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ly, on or before the first day of August next, hat after such return shall be made it shall be the

of the clerk of the said county to destroy the ballots in the jury box in his office, and cause ames of the persons so as aforesaid to be returnvith their places of abode, and additions, to be en on separate slips of paper and put into the box f which the names of the jurors are next to be


Prisoners to be re

XIII. And be it further enacted, That as soon as ew gaol for the city and county of Albany shall ady for the reception and confinement of prison-moved to it shall be lawful for the sheriff of the said city the new county to remove his prisoners into the said gaol, finished. henceforth the same shall be the gaol of the city county of Albany, and such removal of the prics as aforesaid shall in no wise be deemed an es: And further, it shall be lawful for the now next

And gaol ing or any subsequent court of common pleas for liberties to aid county to establish and designate the liberties be desig. e said new gaol, which when so established and nated. gnated shall be the liberties of the said gaol, and present liberties of the old gaol shall be abolished i and after the removal of the prisoners aforesaid the said new gaol. XIV. And be it further enacted, That the trea- Treasurer r of this state shall, on the warrant of the comp-to pay er, pay to the president, directors and company the High. he Highland turnpike, the sum of five thousand land turnars in addition to the sum heretofore granted, to pike comaid out by them in building a bridge over Croton r', on the post road leading from the city of Newk to the city of Albany, and to be paid when the

bridge shall be completed: And further, That so ch of the fifty-eighth section of the act entitled in act for the payment of certain officers of gov- Toll may ment, and for other purposes,” passed June 19th, for cross2, as inhibits the directors and company of the ing the I turnpike road from receiving any toll for crossing bridge on said bridge, be and the same is hereby repealed, river. I that the toll which may be received for crossing


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the said bridge shall be laid out and expended in 1 pairs of the said bridge, and in or towards the con pleting and keeping in repair the said turnpike roa

between the said bridge and Fishkill. Suits on constables

XXV. And be it further enacted, That all suits o bonds how actions on any bond executed by any constable and to be pros- his sureties for the faithful performance of the duty of

his office, shall be prosecuted within two years after the expiration of the year for which such constable shall be elected.

XXVI. And be it further enacted, That it shall be Stream or the duty of the surveyor-general forth with to publish publish a a notice in the newspaper published by the printer to notice re- this state, and in three of the newspapers published in leasing the the Western District of this state, for six weeksin cucStedman cession, that the tract of land called the Stedman farm farm.

on the Niagara river, is to be leased for the term of one year from a day to be mentioned in such notice, to the person who shall before such day offer to accept of such lease on the terms which in the opinion of the surveyor-general shall be the most advantageous to this state; and the surveyor-general is authorized ti execute such lease on the part of this state, and to in sert in the counterpart of such lease to be executed by the lessee such covenants as he shall deem proper

, and exact such security from the lessee for the perfor ance of the covenants contained in such lease as he shall deem proper and necessary.

XXVII. And be it further enacted, That it shall part of the lawful for the commissioners of the land-office to dired wniappare the surveyor-general to sell in parcels exceeding the lands in quantity of two hundred acres, such of the unappa lots es priated lands as they shall judge not saleable to a 200 acres, vantage in separate lots or parcels of that quanti

: any thing in the act entitled " An act concerning coinmissioners of the land-office and the sale of

unappropriated lands," to the contrary notwithstarm. Corpora. X III. And be it further enacted, That theiny þany ex of

recorder, aldermen and assistants of the city of Alba ficio mem-shall and may, by virtue of their respective offices

May sell

tion of Al

bers of the


Act rela

Macomb a balance

embers of the Albany Lancaster school society, any v to the contrary notwithstanding.

ciety. XXIX And be it further enacted, That the provins of the act entitled “ An act concerning slaves tive to d servants,” relative to the importation and exporta-slaves and n of slaves, shall not be construed to extend to cases amended. . nere persons residing within and near the boundary e of this state and owning and occupying land over e said line in a neighbouring state, shall bring such eves into or take them out of this state for the purse of cultivating the land which he may so own and ecupy in either state. XXX. And be it further enacted, That the trea-'Treasurer rer shall, on the warrant of the comptroller, pay to to pay R. obert Macomb the balance which may be due on s account for services as clerk of the courts of oyer due him. nd terminer and general gaol delivery and general essions of the peace, in and for the city and county f New-York, as the same shall be audited and allowd by the court of exchequer.

