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MI'Nair, Joseph W. Lawrence and John H. Jonest give a bond to the said treasurers to the amount of fiy thousand dollars for the faithful discharge of their duty as commissioners to build said bridge, and when said bridge is completed, they shall then settle and account with the respective boards of supervisors of the mid counties of Ontario and Genesee for the trust hereby

counties in them. it further he superir indirectly

XLI. And be it further enacted, That no one of the outies deputies or assistants of the superintendant of the saltof sup. of springs shall hereafter be directly or indirectly concernSalt

ed in any salt-works (except by evaporation otherwise

din springs prohibited than by fire) and the said superintendant shall appoint frombeing in each of the three villages in which salt is or shall be concerned in salt manufactured under his superintendance, an assistant works. deputy to act only in case of the absence of such de

puty, one of whom shall attend constantly at some known office of inspection to be established and pointed out as such by a suitable sign placed in a conspicuous place, from the rising to the setting of the sun on each day of the week, Sabbath excepted, for the purpose of inspecting all salt sold in said villages, and receiving the duties thereon.

XLII. And be it further enacted, That it shall be vor lawful for the surveyor-general to settle with Thomas general di- Mounsey for the arrears of rent due on the lease given

ed to, by the surveyor-general on behalf of this state to the said settle with T. Moun. Thomas Mounsey, of part of the public lot situate in the sey for ar- town of Colonie, in the county of Albany, and to derears of rent on the duct therefrom such sum of money as the surveyorpublic lot general shall deem reasonable to be allowed to the said in the Colonie.

Thomas Mounsey for the value of permanent improraments by him erected and left on the demised premise at the expiration of the said lease, and upon payment

the balance of the said rent, with the costs accrue A wall to thereon, to give the said Thomas Mounsey a full de be built on the east charge of the said rent. side of the XLIII. And be it further enacted, That the sale lot on which the tary, the attorney-general, the surveyor-general anthy public of treasurer of this state be and they are hereby authori fices istand ed to cause to be erected a good and substantial 1 in

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east side of the lot in the city of Albany on which building in which the public offices are kept is erect

and to make such other necessary erections and res on and about said lot as to them shall appear prop. and that the treasurer, on the warrant of the compler, shall pay the expence of such erections and re'S: And further, that the said public building shall eafter be known by the name of the State Hall... State Thall. KLIV. And be it further enacted, That the treasur. of this state be and is hereby authorized to pay, up-$89 to be

rup paid to J, he warrant of the comptroller, to James Fairlie, the Fairlie." k of the supreme court residing in the city of Newrk, the sum of eighty-nine dollars and fifty-four cents, ag the balance due to him for monies expended him in pursuance of the act entitled “An act to vide for the due preservation of the records and jers in the office of the clerk of the supreme court he city of New York," over and above the sum by

said act appropriated for the purposes therein met ned. XLV. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer kocar

this state shall, on the warrant of the comptroller, to be paid , to William P. Van Ness and Jonn Woodworth, to W. P.

", Van Ness quires, out of any monies in the treasury, each five and J. ndred dollars, in full for the performance of the servi. Woodi required of them by the act entitled "An act mak." sprovision for the revision of the laws of this state," ssed April 4, 1811., XLVI. And be it further enacted, That the comp. ller is hereby authorized to audit the accounts of They are ch clerks as may have been employed by the said to b illiam P. Van Ness and John Woodworth in copying clerk hire. d engrossing the revised laws, and for stationary, and r their services, in auditing whereof the comptroller all allow such sum for every folio copied or such clerks containing seventy-two words as the id William P. Van Ness and John Woodworth shall rtify to be reasonable, and the treasurer, on the war. nt of the comptroller, is hereby directed to pay the me out of any monies in the treasury:

Portrait of

e G. Clinton XLVII. And be it further enacted, That the trea

ato be purirer pay, on the warrant of the con péroller, to such chased.



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person as the secretary of state, the comptroller a: the surveyor-general shall direct, such sun as sbal} ] by them allowed for a full length portrait of the lat George Clinton, which they are hereby authorized t purchase for the senate chamber, with such embellish

ments as they shall think proper. Uisce XLVIII. And be it further enacted, That it shall turpise be lawful for the president, directors and company oi

Losed to the union turnpike road to take at each gate upon their tate add-road, upon every one horse pleasure wagyon, si and

one quarter cents, for passing said gate, any thing in their act of incorporation to the contrary notwithstanding.

