Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume 79

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Chetham Society., 1869 - Cheshire (England)

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Page 289 - That the common law has no controller in any part of it, but the high court of parliament ; and if it be not abrogated or altered by parliament, it remains still, as Littleton saith.
Page 299 - And it is to be understood, that when it is said in any booke that a man is seised in fee, without more saying, it shall be intended in fee simple ; for it shall not be intended by this word (in fee) that a man is seised in fee tayle, unless there be added to it this addition, fee tayle, &c.
Page 126 - But there tells you, that a gift in free-marriage may be either to a Man with a "woman, or as fome have held, to a Woman with a Man...
Page 259 - Singular number, [& teneat ben<: & in paee . . . &c.] and there being no mention of her heirs. 3. The Deed to Geva is made to her alone, and not to a Husband with her : whereas the Lord Cook faith, that one thing incident to Frank-marriage is that it be given for confideration of marriage, either to a man with a woman, or (as fome have held) to a Woman with a man. 154. That the Donees [by the ancient Law] were to hold [Page ,5.] freely of the Donor to the fourth degree : and that here, there are...
Page 79 - Mareh, 1843, and the general meeting in eaeh year afterwards on the 1st day of Mareh, unless it should fall on a Sunday, when some other day is to be named by the Couneil. 3. That the affairs of the...
Page 195 - Weljh 51 matters you chiefly follow [Page 5, ] the fame ; And Dr. Powel in his Epiftle, as alfo in his Notes on the faid Hiftory, /. 206. tells us, That Caradoeus Lhanearuan is reputed and taken of all learned men to be the Author of what is therein written, until the year 1 156. And as you may find in Vojfius his Book, de Hiftorieis Latinis, p. 389. and in Ifaaekfons Chronologie, p. 323. the faid Caradoeus was living when the faid H ug I i wan Melienith.
Page 80 - II. Traets relating to Military Proeeedings in Laneashire during the Great Civil War. Edited and Illustrated from Contemporary Doeuments by GEORGE ORMEROD, DCL, FRS, FSA, FGS, author of "The History of Cheshire.
Page 275 - Littleton fol. 21. b. where he faith that, one of thofe things incident to .FraУ-marriage is, that the woman that is the caufe of the Gift, be of the blood of the Donour : and for this he citeth in the margent (among other Proofs) Braflon, lib.
Page 79 - RAINES, MA, FSA, Hon. Canon of Manehester, viear of Milnrow, and Rural Dean. Council. WILLIAM BEAMONT, ESQ. THK VERY REv. GEORGE HULL BOWERS, DD, Dean of Manehester.
Page 121 - King Henry, all the Land which he had by his Wife the Widow of Roger de Romara, for the Earldom of Chefter ; which was more than was needful for him to do, if he had a good title thereto by defcent.

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