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Race, a single root.

Rheumatic, for capricious, ha-
Rack, the last tleeting vestige moursoine.
of the highest clouds.

Rih, to enclose.
To rack, to barass by exactions. Ribald, lewd fellow.
Ram, for rain.

Rid, to destroy. Rampallion, a ramping low Rift, to split. creature.

Riggish, wanton.
Rapt, rapturously affected. Rigol, a circle.
Rated sinew, a strength reck- Rim, probably a cant word for
oned upon.

Ravin, to devour voraciously. Ringed, encircled.
Raught, reached.

Rivage, the bank or shore. Hawly, without preparation, Rivality, equal rank. suddenly, hastily.

Rivals, equals. Rayed, be wrayed.

Rive, to discharge or barst. Raze, a bale.

Romage, tumultuous hurry. Recheat, a horn, a tune to call Ronyon, a scab, a despicable the dogs back.

person. Reck, to care for.

Rood, the cross. Reckless, careless.

Rooky, abounding with rooks. Recorders, a kind of flute. Ropetricks, rognish tricks, or Red-lattice phrases, alehouse abusive language.

conversation, from the form Ropery, roguery

of the doors and windows. Roundel, a circular dance. Red plague, the erysipelas, St. Roundure, a circle. Antony's fire.

Rouse, a draught of jollity,
Reechy, discoloured by smoke. carousal.
Reels, probably for wheels. Royal, or real, a coin of the
Refel, to confote.

value of ten shillings. Regreet, exchange of saluta- Royally attorneyed, nobly suption.

plied by substitution of ewReguerdon, recompense, re- bassies. turn.

Roynish, mangy, scurvy. Remorse, sometimes used for

Ruddock, the red breast. pity.

Ruffle, to be noisy, disorderly. Remotion, removal from place Ruffling, bustling or rustling. to place, shifting

Rule, method of life. Remues, journeys, stages.

Kump-fed, fed with offals. Render, sometimes, to describe. Rush, for rash-ring. Renege, to renounce.

Ruth, pity, compassion. Repair, generally signifies to renovate.

Sacarson, the name of a bear. Repeals, recalls.

Sacring-dell, the bell which Reports, reporters.

gives notice of the host apReproof, confutation.

proaching Repugn, to resist.

Sad ostent, grave appearance. Reserve, to guard, to preserve Sagg, to sink dowo. carefully.

sallet, a helmet: Resolve, sometimes for dissolve. Saltiers, satyrs. Respect, caution, regard to Samingo, San Domingo. consequences.

Sandied, of a saudy colour, tb Respective, respectful or re- colour of the true blood spectable.

Respectively, respectfully. Saro, discourse.
Rest, what I am resolved on. Say, old word for silk.
Retort, to refer back.

Scale, to disperse, to spread
Reverbs, reverberates.

Scaling, weighing. Revolt of mien, change of com- Scall, a word of reproach, scal plexion

Scamble, to scramble. Revolts, revolters.

Scanned, examined nicely.

1 Scandling, measure or propor

Shrive, to call to confession. tion.

Side, purpose or resolution. Scarfed, decorated with fags. Siege, a stool, or privy, or seat. Scath, destruction, harm. Sieve, a common voider. Sconce, the head, or a kind of Sightless, unsightly. fortification.

Sights, i. e. of steel, the perScotch, to bruise or crush. forated part of the helmet. Scrimers, fencers. Fr. Single, sometimes for weak, Scroyles, scabby fellows.

little. Scrubbed, stunted, shrub-like, Sister, to imitate or re-echo. or short and dirty.

Sith, and sit hence, since. Sculls, shoals of fish.

Sizes, allowances. Seam, lard.

Skain's mates, kin's wales. Seamels, a bird.

Still, reason. Seamy side without, inside out. Skills not, is of no importance. Sear, dry.

Skinker, a tapster; from Skink, Sear, to close up.

drink. Seel, to sew up.

Skirr, to scous. Seeling, blinding

Slave, to treat with indignity. Seld, for seldom.

Sleave, coarse, unwronghi silk. Semblably, in resemblance, Sledded, carried on a sledge. alike.

Sleided, untwisted. Seniory, seniority.

Slights, arts. Sennet, a flourish on cornets. slip, a counterfeit piece of Sense, sometimes for reason money. and patural affection.

Slips, a contrivance in leather, Septentrion, the North.

to start two dogs at the same Sequence, of degree, methodi- time. cally.

Slivered, sliced. Sere, dry, withered.

Slops, loose breeches or trowSerpigo, a kind of tetter.

sers. Sessa, from cesser, be quiet. Slough, the skin which theserSet of roit, a term from tennis.

pent throws off annually. Sets up his rest, a term from Slowed, delayed.

the military exercise. Slubber, to obscure. Setobos, a kind of god or devil. Smirched, soiled, obscured. Several, or severell, a field se- Sneap, rebuke, check.

paraled from others to bear Sneck up, a cant phrase, procorn and grass.

bably for, go hang yourself. Sever, the person who placed Snipe, an insignificant fellow. the dishes in order.

