Energy Data Requirements of the Federal Government: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Activities of Regulatory Agencies of the Permanent Select Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, Ninety-third Congress, Second Session ...

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Page 92 - ... particular matter in which, to his knowledge, he, his spouse, minor child, partner, organization in which he is serving as officer, director, trustee, partner or employee, or any person or organization with whom he is negotiating or has any arrangement concerning prospective employment, has a financial interest...
Page 10 - Belief [Venue] , being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is the plaintiff in the within entitled action, that he has read the foregoing complaint and knows the contents thereof; and that the same is true of his own knowledge, except as to matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief and as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Page 157 - Specific bodies of mineral-bearing material whose location, quality, and quantity are known from geologic evidence supported by engineering measurements with respect to the demonstrated category.
Page 58 - The Attorney General's memorandum on the Public Information Section of the Administrative Procedure Act...
Page 84 - Committee's definition of proved reserves defines the current estimated quantity of natural gas and natural gas liquids which analysis of geologic and engineering data demonstrate with reasonable certainty to be recoverable in the future from known oil and gas reservoirs under existing economic and operating conditions.
Page 162 - Reserves or resources for which quantitative estimates are based largely on broad knowledge of the geologic character of the deposit and for which there are few, if any, samples or measurements. The estimates are based on an assumed continuity or repetition, of which there is geologic evidence; this evidence may include comparison with deposits of similar type.
Page 563 - Proved oil and gas reserves are the estimated quantities of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids which geological and engineering data demonstrate with reasonable certainty to be recoverable in future years from known reservoirs under existing economic and operating conditions, ie, prices and costs as of the date the estimate is made.
Page 161 - The dictionary definition of resource "something in reserve or ready if needed" has been extended for mineral and energy resources to comprise all materials surmised to exist having present or future values. In geologic terms a mineral or energy resource is a concentration of naturally occurring solid, liquid, or gaseous materials in or on the earth's crust in such form that economic extraction of a commodity is currently or potentially feasible.
Page 161 - ... tonnage is computed from dimensions revealed in outcrops, trenches, workings, and drill holes and for which the grade is computed from the results of detailed sampling. The sites for inspection, sampling, and measurement are...
Page 22 - ... that the same are true as stated, except as to matters and things if any, stated on information and belief, and that as to those matters and things, he believes them to be true.

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