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certain, to commit, to amend, or to postpone indefinitely ; which several motions shall have precedence in the order in which they stand arranged.

11. He shall consider a motion to adjourn as always in order; and that motion, and the motions 10 lay on the table, to suspend any rule, to take up from the table, and for the yeas and nays, shall be decided without debate.

12. He shall put the previous question in the following form : “ Shall the main question be now put ?— and all debate upon the main question shall be sus. pended, until the previous question shall be decided. After the adoption of the previous question, the sense of the Convention shall forthwith be taken upon amendments reported by a committee, upon pending amendments, and then upon the main question.

13. On the previous question no Member shall speak more than once without leave ; and all incidental questions of order, arising after a motion is made for the previous question, shall be decided without debate, excepting on appeal, and, on such appeal, no Member shall be allowed to speak more than once without leave of the Convention.

14. When two or more Members happen to rise at once, the President shall name the Member who is first to speak.


All Committees shall be appointed and announced by the President, unless otherwise specially directed by the Convention.

16. The President shall have the right to name any Member to perform the duties of the Chair, but such substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment.

17. The President shall have the general direction of the Hall of the Convention, and of the Galleries. No person excepting Members, Officers, and attendants of the Convention, and such persons as may be invited by the Convention, or by the President, shall be admitted within the bar of the Convention. The Chairman of each Committee of the Whole, during the sitting of such Committee, shall have the like power of preserving order in the Hall and in the Galleries.

Of Absence of President.

18. In case the President shall be absent at the hour to which the Convention was adjourned, the Secretary shall call the Convention to order, and shall preside until a President pro. tempore shall be elected, which shall be the first business of the Convention.

Of Members.

19. A seat shall be assigned to each Member in such manner as the Convention shall determine, which shall not be changed without leave of the President.


No Member in debate shall mention a Member then present by his name, but may describe him by

the town he represents, the place he sits in, or such other designations as may be intelligible and respectful.

21. Every Member, when about to speak, shall rise and respectfully address the President, shall confine himself to the question under debate, and avoid personality, and shall sit down when he has finished. No Member shall speak out of his place without leave of the President.

22. No Member speaking shall be interrupted by another, but by rising up to call to order.

23. No Member shall speak more than twice on one question, without first obtaining leave of the Convention ; nor more than once, until other Members, who have not spoken, shall speak, if they desire it.

Of Reconsideration.

24. When a vote has passed, it shall be in order for any Member to move for a reconsideration thereof, on the same or the succeeding day : and such motion shall be placed first in the orders of the day succeeding that on which the motion is made ; a motion to reconsider being rejected shall not be renewed; nor shall any subject be a second time reconsidered : provided, however, that a motion to reconsider a vote, upon any collateral matter, shall not remove the main subject under consideration from before the Convention, but shall be considered at the time when it is made.

25. No Member shall be obliged to be on more than two Committees at the same time, nor Chairman of more than one.

26. No Member shall be permitted to stand up, to the interruption of another, while any Member is speaking, or to pass unnecessarily between the President of the Convention and the person speaking ; nor shall any Member be permitted to stand in the alleys during the session of the Convention.

27. Every Member shall keep an account of his own attendance and travel, and deliver the same to the Committee appointed to make up the pay-roll, and, on his failure so to do, he shall be omitted from the roll; and no Member shall receive pay for any week-day on which he has not actually attended, except in case of sickness.

28. Every Member, who shall neglect to give his attend. ance in the Convention for more than six days after the session commences, shall, on making his appear. ance therein, be held to render the reason of such neglect; and in case the reason assigned shall be deemed by the Convention sufficient, such Member shall be entitled to receive pay for his travel, and not otherwise ; and no member shall be absent more than two days, without leave of the Convention ; and a vote of leave of absence shall be inoperative, unless the Member obtaining it shall avail himself of it within five days.


When any Member shall be guilty of a breach of either of the Rules and Orders of the Convention, he may be required by the Convention, on motion, to make satisfaction therefor, and shall not be allowed to vote, or speak, except by way of excuse, till he has done so.

30. Every Member, who shall be in the Convention when a question is put, shall give his vote, unless the Convention, for special reasons, shall excuse him. Any Member desiring to be so excused on any question, shall make application to that effect before a division, or before the calling of the yeas and nays; and such application shall be accompanied by a brief statement of reasons, and shall be decided without debate.

31. Every motion shall be reduced to writing, if the President shall so direct.

32. Any Member may call for the division of a ques. tion when the sense will admit of it. A motion to strike out and insert shall be deemed indivisible : but a motion to strike out being lost, shall neither preclude amendment, nor a motion to strike out and insert.

33. Motions and Reports may be committed, or recommitted, at the pleasure of the Convention.

34. No motion or proposition, of a subject different from that under consideration, shall be admitted under color of amendment.

35. The unfinished business, in which the Convention

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