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Planets hover

Wild mist over,
Pallid stars like lamps within the tomb.
Slowly grows the grave into a mound;

O for earthly treasure yet one glance! In vain!
Everlasting is death 's final bound-
Smoothly grows the heap of earth into a mound;

And the grave gives never back again.


From the German
So fare thee well thou silent house;

With saddened heart I bid adieu,
Not knowing where my way shall lie,

Still hoping peace may dwell with you.
So fare ye well, my faithful friends,

I take my leave with troubled mind;
Though fortune smile on other lands,

I'll think of those I left behind.

So fare thee well, oh lady mine;

My path from thine afar off lies;
Give me once more thy gentle hand,

Nor doubt the love that never dies.

Sleep sweetly through the dewy night

Until a better morning break;
For me no rising dawn shall bring

The morn thine eyes alone can make.
And when in other days I come,

If then I find no change in thee,
I shall be rich though Fortune frown,

For thou art all the world to me.


OCT 26 1914

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