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Zeisler, Sigmund, 1890..

... Chicago

* Deceased.






The Association convened in regular Annual Meeting, in the Supreme Court Room, in the Capitol, Springfield, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, January 14, 1890, and was called to order by Hon. Ethelbert Callahan, President.

Present: The general officers of the Association, and the following members:

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The reading of the minutes of the Twelfth Annual Meeting was, on motion, dispensed with, and the proceedings, as published by the Association, approved.


The committee on admissions, through Mr. Raymond, reported favorably upon the applications of Charles Arnd Chicago J. B. Searcy

..Palmyra Sigmund Zeisler.. Chicago E. M. Prince.

. Bloomington J. Barton Payne.... .Chicago Harry M. Waggoner

.Lewistown Jno. H. Hamline. .Chicago Frank A. Helmer..

... Chicago Wm. E. Freer ..Chicago Thomas Bradwell..

Chicago E. Sandford

Albert G. Weber..

Decatur Report adopted.


3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Report of committee received, approved and ordered filed.


The report of the secretary was presented.
To the President and Members of the Illinois State Bar Association;

I respectfully report the moneys received and disbursed on account of the Association since its last meeting. To balance at last meeting, see report of proceedings..

$241 32 Dues and fees collected...

351 16

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Report received and referred to the President and Secretary elect, for examination and audit; and to make allowance to the Secretary for services. The following resolution was offered by Mr. Payne:

Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to use such means as he may deem best to collect the annual dues of members in arrears; and that he be authorized to adjust disputed accounts. That he report to the next meeting all delinquents, where such delinquency extends to two year's annual dues. Adopted.

5. PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS. Upon motion, the President appointed a special committee (Messi's. Gross, Richberg and A. H. Jones,) to invite the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court to attend the session of the Association, during the delivery of the President's address.

The committee discharged the duty imposed; the Chief Justice and his Associates were received by the members of the Association standing.

For President Callahan's Address, see Appendix.

6. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. Upon motion, the President appointed Messrs. Sherman, Riggs, A. H. Jones, Gross and Jack, a committee to report officers for the ensuing year.

Mr. Sherman, chairman of the committee, made report:
For President, James B. Bradwell, Chicago.
For Vice-Presidents: 1st District, Wm. S. Morris, Golconda.


T. J. Golden, Marshall. 3d

J. S. Ewing, Bloomington. 4th

J. M. Riggs, Winchester. 5th

J. S. Stevens, Peoria. 6th

E. Sanford, Morris. 7th

J. H. Raymond, Chicago. For Secretary and Treasurer, W. L. Gross, Springfield.

Report adopted, and the Secretary was directed to cast the unanimous ballot of the members, for the persons named. Ballot cast. Officers named declared elected.

From the same committee, Mr. Sherman reported the following:

Resolred, That the Secretary be, and he is hereby authorized to employ necessary clerical assistance, and to pay a reasonable compensation therefor from the funds of the Association.

Resolution adopted.


Trial by Jury, Sigmund Ziesler, see Appendix.
Inter-State Commerce, John McNulta, see Appendix.
Legal Education, E. M. Prince, see Appendix.


Report of C. C. Bonney:

In compliance with the request made by your Executive Committee, I herewith submit an advance copy of the official report of the Proceedings of the American Bar Association at its last annual meeting, held at Chicago, August 28th, 29th and 30th, 1889, except the Supplement setting forth the hospitalities received at the hands of the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association, now in course of publication, but not yet ready for delivery.

In this connection I beg leave to call your especial attention to the action of the American Bar Association in favor of the following measures, and to ask the concurrence of our own Association therein:

I. A simple and concise Bankruptcy Law, based on the principles of Equity. Am. Bar Rep. 29, 35, 313.

II. An act of Congress to secure Equality in Inter-State Debts, Credits and Collections. Am. Bar Rep. 29, 35, 343.

III. An act of Congress to secure Uniformity of Commercial Paper in all transactions belonging to Inter-State Commerce. Am. Bar Rep. 29, 35, 343.

IV. An act of Congress for the Relief of the United States Supreme Court. Am. Bar Rep. 48.

V. Appropriate action to secure the proper revision of bills before their enactment into laws. Am. Bar Rep. 37, 48, 343, 346.

VI. Appropriate action to secure uniform laws of Marriage and Divorce, Descents Devises and Deeds. Am. Bar Rep. 50. 96.

A copy of the report of the Committee on Commercial Law, in relation to the subjects of Bankruptcy, Inter-State Collections and Inter-State Commercial Paper, with bills on the first two subjects, annexed thereto, is also herewith submitted.

The subjects of Bankruptcy, and the relief of the National Supreme Court, have been repeatedly approved by this Association; and the other subjects mentioned are not unfamiliar to the members of this body. I therefore respectfully present the following resolution, and ask its adoption.

Resolved, That the Illinois State Bar Association heartily approves of the action of the American Bar Association in favor of an Equitable Bankruptcy Law; Equality in Inter-State Collections; Uniformity of Inter-State Commercial Paper; the Relief of the United States' Supreme Court by the creation of an intermediate Appellate Court; the proper revision of Bills for Laws; and uniformity of Laws of Marriage and Divorce, Descents, Devises and Deeds, and urgently requests the Senators and Representatives in Congress from Illinois, to use their best efforts to secure the proper enactments to carry the measures recommended into full effect, without unnecessary delay.

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