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Venit summa dies.-VIRG.


Ipse pater, media nimborum in nocte, corusca
Fulmina molitur dextra. Quo maxima motu
Terra tremit: fugêre feræ! et mortalia corda
Per gentes humilis stravit pavor.


of state ;

While others sing the fortune of the great ;
Empire and arms, and all the

With Britain's hero 1 set their souls on fire,

immortal as his deeds inspire ; I draw a deeper scene: a scene that yields A louder trumpet, and more dreadful fields; The world alarm’d, both earth and heaven o'er

thrown, And gasping nature's last tremendous groan; Death's ancient sceptre broke, the teeming tomb, The righteous Judge, and man's eternal doom.

'Twixt joy and pain I view the bold design, And ask my anxious heart, if it be mine. Whatever great or dreadful has been done Within the sight of conscious stars or sun,

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Is far beneath my daring: I look down
On all the splendours of the British crown.
This globe is for my verse a narrow bound;
Attend me, all the glorious worlds around !
( ! all ye angels, howsoe'er disjoin'd,
Of every various order, place, and kind,
Hear, and assist, a feeble mortal's lays ;
'Tis your Eternal King I strive to praise.

But chiefly thou, great Ruler! Lord of all !
Before whose throne archangels prostrate fall;
If at thy nod, from discord, and from night,
Sprang beauty, and yon sparkling worlds of light,
Exalt e'en me; all inward tumults quell;
The clouds and darkness of my mind dispel ;
To my great subject thou my breast inspire,
And raise my lab’ring soul with equal fire.

Man, bear thy brow aloft, view every grace In God's great offspring, beauteous nature's face: See spring's gay bloom; see golden autumn's store; See how earth smiles, and hear old ocean roar. Leviathans but heave their cumbrous mail, It makes a tide, and wind-bound navies sail. Here, forests rise, the mountain's awful pride ; Here, rivers measure climes, and worlds divide ; There, valleys fraught with gold's resplendent seeds, Hold kings, and kingdoms' fortunes, in their beds : There, to the skies, aspiring hills ascend, And into distant lands their shades extend. View cities, armies, fleets; of fleets the pride, See Europe's law, in Albion's channel ride. View the whole earth’s vast landscape unconfin'd, Or view in Britain all her glories join'd.

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