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12. The Battle.—Troilus engaging Diomed and Ajax.-The body of

Patroclus carried off to Achilles from Hector. 13. Achilles arming on seeing the dead body of Patroclus. 14. The death of Hector.


1. Timon in his days of prosperity.–Flavius, his steward, grieving

over his imprudent generosity. 2. Timon finds out his extravagance. 3. Timon's servants sent to his false friends to borrow money. 4. The banquet of hot water. 5. Timon in the woods digging for roots, finds gold. 6. Timon gives gold to Alcibiades, who is proceeding to attack Athens,

and to his two mistresses, Phrynia and Timandra. 7. Timon and Flavius. 8. Senators come to entreat Timon to return to Athens and take the

command of the army opposed to Alcibiades.


1. Caius Marcius opposing the people on the subject of the gratuitous

distribution of corn. 2. Caius Marcius alone within the walls of Corioli. 3. Caius Marcius attacking Aufidius, who is rescued by some Volsces. 4. Caius Marcius Coriolanus stands for consul, but by the agency of the

tribunes the people rise against him. 5. Coriolanus going into banishment, taking leave of his family. 6. Coriolanus goes to the house of Aufidius. 7. Coriolanus being appointed general of the Volscian forces, the Ro

mans send and entreat peace in vain. Menenius is then persuaded to go, in hopes that his ancient friendship with Coriolanus may prevail.

8. Coriolanus' mother, wife, and child, with another noble lady of Rome,

come to entreat for peace. Aufidius' old hate being revived by the admiration of the Volsces for Coriolanus, he seeks occasion

to destroy him. 9. Coriolanus accused by Aufidius of having betrayed the trust reposed

in him by the Volsces. They rise against him.


1. Antony offering the crown to Cæsar.—Cassius endeavouring to rouse

Brutus. 2. Brutus with the conspirators. 3. Brutus and Portia. 4. The conspirators coming to fetch Cæsar to the capitol.-Calphurnia

endeavouring to prevent his going. 5. The death of Cæsar. 6. Antony's speech over the dead body of Cæsar. 7. Brutus and Cassius after the reconciliation. 8. Brutus reading.–Ghost of Cæsar enters. 9. Battle of Philippi.—The dead bodies of Cassius and Titinius are

lying in the middle ground.

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. 1. Cleopatra arriving at Taurus. 2. Antony taking leave of Cleopatra on hearing of the death of his wife

Fulvia. 3. The meeting between Octavius Cæsar and Antony. 4. The marriage of Antony with Octavia. 5. The return of Octavia to Rome. 6. Antony perceiving Cleopatra's flight from the battle of Actium. 7. The meeting after the battle. 8. Cleopatra assisting to arm Antony.


[blocks in formation]

9. Antony threatening Cleopatra. 10. Antony calls upon Eros to kill him. 11. Cleopatra, Iras, and Charmian raising up Antony into the monu

ment. The guard are assisting in raising Antony by means of

his cloak tied to the points of their spears. 12. Cæsar's interview with Cleopatra.—Cleopatra kneels. 13. The death of Cleopatra.


1. Belarius and Euriphile stealing Guiderius and Arviragus, sons of

Cymbeline.- Imogen is left sleeping on the couch. 2. The marriage of Cymbeline with the mother of Cloten.-Posthumus

is ingratiating himself with Imogen, and Cloten receiving the

first impression. 3. The banishment of Posthumus.-Enter Cymbeline and lords.The

queen is seen as the instigator of Cymbeline's cruelty; and

Cloten meditating his attack on Posthumus. 4. Posthumus’ wager with lachimo. 5. Iachimo's attempt on Imogen. 6. Iachimo stealing Imogen's bracelet. 7. Cloten tendering his services to Imogen. 8. Iachimo produces the bracelet as testimony of his having won his

wager. 9. Pisanio having, by the order of Posthumus, induced Imogen to go

to Milford Haven to meet him, shows the letter in which Pos

thumus commands her death. 10. Imogen, disguised as a boy, in Belarius' cave. Belarius, Guiderius,

and Arviragus returning. 11. Cloten compelling Pisanio to produce Posthumus' garments, on

discovering that Imogen was gone. 12. Imogen supposed to be dead from the operation of a drug given to

her by Pisanio.-Cloten has been killed by Guiderius, whom he had attacked.-Enter Arviragus bearing Imogen as dead in his arms.


13. Imogen, having been laid by the headless body of Cloten, from the

garments, supposes it to be Posthumus. She is found by Lucius. 14. The rescue of Cymbeline by Belarius, Guiderius, and Arviragus.

Leonatus Posthumus, having come over in the Roman army, throws off his armour, and, disguised as a peasant, seconds the

Britons; he vanquisheth and disarmeth Iachimo. 15. Posthumus resumes the Roman habit, and yields himself a prisoner. 16. Posthumus' vision in the prison. 17. Cymbeline having promised Imogen, as Lucius' page, any request

she can have to make, she desires that Iachimo may be compelled to show how he obtained Posthumus' ring. Belarius, Guiderius,

and Arviragus, in doubt about the identity of Imogen. 18. Imogen discovers herself. Belarius restores Guiderius and Arviragus

to Cymbeline as his sons.


1. Simonides giving Thaisa to Pericles. 2. Thaisa's burial at sea. 3. The revival of Thaisa in the house of Cerimon. 4. Marina rescued from Lionine by pirates. 5. Cleon shows Pericles the tomb of Marina, professing that she had

died a natural death. 6. The visit of Lysimachus to Marina at Boult's house. 7. Marina and Lysimachus. 8. Pericles discovers Marina, who has been introduced to him as a

stranger to relieve his woes by her conversation and her music. 9. The discovery of Thaisa in the temple of Diana, whither Pericles

had gone, in obedience to a vision from the goddess.

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