XXXI. And be it further enacted, That where any Taxeshow ne of division between any two towns in this state to be paid hall intersect any farm or dwelling-house, all the where axes on such farm shall be levied upon and paid by intersecthe owner or possessor in the town where his dwelling-ed bytown house or the greater part thereof shall be, any thing n the act entitled “ An act for the assessment and colection of taxes” to the contrary notwithstanding.

XXXII. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer shall pay, on the warrant of the comptroller, to al allowThe adjutant-general of this state the sum of four hun-ance to the dred and fifty dollars, as an additional compensation for his services for one year, to commence on the first day of March last, payable quarter yearly.

XXXIII. And be it further enacted, That in all cases Taxespaid wherever a tax has been or shall be paid into the trea- by mistake sury of this state by mistake, or which by law the to be restate had no right to receive, it shall be the duty of the treasurer, and he is hereby authorized, on the warrant of the comptroller, to refund the same to the party



adj. gen.

apie o to his reprezentative, Wiek: XLÁTS. And bed Furiket Ensched, The FSEI de tant 289 best 255 Onunty of this state ha mer

tere all make sake of aos bands teseset erizedtzis the ment: soda and by virtue of any erects and ança rected and deliveres, aod has died ostate Se signing and eating the deal of sale and presenza este suust sell apd may be lasful for the executarat

strators of such deceased sheriff to make a create a dead of conveyance to the purchases in the same manner as the said deceased sheriff right could Łare done had he remained alive, any las to the car

trary notwithstanding. Secretary

XXXV. And be it further enacted. The shall direcret's be and hereby is made the duty of the scretary of

this state, to furnish, at the expence of this state, one volumes of copy of the reports of the supreme court and court of

errors of this state for the use of each of the courts of common pleas in the several counties of this state not already provided for in the act entitled "An act to authorize the supreme court to appoint a reporter," and the treasurer shall, on the warrant of the comptroller

, pay the amount paid by the secretary.

Whereas it appears by the report of the surveyorgeneral that the undivided twelfth part of a gore of land between the bounds of Hosick and the partition line of the patent of Pittstown was forfeited by the attainder of Robert Leake, and the same was on behalf of the state sold at public auction to Josiah Masters for the consideration of eight hundred and twenty dollars, which sum has been duly paid by him into the treasury, and that afterwards other documents were discovered on which the attorney-general certified that instead of the said undivided twelfth part of the part ofsaid gore of land forfeited as aforesaid was the undivided half part of the lands in said gore lying respectively opposite to lots number one hundred and seventy-five ar forty-three, in the patent of Pittstown, and extending from said lots to the bounds of the patent of Hosiek

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7 reason whereof the surveyor-general could not give
conveyance of the premises: Therefore,
XXXVI. Be it further enacted That the treasurer Treasurer
y, on the warrant of the comptroller, to the said Josi-8949 to J.

Masters, the sum of nine hundred and forty-nine Masters. llars in lieu of the lands so as aforesaid sold to him, d in full satisfaction of the money so by him paid to the treasury as aforesaid. XXXVII. And be it further enacted, That a sum A redoubt t exceeding twenty-two thousand dollars be and to be erect reby is appropriated for the purpose of erecting a nal Hill. doubt or protecting work on Signal Hill, near the arrows on Staten-Island. XXXVIII. And be it further enacted, That the trea- Portrait of rer shall pay, on the warrant of the comptroller, to C. Washzra Ames, for a full length portrait of Gen. George be purashington, such sum of money as shall be allowed chased of erefor by the committee authorized by a concurrent solution of the senate and assembly, passed April 2, 13,to purchase the same, which portrait shall be plac1 in the assembly chamber in such manner and with ch embellishments as the secretary of state, the compbller and surveyor-general shall direct. XXXIX. And be it further enacted, That the trea- 870 to be rer shall pay, on the warrant of the comptroller, to Starring, enry Starring, Junior, the sum of seventy dollars, jun full for his expences for conveying prisoners sennced to the state-prison from the county of Herkimer the county of Westchester, where they effected

E. Ames.

eir escape,

XL. And be it further enacted, That it shall be law- Treasur1, and it is hereby made the duty of the treasurers tario and the counties of Ontario and Genesee, that out of Geneseeto e first monies they may receive for arrears of taxes monies to ie said counties from the treasurer of this state, they build a all then severally pay to Hugh M‘Nair, Joseph W. bridge on awrence and John H. Jones, the sum of two thou-see river. ind dollars for the use and purpose of building a bridge ver the Genesee river, between the towns of Geneseo nd Lincester, at or near the ferry now kept by Peter ebee, and that it shall be the duty of the said Hugh

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