The Ecréhous, illustrated

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"Chronique" Office, 1884 - Channel Islands (England) - 39 pages

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Page 9 - Gentesé, & deAurene, eis caritatis intuitu rationabiliter datum fuerit, salvo jure meo." [Gallia Christiana, XI, col. 94, No. XXXII (Instrumenta).] [Translation] " .... Know ye all that I, having regard to the mercy of God, have granted and given and by my present charter have confirmed to God and to the church of St. Mary of Val-Richer and to the monks there serving God, for the salvation of the soul of John, illustrious king of England, who gave me the islands, and for the salvation of the souls...
Page 37 - LXXXIX. — The commanders of the cruisers of each of the two countries, and all officers or other agents whatsoever appointed to superintend the fisheries, shall exercise their judgment as to the causes of any transgressions committed by the fishing boats of the other country, and when they shall be satisfied of the fact of the transgression, they shall detain or cause to be detained the boats having thus transgressed the preceding regulations (from Article LXXVI.), and shall take them or cause...
Page 34 - SIR, — I am directed by the Secretary of State to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the...
Page 9 - I have quitelaimed to the church of St. Martin of Sees, and to the church of St. Mary of Lancaster, and to the monks serving God there, the whole right and claim from me and my heirs for ever, which...
Page 12 - ... whilst others were entirely dependent thereon and transmitted thereto the whole of their revenues. For this reason their estates were generally confiscated on the breaking out of a war between England and France, being, however, restored to them on the return of peace. Such confiscations took place in the reigns of Edward I., Edward II., Edward III., and Richard II. The Alien Priories were finally dissolved by Act of Parliament 2 Henry V., and all their estates vested in the Crown, except some...
Page 15 - Hers Jean le Hardy, gents: occuppant la maison de Jean Payn de la Hougue pour Triguel en St.
Page 15 - Michell tharkangell by divers tenawntis of the parisshes ensuying that is to say SAINT MARTYN. Clement Bastard ij cab. dj Nicholas Triguell ij cab. John Hubert dj cab. Philippot de la Ville j cab. Saint Sauuowr. Eaulyn Lemperers vj cab. IR, IE 3ST TS . "EXTENTE
Page 37 - LXXXV. The fishing boats of the one country shall not approach nearer to any part of the coasts of the other country, than the limit of 3 miles, specified in Article IX of the Convention signed at Paris on the 2nd of August, 1839, except under the following circumstances : 1.
Page 15 - Jean de la Cloche, gents., fs : Estienne fs : Edouard pour Crafford pour le Bastard en St.

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