Life of Napoleon, tr., with notes by H.W. Halleck. With an atlas, Volume 1

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Page 98 - Yes ! soldiers ! you have indeed done much ; but much still remains to be done. Shall posterity say that we knew how to conquer, but not how to improve victory ? Shall we find a Capua in Lombardy...
Page 98 - ... part of Europe. The French people, free and respected by the whole world, will give to Europe a glorious peace, which will indemnify them for the sacrifices of every kind which for the last six years they have been making.
Page 98 - The hour of vengeance has struck ; but the people of all nations may rest in peace : we are the friends of every people, and especially of the descendants of Brutus, Scipio, and the other great men whom we have taken for examples. To restore the Capitol ; to replace there the statues of the heroes who have rendered it immortal ; to rouse the Romans from centuries of slavery ; such will be the fruit of our victories ; they will form an era in history...
Page 49 - At the breaking out of the French Revolution, he was chosen a member of the National Assembly, of which he was for some time president. In 1793 he was general of the army of the Rhine, and was afterwards minister of war.
Page 383 - This was the first time, since the beginning of the war, that the partisans of Fox and Sheridan were seen to vote with the constant supporters of the ministry.
Page 98 - Romans from centuries of slavery ; such will be the fruit of our victories ; they will form an era in history ; to you will belong the glory of having changed the face of the most beautiful part of Europe.
Page 88 - I was of the conquering army of Italy. " Friends, I promise you this conquest ; but there is one condition which you must swear to fulfil ; — it is to respect the people...
Page 306 - ... you peace, I find you at war; I left you victories, I find nothing but reverses; I left you the millions of Italy, I find nothing but plundering laws and misery? What have you done with the hundred thousand Frenchmen whom I knew, my companions in glory? They are dead! This state of things cannot last; in less than three years it would lead us to despotism.
Page 66 - I mean to say that a gradual physical change took place in him in.the space of seven years. His emaciated thinness was converted into a fulness of face, and his complexion, which had been yellow and apparently unhealthy, became clear and comparatively fresh ; his features, which were angular and sharp, became round and filled out. As to his smile, it was always...
Page 376 - The Republic of the Seven Islands will be recognized. " All the ports of the Adriatic and Mediterranean occupied by French troops will be restored to the King of Naples and to the Pope. " Mahon will be restored to Spain. " Malta will be restored to the Order; and if the King of England should consider it conformable to his interests as a preponderating naval power to destroy the fortifications, that clause will be admitted. " In India, England will keep Ceylon, and...

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