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“ Hect.

Is this Achilles ? Achill. I am Achilles. Hect. Stand fair, I pray thee; let me look on thee. Achill. Behold thy fill. HECT.

Nay, I have done already. Achill. Thou art too brief. I will the second time, As I would buy thee, view thee limb by limb.”

Act IV. S. 5.

TROILUS with ULYSSES, . watching:-DIOMED and CRESSIDA, with the sleeve given to her by TROILUS.


Nay, do not snatch it from me; He that takes that must take my heart withal.

Dio. I had your heart before, this follows it.
Tro. I did swear patience.
CRESS. You shall not have it, Diomed; 'faith you shall

I'll give you something else.
Dio. I will have this; whose was it?"

Act V. S. 2.

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vouring to persuade HECTOR not to go to the field.

“ Cass. Lay hold upon him, Priam ; hold him fast;
He is thy crutch: now if thou lose thy stay,
Thou on him leaning, and all Troy on thee,
Fall all together.

Come, Hector, come, go back:
Thy wife hath dream’d, thy mother hath had visions
Cassandra doth foresee; and I myself
Am like a prophet suddenly enrapt,
To tell thee that this day is ominous :
Therefore come back.

HECT. You know me dutiful; therefore, dear sir,
Let me not shame respect; but give me leave
To take that course, by your consent and voice,
Which you do here forbid me, royal Priam.

Cass. O, Priam, yield not to him.

Do not, dear father.
Hect. Andromache, I am offended with you ;
Upon the love you bear me, get you in.”

Act V. S. 3.

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