SAT 1200 Words in 30 Days

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Chris Gates, Pacific Lava School
Anne Yang - Study Aids

 SAT 1200 Words in 30 Days is for students in narrow time frame to prepare tests. Its proper vocabulary and organization bring great efficiency and convenience to tens of thousands and help them up scores. In fact, it isn't simply an ebook. Based on its proven contents, Pacific Lava School offers online options to let students build vocabulary quicker and easier from and

Various online courses and resources are contributed by the author, Pacific Lava School. It means what you get isn't only an ebook of word list, you also have lots of fantastic accompanied tools in word building journey. Some of them are deserved to let you know here.

1. SAT 1200 Words in 30 Days, free online course shared the same title and word list exactly as this ebook. It provides online practice. If you are ESL student, you can get explanation of each word in 20 languages.

2. DIY Vocabulary Test, free online resource. It makes dynamical test sheet to help you evaluate your level and progress anytime and anyplace. To match with this ebook's contents, please ensure to select SAT and Basic level.

3. DIY Vocabulary EBook, online resource. It is a great tool to make your own PDF word list. In DIY ebook, you can skip known word, include local explanation, and/or expand your list from basic level (1200 of this ebook) to all levels' 3600 words.

Pacific Lava School appreciates every second and every coin that students invest on vocabulary building and does its best to assist them to be successful. Choose this ebook is a great start for your vocabulary building. Come on, the bright future is shining ahead!



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