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AN ACT further to regulate of the Penitentiary, 320

the payment of the debt due To continue in force an act for

the commonwealth for the appropriating the vacant
sale of vacant lands,

303 lands in this commonwealth, ibid
For the establishment and regu. To regulate the sitting of cer-

lation of the town of Somers. tain county courts in this

ville, in Green county, ibid commonwealth,

To amend a law entitled “an For the benefit of James Fos.
act to incorporate the trus.


tees of the Allen Seminary, 306 | To alter the time of holding
For the benefit of the widow

the county courts of Ohio
and heirs of Thomas Clark, and Daviess, and to legal.

ize their proceedings in cer.

Further to regulate the town of tain cases, and for other




For the benefit of James M. For the benefit of thr widow

Cogswell and the heirs of and heirs of John Handley,

Samuel Dirickson, deceased, 310 deceased, and for other pur-

For the benefit of the widow



and heirs of Samuel Loffton Authorising certain Lotteries, 332


311 | To add additional trustees to

To alter the time of holding the the Somerset Academy, and

county courts of Greenup, I for other purposes,


and for other purposes, 312 Further to regulate the town

To amend and extend the law

of Williamsville, in Jefier-

authorising a turnpike on the son county,


road leading from the coun For the benefit of Russell Cur-

ties of Madison and Rock-

tis and Barbara Carter, 1 348

+ castle to the Goose Creek | Better to enforce the collec-

Salt Works,
3 131 tion of certain fines,


Regulating the town of Prés... | To erect Election Precincts in

tonsburg in Floyd county, 315 | the counties of Union and
For the relief of the securities Shelby, and to change the
of Benjamin Gilbert, former

place of holding the election

ly sheriff of Ohio county, and in the Northern Precinct of

for other purposes,.. . 317 Christian county,


To authorise the county court

Adding part of Montgomery
of Washington to permit the', county to Floyd county, 35%
building of a mill upon the Establishing the town of Fred-

Beech fork of Salt river, 318 ericksburg in Washington

To amend an act establishing a

county, and the town of Pe.

town in the Forks of Licking, tersburg in Boone county, ibid

approved Dec. 10th, 1793319 For the division of Knox

For the benefit of Francis county,

ibid | For the benefit of the securi-

For the benefit of Sarah w. ties of Thomas Evans, late .

Timberlake and her children, 320 | sheriff of Floyd county, 358

Authorising the publication of For the benefit of Peter Wood

· advertisements in the “ Ken-

and Nancy Crews, : 360

tucky Herald," at Louisville, 322 To amend the act for the bet.

To incorporate the Morganfield I ter regulation of the town of

Library company, so ibid ! South Frankfort,


or the benefit of the keeper

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For the reliei of a part of the 1 and an act "supplemental

Militia of the 72nd regiment thereto,

of this commonwealth, 362 | For the iroprovement of inter-

To authorise the county court nal navigation,


of Lewis to lay an additional For the benefit of Catherine


: ibid Cook and others;


To amend an act entitled “ an For the relief of the late sheriff".

act to establish an Academy of Warren county,

in the county of Gallatin, 363 | For the benefit of Alexander

For the benefit of Jaines Rumia Armstrong and Augustine



• ibid

For the benefit of IIenry Ber To relinquish the common .

wealth's right of escheat to
For the relief of the sherifis of the estate of Ignatius Hotten-

Caldwell and Adair counties, 367 roth,

To authorise tlie sale of part of To amend the act entitled “an

the public ground in Mor. act for the benefit of the in


: : 368) fant heiis" of Edmund Tay.

For the benefit of Elizabeth lor, deecased, of Campbell

Griffin, and for other purpo.


· ibid


To establish a road from New-
Adding part of Floyd county port to Cynthiana,

to the county of Bath, 371 For the benefit of Littleberry
To amend an act entitled " an


• act to regulate thie town Of For the purpose of allowing an

Scottsville, and for other additional number of Justi-


ces of the Peace to certain

To legalize the proceedings of counties in this common-

the county court of Logari



at their December term, To amend an act entitled “an ..


act more effectually to sup.

To allow an additional number press the practice of Duel

of trustees to the Montgom-


. ibid

ery Academy, and for utlier | To incorporate Sanders' man-


373 ufacturing company, 498

Authorising the clerks of the To amend the act entitled “an .

court of appeals, gencial act to establishi the town of

court and county courts to. Newport,

receive acknowledgements Authorising a Lottery in the

or proof of powers of attor-

town of Hardinsburg,


itid | Giving certain powers to the

To alter the time of hoiding county courts of this com.

the Casey circuit and couns monwealth,

ty courts, in

! 574 To incorporate the Kentucky

To establish Independent Ohio Canal Company, ibid

Banks in this commonweaith, 375

ceaith, 375 | Authorising the appointment

For the benefit of the heirs of of trustees in the town of

Samuel Galligher, dece::sed, 393 Germantown,
To vest certain powers in the For the benefit of Samuel Teer

county court of Shelby, 394. and John Jacobs,

To repeal all acts or parts of For the benefit of John Wind.

acts declaring Drake's creek

ers and Jolin Evans, 428

in Warren county; à navigde To establish and regulate the

ble stream,

town of Fairfield, in Nelson ..

