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PANDARUS and CRESSIDA watching the return of the Trojan chiefs from the field.-ENEAS, ANTENOR, HECTOR, PARIS, HELENUS, and TROILUS pass.

"CRESS. What sneaking fellow comes yonder?

PAN. Where? yonder? that's Deiphobus: 'tis Troilus! there's a man, niece! Hem! brave Troilus! the prince of chivalry! Look you how his sword is bloodied and his helm more hack'd than Hector's.”

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ACT I. S. 2.



"CASS. Cry, Trojans, cry! lend me ten thousand eyes, And I will fill them with prophetic tears.

HECT. Peace, sister, peace!

CASS. Virgins and boys, midage and wrinkled elders, Soft infancy, that nothing canst but cry,

Add to my clamours! let us pay betimes

A moiety of that mass of moan to come :—

Cry, Trojans, cry! practise your eyes with tears;
Troy must not be, nor goodly Ilion stand;
Our firebrand brother, Paris, burns us all.
Cry, Trojans, cry! a Helen and in woe:
Cry, cry! Troy burns, or else let Helen go.'

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HELEN assisting to unarm HECTOR.


Sweet Helen, I must woo you

To help unarm our Hector: his stubborn buckles,
With these your white enchanting fingers touch'd,
Shall more obey than to the edge of steel,

Or force of Greekish sinews; you shall do more
Than all the island kings-disarm great Hector.

Twill make us proud to be his servant, Paris;

Yea, what he shall receive of us in duty,
Gives us more palm in beauty than we have,
Yea, overshines ourself."

ACT III. S. 1.



"TRO. You have bereft me of all words, lady.


What, billing again? Here's

-In witness whereof the parties interchangeably-
Come in, come in; I'll go get a fire.

TRO. Why was my Cressid then so hard to win?


Hard to seem won;"

ACT III. S. 2.

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