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JUL 30 1929

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In pursuance of the authority vested in me, by section 932 of the Code of Civil Procedure, I, Francis M. Hugo, Secretary of State, hereby certify that the copies of the laws contained in this volume are correct transcripts of the text of the original laws, and in accordance with such section are entitled to be read in evidence.

Given under my hand and the seal of office of the Secretary of State, at the Capitol in the City of Albany, this 5th day of July, 1916. [L. s.]


Secretary of State.

The annotations in this book close with the cases reported in the following volumes:

218 New York
172 Appellate Division

95 Miscellaneous
160 New York Supplement

The Supplement will cover decisions from these points.



Scope of Law

The Membership Corporations Law is the result of an examination of the various general statutes upon the subject of the incorporation, powers and duties of such corporations, and includes legislation beginning with L. 1796, ch. 43, entitled "An act to incorporate such persons as may officiate for the purpose of procuring and erecting public libraries in this state ” and including that passed at the session of 1907.

The scope of the Membership Corporations Law is given by section 2 of the chapter which applies the law to all corporations organized under any general statute except stock or moneyed corporations or those subject to the Insurance Law, transportation corporations, railroads and religious corporations. The intention of the board has been to embody in the consolidation all the live provisions of statutes which relate to the subject above defined and to eliminate, by a comprehensive schedule of repeals, all the defunct and obsolete general statutes in relation to corporations coming within the above definition.

Historical Note Legislation in relation to corporations in this state has been extensive, but, with the exception of the provisions of the Revised Statutes relating to toll roads, banks and insurance companies prior to 1890, it was confined to general statutes relating, respectively, to a particular class of corporations. The commissioners appointed under L. 1889, ch. 289, to revise the general statutes made a reclassification of the laws relating to corporations and proposed several general laws on that subject which have been adopted and have become laws, among which is the Membership Corporations Law, which was passed May 8, 1895.

In perfecting this consolidation of this law it has been found necessary to include statutes relating to medical societies, alumni corporations (L. 1882, ch. 268], veterinary associations [L. 1890, ch. 286), consolidation of library corporations in New York city [L. 1892, ch. 541), agricultural and other corporations authorized to construct tunnels [L. 1903, ch. 523], and corporations for breeding and improving the breed of horses (L. 1895, ch. 570].

In the consolidation of this law an examination of upward of 250 general statutes has been made, and the schedule of repeals has been extended to cover 256 laws or portions thereof, as against 132 repeals contained in the schedule of repeals in the “old ” Membership Corporations Law.

The report of the Board of Statutory Consolidation is dated June 26, 1907, and the Consolidated Laws were enacted in 1909. The legislation for 1908 was examined by the board and any changes that affected the laws as reported in 1907 were embodied in the laws as reported by the board to the legislature of 1909.

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