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TIMON in his days of prosperity.-FLAVIUS, his

steward, grieving over his imprudent generosity.


“ Flav. More jewels yet! There is no crossing him in his humour, Else I should tell him,-well,-i’ faith, I should; When all’s spent, he 'd be cross'd then, an he could. 'Tis pity bounty had not eyes behind, That man might ne'er be wretched for his mind.

O my friends, I have one word
To say to you :-Look you, my good lord, I must
Entreat you, honour me so much, as to
Advance this jewel;
Accept, and wear it, kind my lord.

I LORD. I am so far already in your gifts.
All. So are we all."

Act I. S. 2.



TIMON finds out his extravagance.

“ Varro's Serv. One Varro's servant, my good lord. IsidoRE'S SERV.

From Isidore ; She humbly prays your speedy payment

Caphis. If you did know, my lord, my master's wants-Var. Serv. 'Twas due on forfeiture, my lord, six

weeks, And past

Isid. Sery. Your steward puts me off, my lord; And I am sent expressly to your lordship.


Wherefore ere this time
Had you not fully laid my state before me,
That I might so have rated my expense .
As I had leave of means ?”

Act II. S. 2.

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