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CLEOPATRA assisting to arm ANTONY.


Nay, I 'll help too.
What's this for ?
Is not this buckled well ?

Rarely, rarely;
Thou fumblest, Eros; and my queen 's a squire
More tight at this than thou :-Despatch.- love,
That thou could'st see my wars to-day, and knew'st
The royal occupation !"

Act IV. S. 4.

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- ANT.

All is lost; This foul Egyptian hath betrayed me: My feet hath yielded to the foe.

Enter CLEOPATRA. Ah, thou spell ! avaunt !

CLEO. Why is my lord enraged against his love?

ANT. Vanish; or I shall give thee thy deserving, And blemish Cæsar's triumph. Let him take thee, And hoist thee up to the shouting plebeians : Follow his chariot, like the greatest spot Of all thy sex.”

Act IV. S. 10.

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“ Eros. Turn from me then that noble countenance, Wherein the worship of the whole world lies. ANT. Lo thee.

(Turning from him.) Eros. Farewell, great chief. Shall I strike now? Ant. Now, Eros.

Eros. Why, there then :- . (Falls on his sword.) Thus do I escape the sorrow Of Antony's death.

(Dies.) Ant.

Thrice nobler than myself!

Thy master dies thy scholar; to do thus
I learn'd of thee.

(Falls on his sword.)

How! not yet dead? not dead? The guard !-ho!--O, despatch me!

Enter Guard.

What's the noise ?
Ant. I have done my work ill, friends ; O make an

Of what I have begun !

Alas, and woe !"

Act IV. S. 12.

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