Snuff, sometimes for anger. Shard borne, borne on shards Snuffs, dislikes. or wings.

Sofi, i. e, conditions, gentle Shark up, to pick up without

qualities of mind. distinction.

Soil, sometimes, turpitude, reShaven Hercules, Samson. proach. Sheen, shining, bright, gay. Solidares, some species of coin. Sheer, pellucid, transparent. Sooth, truth, Shent, scolded, roughly treated. Sorer, a greater or heavier Sherris sack, sherry sack. crime. Shive, a slice.

Sorel, a deer during his third Shog, to go off.

year. Shotten, projected.

Sort, to choose ont. Shove groat, a kiod of game. Sorts, different degrees or Shovel boards, shillings used at kinds. . the game of shovel-board.

Sort and suit, figure and rank. Shoughs, a species of dog.

Sot, fool. Fr. . Shoulder clapper, a bailiff. Souced gurnet, a gudgeon, a Shrewd, sometimes for severe, term of reproach. bitter.

Sond, sweet, or an exclamaShrift, confession.

tion denoting weariness. VOL. VIII.


Sowle, to drag down.

Stone-bord, a.crossbow to shoot Sowter, the name of a hound. stones. Spanieled, dogged.

Stover, hay made of coarse rank Speak parrot, to act childishly grass, and used for thatching and foolishly

Strachy, or thrachy, of Thrace. Speak holiday, i.e. words, curi

Strait, narrow, avaricious. ously and affectedly chosen. Straited, put to difficulties. Speculation, for sight.

Strange and strangeness, someSpeculative instruments, the

times for shy and shyness. eyes.

Strangle, sometimes for to Speed, fate or event.

suppress. Sperr, to stir.

Strawy, straying. Crower. Spill, to destroy.

Striker, capt word for a borSpleen, often for hurry, or tu- Stuck, or stock, for stoccata, a multuous speed,

term in fencing. Spotted, wicked.

Stuffed suficiency, abilities Sprag, ready, alert.

more than enough. Sprighted, haunted.

Submerged, whelmed under Springhalt, a disease incident

water. to horses.

Subscribe, sometimes to yield Square, sometimes, to quarrel, or surrender. Squarer, a quarrelsome fellow. a

Subtleties, disguised dishes. Squash, an immatore peascod. Success, sometimes for succesSquiney, to look asquint.

sion. Squire, sometimes for a rule or Successive, i. e. title, title to square.

the succession. Stage, to place conspicuously. Suggest, sometimes, to tempt Staged, exhibited.

to excite. Staggers, a disorder peculiar Suited, dressed. to horses.

Sumpter, either the horse or Stain, colour or tinctare.

the package that conveys Stale, a decoy to catch birds. necessaries. Stannyel, the name of a kind Superfluous, overclothed, All's of hawk; a stallion.

Wen. Living in abundance, Start, stiff.

Lear. State, sometimes for a chair of Surcease, cessation, stop. state.

Surreigned, overridden. Statists, statesmen.

Start, or swarth, black or dark Statua, statue, sometimes pro

brown. nounced as three syllables. Swashing, imposing, bullying. Slaves, the wood of the lances Swath, the quantity of grass cat Stead, to help or befriend. down by a single stroke of Sternage, the hinder part, close the scythe. after.

Sway, weight or momentum. Stickler, one who stood by to Sweltered, weltered.

part the combatants, an um- Swinge-bucklers, rakes or r.. pire.

oters. Stigmatical, marked or stig. Swounded, swooned.

mntized. Still, sometimes for constant, Table, the palm of the hand continual.

extended, a picture. Stilly, gladly, lowly.

Tables, books of ivory for meStinted, stopped.

morandums. Stint, sometimes to stop. Tabourinns, small drums. Stithied, forged; from stithy, Ta'en order, taken measures.. an anvil.

Tag, the valgar populace. Stoccata, a thrust or stab. Ital. Taint, corruption or disgrace. Stock, sometimes for stocking. Take, i. e. a house, to go into Stomach, sometimes for stub- a house, born resolution, pride, or Take, sometimes, to strike with hanghtiness.

lameness or disease.

Take in, to subdue.

Tire valiant, or volant, a kind Talent, often for talon.

of head-dress. Tarre, to stimulate, to set on. Tired, sometimes for adorned. Tasked, sometimes for laxed. Tod, to produce a tod, a certain Tassel-gentle, or tercel gentle, quantity of wool. a species of bawk.

Toged, wearing their babits. Tawney coat, the dress of a

Tokened, spotted. summoner or apparitor. Tolling, taking toll. Taxation, sometimes for cen- Tomboy, a masculine, forward sure or satire.

girl. Teer, sorrow, grief, or trouble. Too much, any sum, ever so Temper, to mould like wax. much. Temperance, temperature. Topless, supreme, sovereign. Tend, sometimes for attend. Topple, to tumble. Tender, to regard with affec-Touches, the features, the trait. tion.

