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THE ENEIS OF VIRGIL. Translated by CHARLES SYMMONS, D. D. late of Jesus College, Oxford. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 17. 1s. in extra boards.

AN EXCURSION TO BRIGHTON, with an Account and View of the Royal Pavilion: A VISIT ΤΟ TUNBRIDGE WELLS; and A TRIP TO SOUTHEND. With an Alphabetical List of all the Watering Places in the Kingdom. By JOHN EVANS, LL.D. SECOND EDITION. Price 6s. in boards.

"On all occasions, Dr. EVANS not only writes pleasantly and with good humour, but every where expresses good sentiments and feelings, public and prívate-civil and religious-moral and loyal. His loyalty indeed, which has been often manifested, is very conspicuous in his BRIGHTON memoranda and remarks. Altogether his Rambling Annotations may both amuse and instruct."-Monthly Review.

"We recommend this very pleasant travelling companion, in which there is more than a usual quantity of entertaining anecdote and information collected together by the ingenious Author."-Monthly Mag.

NOVELLE MORALI. Tradotte dal Francese di Monsieur J. N. BOUILLY. Da A. Z. Ad Uso della Gioventù. Price 3s. 6d. boards.

SERMONS, on various SUBJECTS. By PHILIP DODDRIDGE, D. D. NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED. In 4 vols. 8vo. Price 17. 16s. boards.

"We have glanced over these volumes with unusual interest; feeling as we do a reverence indescribable for the memory of the illustrious Author. The same clearness of thought, unaffected learning, fidelity to the souls of men, and deep and chastened devotion, which characterize his other printed Sermons, will be found richly scattered over these pages. Ministers of the gospel, and intelligent private Christians, will here discover a mine of spiritual wealth, from which they may be enabled at once to enrich their understandings and their hearts."-Evangelical Magazine, July, 1826. See also The Christian Moderator for the same month.

A neat Pocket Edition, Price 1s. 6d. boards,

SELF-KNOWLEDGE: A TREATISE, showing the Nature and Benefit of that IMPORTANT SCIENCE, and the Way to attain it. Intermixed with various Reflections and Observations on Human Nature.


By the same Author, Price 5s. boards, THE FEARS OF DYING ANNIHILATED BY THE HOPE OF HEAVEN. A DIALOGUE ON DEATH. With a VISION of future BLISS. Never before published. With MEMOIRS of the AUTHOR, and ILLUSTRATIONS of the HAPPINESS of HEAVEN, by JOHN EVANS, LL. D.

LESSONS FOR THE USE OF FAMILIES, for every Day in the Year; extracted from the HOLY SCRIPTURES. With appropriate Hymns. By the Rev. HUGH WORTHINGTON, late Pastor of Salter's Hall Meeting, in the City. One Volume Quarto. Price 17. 1s. in boards.

"His name," remarks the Rev. Dr. Evans in his Sermon on the Decease of Mr. Worthington, “did not appear to it (Lessons for Families) on its first publication; but it was his favourite plan, and occu pied a very considerable share of his attention. Mr. Worthington (he adds) having left behind so few publications, his friends will probably thank me for the present notice of it. He spent great part of his time (says Dr. Evans) in reading the Scripturescomparing the Translation with the Original-both of the Old and New Testament. Indeed, no minister was more assiduous to ascertain the real meaning of the Sacred Writers-none more careful to point out their beauties-and none more eager to recommend their holy and purifying tendency. He knew that they were profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that we might be thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

THINGS INVISIBLE; or, LESSONS OF FAITH AND PRACTICE. A Vision, in Three Cantos; with other POEMS, Religious, Moral, and Entertaining. By the Rev. GABRIEL WATTS. Price 5s. 6d. in boards.

DIBDIN'S LONDON THEATRE, 26 vols. Royal 32mo. on India Paper. With upwards of 500 Embellishments. Price 187. 18's. in boards. Only 12 Copies printed.

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THE LYRE OF LOVE. thology of the Amatory Poems of Forty eminent English Poets, and a short Biography of each. With Frontispieces and Vignette Titles. Two vols. 8vo. Price 18s. in extra boards.

SOP'S FABLES. With upwards of 100 Embellishments, after designs by THURSTON. Small 8vo. Price 10s. in boards.

Another Edition, in Royal 32mo. Adorned as above. Price 3s. 6d. in boards.

GAY'S FABLES, with beautiful Engravings on Wood. Foolscap 8vo. Price 9s. in boards.

Another Edition, in Royal 32mo. With numerous Embellishments. Price 3s. in boards.

DISCOURSES, delivered before the ASIATIC SOCIETY and MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS, on the Religion, Poetry, Literature, &c. of the Nations of India. By Sir WILLIAM JONES. With an Essay on his Name, Talents, and Character, by the Right Hon. LORD TEIGNMOUTH. Selected and edited by JAMES ELMES, Author of Lectures on Architecture, &c. Second Edit. In 2 vols. Price 5s. 6d. boards.

HAYLEY'S TRIUMPHS OF TEMPER. Neat Pocket Size. Price 2s. 6d. boards.

POPE'S ESSAY ON MAN, in Prose. Foolscap 8vo. Price 4s. in boards.

NICHOLSON'S LITERARY MISCELLANY; or, SELECTIONS and EXTRACTS. Classical and Scientific; in Prose and Verse. In 20 vols. Price 47. in boards.

TWENTY DISCOURSES, on the most important Subjects. Calculated for every Class of Readers. By ARCHBISHOP TILLOTSON. Price 3s. in boards.




THE EVIDENCES of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION. By JOSEPH ADDISON. With several Discourses against Atheism and Infidelity, and in Defence of the Christian Religion. Price 2s. 6d. boards.


EXERCISES, of the HEART; in Meditation and Soliloquy, Prayer and Praise. By Mrs. ELIZABETH ROWE. With a Portrait. Price 1 s. 6d. in boards.

A PHILOSOPHICAL INQUIRY into the ORIGIN of OUR IDEAS of the SUBLIME and BEAUTIFUL. With an Introductory Discourse concerning TASTE, and several other Additions. By the Right Hon. EDMUND BURKE. With a Portrait. Price 2s.

MEMOIRS OF DICK, the LITTLE PONY. With numerous Wood Engravings. Price 2s. 6d. half-bound.

BOB THE TERRIER; or, MEMOIRS of the DOG of KNOWLEDGE. With a Number of Engravings on Wood. Price 2s. 6d. half-bound.


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REAL LIFE: with CONVERSATIONS calculated to regulate the affections, and form the Mind to Truth and Goodness. Embellished with Wood Cuts. Price 2s. 6d, half-bound.


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JACK. By the Author of SANDFORD and MERTON. With Wood Cuts. Price 1s.

13 CHILDREN'S BOOKS, adorned with Cuts, 6d. each, sewed, viz. Jack the Giant Killer-Blue Beard-Cinderella-Goody Two Shoes-Sinbad the Sailor-Nourjahad-Robin Hood-The Forty Thieves-Whittington and his Cat-The Sleeping Beauty-Aladdin; or, The wonderful Lamp-The White Cat-Tom Thumb.

TWELVE BEAUTIFUL PRINTS, from WESTALL'S DESIGNS, to illustrate the 24mo. and 32mo. Editions of the Book of Common Prayer. Price 7s.-Proofs to illustrate the 8vo. Edition. Price 10s. 6d.

A few fine Impressions of the large 4to. Plates, Price 41. 4s.-Proofs, 81. 8s.

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO ILLUSTRATIVE CUTS, to embellish the Pocket Editions of the New Testament. Price 4s.


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