To amend the act critities ,, an. 1 'county,

act authorising the sale of . To regrulate the town of Per...

part of the public square in f ryville,

. : 436

the town of Ilarrodsburg," ' / To explain the powers ani du-

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ty; à navigu 395

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ties of the trustees of Car. | To establish election precincts

in certain counties, and for

To amend an act anthorising other purposes,


2 road from Estill court. To ainenis an act for the re-

house by the Goose creek lief of John D. Pearce," 457

Salt Works, and for other To establish a turnpike on the

road leading from the mouth

Directing that the turnpike to: of Big Sandy through th

be made from Maysville to counties of Greenup and
Lexington, shall pass thro' Lewis in a direction to Flem-
Mayslick and whilersburg, 435 ingsburg,


Authorising the Register to Establishing an Academy in

employ qualified clerks, ibid the county of Ilopkins, * 463

For the benefit of Robert For the benefit of Polly Con

Wellford, U 436 way,


Declaring part of Robertson's To amend an act entitled “an
creek navigable,

ibid act to alter the division line
For the benefit of Sally W. between the counties of Pu.

437 laski and Wavne," . ibid

To repeal all laws passed by For the benefit of the widow

this state relative to the

and heirs of Morgan Bryan,

southern boundary line, ibid deceased,

To repeal in part an act con To declare Rough creek & No.

cerning the estate of Rich . lin creuk navigable streams, 468

ard Young, deceased,.. 433 Authorising the sale of part of
Concerning the Lexington, the real estate of Nathaniel
* Georgetown and Danville , Drake, deceased,


library companies,

ibid To provide for copying certain

To amend the laws concern. records of Fayette county,

ing the town of Frankfort, 439 which were saved when the

For the benefit of the widow, late quarter session and couna .

and heirs of George Adams, ty court offices were burnt,


: 440 and to declare the validity

Por the benefit of the widow


and heirs of Sanford Carroll, For the benefit of John White, 47%

deceased, ** .

Authorising the extension of

For the benefit of Elijah" certain streets in the towns of

Coombs, .

Louisville and Georgetown, 473

For the benefit of Elizabeth To amend an act entitled “ana

Martin and Betsey Cro-

act for the regulation of the


443 town of Mountsterling, in

Providing for a change of ven., Montgomery county," , 476

ue in the case of Newitt To change the times of holding

· Pennington and William · the circuit courts in Jeffer,


444 son, Henry and Gallațin, 477

Providing for a change of ven.. To amend an act incorporating

* ue in the case of Jacob Stan the Lexington and Louisville

* ger,

turnpike road company, 478

To regulate the fees of jailors To incorporate the Louisville

in this commonwealth," 449 insurance company,


To enlarge the powers of the Supplemental to the act estab.

trustees in Paris, ** .. 450 lishing independent banks in

For the benefit of David James, 452 this commonwealth,


For the benefit of Samuel Gad To establish a turnpike road

berry, of Casey county, and from Louisville to Portland

: William Holland of Green , and Shippingport,: 493


ni 453 Authorising county courts to :

To regulate mill-dams on south discontinue public roads, 504

and main Licking,

454 | To prevent the wanton des.,

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truction of fish. bis 0

: 504, To amend an act to amend and


To authorise the election of reduce into one the several

trustees in the town of I acts respecting the militia, 546

Mountvernon, in Rockcastle To amend an act to compel

county, and for other purpo. I circuit judges of this com.


505 monwealth to move into and

For the benefit of James S. reside within their respec.


510 tive circuits,

For the benefit of Charlotte Further to regulate the town

Greer, and the heirs of Mo. of Harrodsburg,


ses Greer, deceased, ibid For the benefit of the citizens

Authorising the county court 1. of Lebanon, in Washington

of Harrison to lay an addi-




tional levy,

Concerning certain trespasses

For the relief of James Swig-

on lands,


gett of Casey county, ibid To incorporate the Gallatin

To amend an act to incorpo. steam mill company,

rate the Kentucky Insurance Declaring part of Green river,


. 512



Supplemental to the act incor Further to indulge the settlers

porating Sanders' manufac- ** on the lands acquired by the

turing company, i, 513 treaty of Tellico to pay the);

To authorise the trustees of state price on their claims, 554

Maysville, in Mason county, Further to regulate the Tran. :?

to increase their tax, 514, sylvania University,


To authorise the county courts Authorising lotteries in Nicho.

# of Nelson and Shelby to lasville and Lexington, 556

build a permanent bridge a To authorise a lottery for the

cross Salt river,

I 515 benefit of the contributors

For the benefit of the heirs of to the Fayette Hospital, 558

Richard Blanton, deceased, 516 For the benefit of John l'oage

To repeal the act entitled “an . of Greenup county,


act for the more speedy re To establish a town at the

covery of the custody of court house in the county of

children or wards,


To amend and reduce into one Concerning the town of Ver.,
the several acts concerning sailles,

the town of Shelbyville, ibid For the benefit of Azariah Ro.

Authorising certain justices of



the county courts to award For the benefit of Martha Snod-
injunctions, writs of ne ex.

eat and habeas corpus, 525 Authorising the independent

Allowing further time to sur banks to deal in the stock of

vey seminary lands in this

the bank of Kentucky, of the

commonwealth, and for 0

United States and of the

ther purposes,

United States' Bank,':'. ibid

To tax banks in this common To provide for the distribution


1 of the acts of congress in this

To amend an act entitled “ an. commonwealth.


act for the benefit of Caty For the benefit of Peter Sim-
and Rosa Bennett," approv-

merman, Andrew Erwin and
ed January 28, 1817, 528 Matthew Huling; . ibid
To incorporate the Fayet: and . Allowing an additional number

Madison turnpike company, ., 5 of justices of the peace to

and for other purposes, 529 | certain counties,
To continue in force “ an act concerning tlie town of Dan-
to suspend law process in


certain cases,

F: 546! For the appropriation of money, 570

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