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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, Rogers C. B. Morton, Secretary

James A. Baker, III, Under Secretary

Dr. Betsy Ancker-Johnson, Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology
NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS, Ernest Ambler, Acting Director

Issued November 1975

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Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Chumas, Sophie J

Directory of United States standardization activities
(NBS Special Publication; 417)

Supersedes a publication of the same title by J. E. Hartman,
issued in 1967 as 'the Bureau's Miscellaneous publication No. 288.

Includes indexes.
Supt. of Docs. No. C 13.10:417.

1. Standardization United States—Directories.
I. Hartman, Joan E. Directory of United States standardization
activities. IÍ. Title. III. Series: United States. National Bureau of
Standards. Special Publication; 417.
QC100.057 No. 417 389'.08s (389'.6'02573] 75.619012

National Bureau of Standards Special Publication 417
Nat. Bur. Stand. (U.S.), Spec. Publ. 417, 228 pages (Nov. 1975)




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Standards are critical to the smooth, efficient functioning of our highly technical society. So important are standards that over 580 organizations in this country consider standardization to be a major or important part of their work. Their efforts in developing and disseminating standards contribute directly to the success of our nation's standardization programs. This directory describes their activities in the fields, products, and services in which they specialize.

The National Bureau of Standards assists these organizations under Congressional authorization which directs "cooperation with other Government Agencies and with private organizations in the establishment of standard practices, incorporated in codes and specifications.” Special needs of standardizing groups are met through additional Bureau functions which include provision of new and better standards for measurement, determination of physical constants and properties of materials and devel. opment of methods for testing.

This Directory is designed to serve the needs of those interested or engaged in national standard. ization activities. It should be of particular value to manufacturers, engineers, purchasing agents, and writers of standards and specifications.

& Amble

Ernest Ambler
Acting Director

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