Blood on Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq

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Nimble Books LLC, 2010 - History - 440 pages
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The invasion and occupation of Iraq wasn't just a tragic mistake. It was a crime.

From the planning of aggression in 2002 through years of hostile military occupation, the United States systematically violated the United Nations Charter, the Geneva Conventions and virtually every principle of international law and order.

America's crimes against the people of Iraq were shielded from public scrutiny by what senior U.S. military officers called the "quiet, disguised, media-free approach" developed in Central America in the 1980s. The echo chamber of the Western corporate media fleshed out the Pentagon's propaganda to create a virtual Iraq in the minds of the public, feeding a political discourse that bore no relation to the real war it was waging, the country it was destroying or the lives of its inhabitants.

In an easily readable and flowing narrative, Nicolas Davies has carefully taken apart the wall of propaganda surrounding one of history's most significant military disasters and most serious international crimes: non-existent WMDs; the equally fictitious "centuries-old sectarian blood feud" in Iraq; and the secrecy of the dirty war waged by American-led death squads. Unlike other writers, Davies has firmly placed each aspect of the war within a coherent context of illegal aggression, hostile military occupation and popular resistance, to uncover the brutal reality of a war that has probably killed at least a million people.

"A clear, intelligent and accurate description of how we are involved in aggression in Iraq. Congratulations!" - Benjamin B. Ferencz, former Chief Prosecutor, U.S. War Crimes Tribunal, Nuremberg.

"If the Iraq occupation lasts another 50 years, it's doubtful a better account of it will be produced than this one." - David Swanson, Author of Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union.


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Reviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identified
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I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone in the military, considering it, or who wonders what happened while they were serving in the military.
If you have but the smallest moral compass within, I hope you will read this so you can act on the information.

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Crap utter unadulterated left-wing propaganda, with little relevance and a complete distortion of the facts. Yellow journalism at its worst manipulation of facts to suit a personal agenda.


Introduction Authority and Military Power
A Brief History of Regime Change
The Desire for Regime Change in Iraq
Planning Aggression
Full Legal
The Crime of Aggression
Shock Awe and Death
Sunnis and ShiitesHistory versus Propaganda
Launching the Dirty war in Iraq
Attackers in Police Uniforms
Together Forward the Ethnic Cleansing of Baghdad
Bring the Civilians Home
Blood for Oil
Escalation and Genocide
Law Not War

Misleading the Troops
Torture and Impunity
Massacre in Fallujah

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