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Pericles No 2 London Publisher Cug'1183/lor i Cadell Strancha

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Either be ruled by me,
Or I will make you man and wife,-
Nay, come, your hands and lips must seal it too ;-
And being join'd, I'll thus your hopes destroy ;-
And for a further grief,—God give you joy!
What, are you both pleased ?

Thaisa. Yes, if you love me, sir.
PERICLES. Even as my life, my blood that fosters it.
Sim. What, are you both agreed ?

Yes, please your majesty.”

Act II. S. 5.

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“ Ist Sailor. Sir, your queen must overboard ; the sea works high, the wind is loud, and will not lie till the ship be cleared of the dead.”

- Act III. S. J.



The revival of THAISA in the house of CERIMON.

.6 CERIMON. She is alive; behold
Her eyelids, cases to those heavenly jewels
Which Pericles hath lost,
Begin to part their fringes of bright gold;
The diamonds of a most pure water
Appear, to make the world twice rich: O live,
And make us weep to hear your fate, fair. creature,
Rare as you seem to be!

O, dear Diana, - Where am I? Where's my lord? What world is this?”

Act III. S. 2.


MARINA rescued from LIONINE by pirates.

“1st PIRATE. Hold, villain!
2p Pır. A prize.

3D Pır. Half part, mates, half part; come, let's have her aboard suddenly.”

Act IV. S. 1.

CLEON shows PERICLES the tomb of MARINA, professing that she had died a natural death. Dumb show.

Act IV. S. 4.

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