2007
Dr. Andrew Weil starts the video saying that "I believe I know some of the
secrets to good health and longevity" and the rest of the program is him sharing these "secrets". These secrets are from the realms of conventional and alternative medicine, and are about diet, health, food, and nutrition. He gives practical advice, and no illusionary ideas.
Two ideas that stand out and that Dr. Weil emphasizes are:
* "Food that is healthy and food that taste good are not mutually exclusive" ("no opposition between eating for health and eating for pleasure").
* Eating well for Optimum Health (eating is a source of pleasure, of social interaction, source of cultural and individual identity. We have power of our food choices).
Dr. Andrew Weil, a trained botanist (undergrad at Harvard university) and a medical doctor (Harvard Med school), states that he never practice conventional medicine, but instead "integrated medicine", program director of integrated medicine at University of Arizona, and is involved in teaching doctors about nutrition. Interest: food, health, and cooking, and how other cultures have viewed these areas.
Main goals of this program are:
1) Basic Facts of Human Nutrition
2) Dispel Confusion and Myths
3) Importance of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats
4) How to Read Labels (and be better shoppers)
5) How to Enjoy Preparing Food
6) How to Recognized Unhealthy Diets
7) How to Plan an Optimum Diet
Principles of Eating Well:
a) One has to eat to live (food is fuel for our metabolic bodies).
b) Plants capture solar energy.
c) Plants provide energy for animals.
d) Eating is a major source of pleasure ("food has a tremendous power to change behavior") and "not all of us respond to food the same way" (and can sometimes become a source for addictive behavior - eating immoderately and addictively).
e) Healthy food gives you Pleasure!
f) Eating is important in social interaction (word "companion" in Latin means "bread"; Japanese for "intimate companion" is one who eats rice from the same bowl). How we eat reflects and defines our personal and cultural identity.
g) How we eat is one determinant of health. Eating is not the only determinant of health. Eating is important because one has total control over it.
h) Nutritional medicine
a. Designing an Optimum Diet.
b. Treating specific diseases with dietary change.
Seven key areas of lifestyle that Dr. Weil thinks are important:
i) Know what Foods to Eat
ii) Dietary Supplements and their use
iii) How to Relax (what one does to neutralize and reduce stress) ... Breathing technique, Meditation
iv) Exercise and Physical Activity (intense isolated workouts not the most useful form of activity but rather the sum total activity throughout a day)
v) "Connectedness" ("believes that living in isolation promotes illness")
vi) Enjoy Work and Play (and attitudes toward work)
vii) Adequate Rest (sleep of adequate amount and quality)
GOALS 4 & 5:
Therapeutic Cooking - a section on how he enjoys cooking and how relaxing this activity is. Be creating and imaginative. Believes cooking together in a kitchen is a good test of compatibility. Cook pasta al dente.
Read Labels! Basic principles: if label list is so long it barely fits on product he skips it, compare what is in the product and compare how he would make it at home, check total calories (make sure the serving size is really what you would eat), check serving size, check total fat, listing of micronutrients (check saturated fat, sodium amount), avoid hydrogenated anything.
Different cooking methods: microwaving may not be the healthiest long term cooking, always use only ceramic or glass. Be an "alchemist in the kitchen." Use foods that promote

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