XLIX. And be it further enacted, That nothing in First sec. tion of the the first section of the act entitled * An act for the ac for the relief of debtors from the imprisonment of their perreljef of debtors Sons," shall be deemed or construed to extend to im&c. amend prisonment of plaintiff, or lessors of the plaintiff for

costs only, in any suit hereafter to be brought.

L. And be it further enacted, That in all executions Interest to accrue on to be issued on judginents hereafter to be recorered judgments upon contracts, it shall be lawful to direct the collectractsfrom tion of the interest on the said judgment from the time the time of of recovering the same until paid. try. LI. And be it further enacted, That the comptroller

is hereby required to postpone the sale of the land Comptrol- for the tax laid in pursuance of the act entitled " An ler direct. ediposi act to amend an act entitled “ An act supplementary pone cer- to an act for improving the road from Chester to Can

ton," passed the 15th June, 1812, and advertised to be sold on the first Monday of May next, until the first Monday which will be in the month of April nest,

and that he shall forthwith give notice of such postpone And give ment in the newspapers in which the said Jands a7| notice of, advertised for sale, and continue such notice once : such post. ponement. week for three weeks successively; and it shall or

be necessary to continue the publication of the 34 advertisement nor of the said notice of postponent beyond the times by this and the said act reqarec but that he shall give notice in the said newspaper once a week for six weeks successively, iminediate



tain sales,


laincu 11 Pussards.


ceding the said first Monday of April next, that h of the lands that remain charged with the said , and that were so as aforesaid advertised to be I on the said first Monday of May,, will be sold on said first Monday of April, as will be necessary pay the said tax, and the charges of advertising and ale.

II. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer on 59.11 to Warant of the comptroller, shall pay to John Rich- be paid to s, out of the proceeds of the tax raised in pursu bude e of the act entitled “An act to amend an act ened “ An act supplementary to an act for the improv

the road from Chester to Canton,” passed the 15th ie, 1812, fifty-two dollars and eleven cents, in adon to the compensation allowed him in and by said

in full for his services as assessor under that act and act amended by the same. LIII. And be it further enacted, That the assessment Assessde by the said John Richards in the month of June bvh in shall be as valid as if the saine had been made in June last month of May last, any thing in the act entitled rend An act to amend an act entitled “ An act supplentary to an act for the improving the road from ester to Canton," passed the 15th June, 1812, to

contrary notwithstanding. LIV. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer, a the warrant of the comptroller, shall pay to Henry paid to H. Southwick fifty dollars for stitching five thousand C: South

4 wick. pies of the report to the legislature of the commisners for taking into consideration all matters relat: to the improvement of the internal navigation of 3 state.

1 ACT concerning the execution of Writs ad quod

Passed April 13, 1813.
E it enacted by the people of the state of Nen-

York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That all cases in which a writ ad quod damnum is to be ecuted to ascertain the damages of any person whose ids may be taken for the use of the United States,


it shall be lawful for the chancellor, when in his opi ion a fair and impartial assessment cannot be had b a jury of the county in which the lands are situate, ti order a struck or foreign jury for the execution of such writ.



Page 4, chap. 2, title, after compensation, for of read to.

25, sec. 1, line 4, for few read Tew.
43, sec. 4, line 7, for forfect read forfeit.
46, after title, for March 15 read March 3.
47, sec. 3, line 14, for hereby read thereby.
52, sec. 1, line 2, after That insert out.
76, sec. 2, line 4, after capital insert stock.

sec. 3, line 4, after provided insert for.

87, sec. 4, last line, for interest read intent. 157 100, sec. 1, last line, after for insert the.

112, sec. 1, line 15, for Heary read Henry.
115, title, after inhabitants insert of the village.

sec. 5, line 11, for respective read faithful
118, preamble, for Mersier read Mesier.
130, after title, for Aprll read April.
143, sec. 2, line 1. after from insert and.
148, sec. 3, line 12, after assigns insert or his.
150, sec. 2, line 26, after purchase, for of read ar.

line 27, after funds, for or read of.
156, title, for Genesee read Greene.
165, sec. 3, line 9, for monies read minors.
168, sec. 1, line 4, for Whitney read Whiting.
179, preamble, line 4, for netition read petition.

192, sec. 3, line 2, after such insert by. 336, 203, sec. 42, line 11, after lease insert beyond tk stipulatione

contained in the said lease.


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