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was engaged at the time of the last adjournment, shall have the preference in the orders of the day.

36. No rule or order of the Convention shall be dispensed with, altered, or repealed, unless two-thirds of the Members present shall consent thereto.

37. All questions, relating to the priority of business to be acted upon, shall be decided without debate.

38. Every question of order shall be noted by the Secretary, with the decision thereon, and inscribed at darge on the Journal.

39. It shall be the duty of each Member who moves that any Committee be instructed to inquire into the expediency of amending the existing Constitution, to point out the amendment, which he deems expedient, in writing, to accompany his motion, or to furnish a written statement thereof to such Commit. tee, if by them required.

Of Monitors.

40. Two Monitors shall be appointed for each division, whose duty it shall be to see the due observance of the Rules and Orders of the Convention, and, on demand of the President, to return the number of votes and Members in their respective divisions.

41. If any Member shall transgress any of the Rules or Orders of the Convention, and persist therein afte being notified thereof by any Monitor, it shall be the duty of such Monitor to give information thereof to the Convention.

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All papers addressed to the Convention, except petitions, memorials and remonstrances, shall be pre. sented by the President, or by a Member in his place, and shall be read by the President, Secretary, or such other person as the President may request, and shall be taken up in the order in which they were presented, unless where the Convention shall otherwise di. rect.


Every Member, presenting to the Convention a petition, memorial, or remonstrance, shall endorse his name thereon, with a brief statement of the nature and object of the instrument, and the reading of the same from the Chair shall in all instances be dispensed with, unless specially ordered by the Convention.


All reports, petitions, memorials, remonstrances, and papers of a like nature, shall be presented during the first hour of each session, and at no other time, except by special leave of the Convention.

45. If any Member of the Convention shall so request, any order, which shall be proposed for adoption, shall be passed over for that day without question ; and the same shall be considered and disposed of, on the succeeding day, in the same manner as it would have been, on the day on which it was offered, if no objection had been made.

Of Quorum.

46. Not less than one hundred Members shall consti. tute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Of Committees, Reports, and Resolutions.


No Committee shall sit during the sessions of the Convention, without special leave.


In all elections by ballot of the Convention, a time shall be assigned for such election at least one day previous thereto.

49. In all elections of Committees of the Convention, by ballot, the person having the highest number of votes shall act as Chairman, and when the Commit. tee is nominated by the Chair, the member first named shall be Chairman.

50. All papers, relative to any business before the Convention, shall be left with the Secretary, by any Member, who may obtain leave of absence, and may have any such papers in his possession.


The rules of proceeding in the Convention shall be observed in a Committee of the whole, so far as they may be applicable, except the rule limiting the times of speaking : but no Member shall speak twice upon any question, until every Member, who

Of Committees, Reports and Resolutions.


shall not have spoken, shall speak if he desires it. A motion to rise, report progress, and ask leave to sit a gain, shall be always first in order, and shall be decided without debate.

52. Every order or resolution which proposes an al. teration in the Constitution, and all reports of committees, appointed to consider the propriety and expediency of making any alteration therein, shall be considered in committee of the whole before they are debated and finally acted upon in Convention.

53. Every resolution proposing any alteration in the Constitution, shall be read on two several days before it is finally acted upon and adopted by the Convention.

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