Toward and towards, someTent, to take up residence. times, instead of readiness. Tercel, the male hawk. Toys, sometimes for whims, Terms, the technical language freaks. of courts.

Toze, to unravel, to close exTested, attested, genuine.

amine. Testerned, gratitied with a tes- Trace, sometimes, to follow or ter, or sixpence,

succeed in. Tetchy, louchy, peevish, fret

Trail, the scent left by the pasful.

sage of the game. Tether, a string by which any Trammel, to catch; tremmel is animal is fastened.

a species of net. Tharborough, third borough, a Tranect, probably some kind of

ferry, dam, or sluice. Theorick, theory.

Translate, sometimes for to The18, muscular strength, or change or transform. appearance of manhood.

Trash, to cut away the superThick-pleached, thickly inter- flaities, or to check; a phrase woven.

in hunting. Thill, or fill, the shafts of a cart Traverse, an ancient military or waggon.

word of command. Thin helm, thin covering of Traversed, i. e. arms, arms hair.

across. Thought, sometimes for melan- Tray-trip, a kind of game at choty.

tables or draughts. Thrasonical, insolently boast- Treachers, traitors.

ing; from Thraso, a bragga- Trenched, cut or carved. Fr. docio in Terence.

Trick, sometimes for a pecuThread, sometimes for to pass. liarity of feature. Three-pile, rich velvet. Trick, to ess out. Thrift, a state of prosperity. Tricksy, clever, adroit. Thrumbed, made of thruin, the Trigon, Aries, Leo, and Sagit

end of the weaver's warp. tarius. Tib, a nickname for a wanton. Trip, to defeat or disappoint. Tickle, sometimes for ticklish. Triple, for third, or one of the Tickle-brain, the name of a three. strong liquor.

Triumphs, sometimes for Tilley-valley, an interjection of shows, masks, revels. contempt.

Trol-my-dames, trou-madame, Time, a ripener.

the game of nine holes. Timeless, untimely.

Troll, to sing trippingly. Timely-parted, i.e. ghost, de

Trossers, probably for trowsers, paried in the course of time or a kind of breeches. and natare.

Trot, a familiar address to a Tire, to fasten, to fix the talons.


peace officer.

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the bag.

Trow, to imagine or conceive; Umber, a dasky, yellow-co-
I trow

loured earth.
True, sometimes for honest. Umbered, discoloared.
Trundle-tail, a species of dog. Unaneled, without extreme
Trusted, for thrusted.

Try conclusions, try experi- Unavoided, unavoidable.

Unbarbed, bare, uncovered, Tub-fast, the sweating process

beardless. in the venereal disorder. Unbated, i.e. sword not blantTucket, toccata, a flourish on a ed as foils are. trumpet. Ital.

Unbitted, oabridled. Tupped, lien witb; from tup, Unbonneted, without any ada ram.

dition from dignities. Turlygood, for turlupin, a na- Unbreathed, unesercised, unked beggar.

practised. Turquoise, a species of precious Uncape, a term in hunting, to stone, supposed to be endued

stop every hole before the fox with extraordinary virtues. is uncaped or tarned out of Twangling Jack, a paltry musician.

Uncharged, unattacked. Twiggen-bottle, a wickered Unclew, to unwind, to ruin. bottle.


Uncoined, unrefined, anadornTyed, limited, or circum- ed.

Unconfirmed, anpractised in Vail, sometimes to cast down, the ways of the world, not to let fall down.

Valenced, fringed with a beard. Undercraft, a phrase from he-
Validity, sometimes for value. raldry, to wear beneath the
Vanity, an illusion.

erest. Vantage, opportunity.

Uneffectual, i. e. fire, shining
Vantbrace, armour for the arm. without heat.

Unexpressive, inexpressible. Vast, sometimes for waste, Ungenitured, not having gedreary.

nitals. Vaunt, the avant, what went Unhaired, onbearded, youth

before, or the vanguard. ful. Vanard, the forepart.

Unhappy, sometimes for mis. Velure, velvet.

chievously waggish, Venetian, admittance, a fashion lucky.

admitted from Venice. Unhoused, free from domestic Venew, a bout at a fencing school.

Unhouselled, without having Veneys, venews.

the sacrament. Vent, rumour, materials for Unmastered, licentious. discourse.

Unproper, common. Ventages, the holes of a flute. Unqualitied, unmanned. Verbal, verbose.

linquestionable, averse to con Verify, to hear witness.

Very, sometimes for immediate. Unrespective, inconsiderate.
Vice, to draw or persuade. Unrest, disquiet.
Vice, a grasp. A'mimic. Unrough youths, beardless
Vie, a term at cards, to brag. youths.
Violenteth, probably rageth. Unsisting, unresisting or us-
Virgin crants, maiden gar- feeling:
lands. Ger.

Unsmirched, clean, not defled.
Virginal, a kind of spinnet. Unsquared, as stones, una-
Virginal, belonging to a virgin. dapted to their purposes.
Virtuous, sometimes for salu- Unstanched, incontinent.

Untempering, pot softeniog. Visament, advisement,

Untented, not probed, viraleat.

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