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The Association may provide in its By-Laws for other standing committees, and no matter shall be referred to a special committee which is relevant to the function of any standing committee.



There shall be an annual meeting of the Association held at the city of Springfield, on the second Tuesday in January in each year, and such adjourned meetings as the Association, by a vote of threefourths of all present, may determine; and at any such adjourned meeting any business of the Association may be transacted, except the election of officers.

Special meetings may be called at any time by the Executive Committee. At such special meetings no business shall be transacted except such as shall be specified in the notice thereof. At every meeting of the Association the presence of 25 members shall be necessary to constitute a quorum.



The admission fee shall, in all cases, be $3, to be paid as provided by the By-Laws.

The annual dues of members shall be $2, and shall be payable yearly on or before the first day of the annual meeting of the Association.


EXPULSION. Any member may be suspended or expelled for misconduct in his relation to the Association, or in his profession, after conviction thereof, by such method of procedure as may be prescribed by the By-Laws; and all interest in the property of the Association of persons ceasing to be members by expulsion, resignation, or otherwise, shall thereupon vest absolutely in the Association.


ELECTIONS. At the annual meeting in January, 1878, and at each annual meeting thereafter, there shall be elected, by ballot, the officers of the Association for the year next ensuing, and they shall hold their offices until the election of their successors.

In case of a vacancy in any office, it shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee, which, however, can appoint only a Vice-President to the office of President.



This Constitution shall go into effect immediately. It can be amended only by a two-thirds vote of the members present at an annual meeting of the Association.


Adopted by the Association, January 10th, 1879, and Amended

January 8th, 1880.

I. The Association shall convene at the hour of 10 o'clock a. M. on the day of the Annual Meeting.




1. Reading of minutes of preceding meetings.
2. Report of Committee on Admissions.
3 Election of Officers.
4. The Annual Address by the retiring President.
5. Reports of the Standing Committees, in the order named :

Executive Committee.
b. Legal Education.

Law Reform. d. Grievances.

e. Legal Biography. 6. Reports of Special Committees. 7. Special Addresses. 8. Miscellaneous Business.



The Standing Committees shall meet and organize by selecting one of their number Chairman and another Secretary, immediately upon their appointment and during the annual meeting. At regular meetings, and after notice of special meetings, the members present shall constitute a quorum. Standing committees shall perform their respective duties so far as practicable during the annual meeting, and report to such meeting.

IV. Applications for admission may be made in writing to the Secretary, accompanied with the admission fee and the recommendation of a member of the Association. The Secretary shall lay such applications as are received by him before the Committee on Admissions, for its consideration and report.


V. The public deliberations of the Association shall be governed by the usual parliamentary rules.

VI. The proceedings, at the meetings of the Association, shall be published and distributed by the Secretary.

Members in arrears for annual dues, after notice and demand in
writing by the Secretary, shall be reported to the Association by the
Secretary, and shall be suspended from membership.

VIII. Charges of misconduct on the part of any member of the Association, shall be preferred in writing to the Chairman of the Committee on Grievances; and said committee, after due notice, shall proceed to investigate such charges, and make report thereof to the Association. The Association shall thereupon, after notice to the member under charges, take such action upon the report and charges as may be determined, and either exonerate, suspend, or expel said member.

[blocks in formation]

WILLIAM L. GROSS, Springfield. (Resigned, September 27, 1887.)
FRANK H. JONES, Springfield. (Elected to fill vacancy September 27, 1887.

FRANK H. Jones, Springfield.

Executive Committee:

E. B. Green, ex officio Chairman.
Frank H. Jones, ex officio Secretary.
James B. Bradwell, Chicago.
Samuel W. Moulton, Shelby ville.
Alfred Orendorff, Springfield.
Elijah B. Sherman, Chicago.

Samuel P. Wheeler, Springfield.
Committee on Admissions:

W. L. Gross, Chairman, Springfield.
A. J. Bailey, Peoria.
E. G. Mason, Chicago.
J. H. Raymond, Chicago.

J. M. Lansden, Cairo.
Committee on Legal Education:

George W. Wall, Chairman, Duquoin.
J. W. Wilkin, Danville.
Thomas Dent, Chicago.
H. Higbeo, Pittsfield.
V. Warner, Clinton.

H. B. Hurd, Shelbyville.
* Supreme Judicial Districts, Const., Art. IV.

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