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PANDARUS and CRESSIDA watching the return of

the Trojan chiefs from the field.ÆNEAS, ANTENOR, HECTOR, PARIS, HELENUS, and TROILUS pass.

“ Cress. What sneaking fellow comes yonder ?

Pan. Where? yonder? that’s Deiphobus : 'tis Troilus! there's a man, niece! Hem! brave Troilus ! the prince of chivalry! .... Look you how his sword is bloodied and his helm more hack'd than Hector's.”

Act I. S. 2.



“ Cass. Cry, Trojans, cry! lend me ten thousand eyes, And I will fill them with prophetic tears.

Hect. Peace, sister, peace !

Cass. Virgins and boys, midage and wrinkled elders, Soft infancy, that nothing canst but cry, Add to my clamours ! let us pay betimes A moiety of that mass of moan to come :Cry, Trojans, cry! practise your eyes with tears ; Troy must not be, nor goodly Ilion stand; Our firebrand brother, Paris, burns us all. Cry, Trojans, cry! a Helen and in woe: Cry, cry! Troy burns, or else let Helen go."

Act II. S. 2.



HELEN assisting to unarm HECTOR.

“ Paris.

Sweet Helen, I must woo you To help unarm our Hector: his stubborn buckles, With these your white enchanting fingers touch’d, Shall more obey than to the edge of steel, Or force of Greekish sinews; you shall do more Than all the island kings-disarm great Hector.

HELEN. 'Twill make us proud to be his servant, Paris ; Yea, what he shall receive of us in duty, Gives us more palm in beauty than we have, Yea, overshines ourself.”

Act III. S. 1.



“ Tro. You have bereft me of all words, lady. Pan.

.... What, billing again? Here's -In witness whereof the parties interchangeablyCome in, come in; I'll go get a fire.

Tro. Why was my Cressid then so hard to win?
Cress. Hard to seem won;"

Act III. S. 2.


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